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  1. bfgfreak

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    At the very least, the current hud layout feels so... how should I put this... off, without a gunsight. It took me a while before I figured out that the -w- was my also my bore. I don't want to say that it was counter-intuitive, but it took me much longer than it should have to figure it out which is why I seconded bringing back the gun cross. Maybe switch the -w- to a + when in gun mode, but as it stands right now it just doesn't feel correct.
  2. bfgfreak

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I too second the motion to add the gun cross back to the Black Wasp.
  3. bfgfreak

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    While not actually a part of the DLC, I'm a bit disappointed that the NATO pilot jumpsuit is still that ugly shade of grey. I would think now with a flight oriented DLC it would be a good time to change it so that NATO is olive drab, AAF gets a tan jumpsuit, and CSAT keeps their hexagonal monstrosity.
  4. Something I'm curious about, is it feasible to have something like this for Infantry in mod form? IE can we create a man portable non vehicle entity that can share remote targets?
  5. I can actually see this as being useful for training being able to practice carrier landings before loading in the Nimitz. At the very least it should cut down on time spent staring at the load screen every time you come in too low.
  6. Hi, I'd just thought I'd let you know that I created a skin for this F-16 mod based off of the camo pattern on the A-164 Wipeout. Anyway here's a link to it for anyone interested: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=711471199
  7. While I think most of the stuff is an improvement (Particularly "No time for questions"), I did like the old version of "An unknown enemy" for its more foreboding tone. The old "An unknown enemy" had a different sort of feel to the music that the new version just doesn't have, and I'd like to see the old version return under either "An unknown enemy - Alternative" or an entirely new foreboding name. For the record I do think the new version is pretty good, but the old one I think is different enough to warrant there being 2 versions.
  8. bfgfreak

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    I'm curious, has anyone found a sweet spot in the vaporizing config where people caught in the direct blast area are vaporized but those further out are ragdolled? I want some vaporization, but not an entire squad when a bomb or artillary round lands on top of them, just the ones unfortunate enough to be caught in the middle.
  9. bfgfreak

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    Both VTOL's No missile warning system, this makes knowing when to dump flares nearly impossible (and AI don't use flares period) (possibly caused by the first point's lack of warning thus making me dump them too late) Flares don't seem to do anything in distracting missiles. Xi'An At first I thought this thing would be the bane of CAS aircraft like the Wipeout. But after a few rounds of flying against it I'm feeling more comfortable in taking it out with just the Wipeout's guns. That said, It does seem to have the same amount of health as the Blackfish, taking 2 AA missiles or 3 titan SAMs to kill it. In my opinion it should probably be rebalanced in some way, however the following will merely be suggestions, I wouldn't suggest doing all 3 at once without testing it's capabilities afterwards. Reduce the overall health of the Xi'An so that it only takes one AA missile or 2 Titan missiles to either Red or destroy it. Adjust the power to weight ratio of the jet engines. Reduce the forward 30mm's horizontal firing arc to only 90-150 degrees forward. Blackfish I really don't have that much to say about it that hasn't already been said, however I do have one suggestion Double the on board flare count and add 2 additional flare launchers firing downward from the fuselage.Ok, that suggestion is only so we can have proper angel-looking flare dumps from the gunships. I haven't really had much of a chance to try out the new changes to the aiming module
  10. I liked opening the ramp before dropping kinetic bombs vehicles for paradrops. I was even working on that one stratagy where you touch the runway and release the cargo without slowing down and I think it just wouldn't look as cool with the ramp closed. Sure it's a little thing that doesn't really effect gameplay, but it's a cool little thing that doesn't effect gameplay.
  11. bfgfreak

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Reading up on mortars on Wikipedia, it seems that the 60mm mortar could be deployed by just one man since they seem to weigh about half an 82mm mortar (47lbs/21kg total weight vs the 82mm's 91lbs/41kg), throw in "futuristic materials" and the backpack model could just be the tube folded on the back. The drawbacks of this though would be in addition to lower blast radius there is a reduced maximum range down to about 3,500 m vs the 82mm at 6,000 m. Deployment wise the M224 60mm mortar is usually deployed at the infantry company level, while the 82mm M252 is assigned to a specific mortar platoon at battalion level, so odds are a 60mm would be more apropriate for Arma's gameplay than the 82 we currently have as far as most player units go.
  12. I'd prefer to call that car a tank, because that hello kitty paint scheme is sure to draw some serious aggro
  13. bfgfreak

    Enhanced Movement

    I think that the crouch/reload shouldn't be animated into 1 button because that should be a player skill to duck out of fire then reload. If you automate it then you remove that aspect of player dynamic out of the picture and everyone is crouch reloading instead of seperating players who have made it a habit to duck out of fire as they're reloading against those less skilled who reload in the open. Hell now that you mentioned it I'm now making a quick fireing range where I can make hitting caps-R-caps a habit
  14. bfgfreak

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    I think the closest I've seen to melee in Arma 3 was a bayonet mod during the MANW contest. Not sure what happened to it though so they may have hit an impass or something.
  15. As long as nobody gets the brilliant idea to give them guns, we should be alright.
  16. As far as space weaponry goes, the best way I could describe firing a rifle in space would be if you tried firing an M4 on a slippery floor, without the traction you'll start sliding backwards, getting worse when you try firing a weapon with a bigger punch. However if you can anchor yourself to something that won't budge as much to the recoil than you'll be just fine, like magnetic boots on a hull or even with your back against a bulkhead. While lasers don't suffer from recoil, you have to remember that they can be defeated simply by defusing the beam through sand or steam, or even simple air (not to mention mirrors) By comparision since all you have to do for balistic weapons is anticipate the recoil in 0g, a disadvantage that disappears when any sort of gravity or rope is involved, makes ballistics the better choice in my opinion as long as you don't go full auto with them. (although they aren't exactly winners for the rule of cool)
  17. I had that problem as well with AGM, turns out the keyboard I have has a switch that disables the windows key to prevent accidentally minimizing your program. Easiest way to check is to hit the windows key right now, if the start menu popped up than that rules out it being the keyboard, however if the windows key didn't do anything, than there's a switch or something on your keyboard or software that's forcibly disabling the windows key, turn it off. (mine was right above the F1 key)
  18. Are you trying to spawn the longsword? Just trying to get the easy stuff out of the way until he produces a more detailed bug report.
  19. I did have another thought to why Noble team used falcons more than pelicans. In 500 years of technology they could have found a way to make rotery wings really quiet. In game the Falcon didn't sound as loud and distinctive as a pelican, so if I was a special operations team I probibly would rely more on the quiet transport over the loud jet thrust transport. Given that the Falcon was cheaper to build and maintain was probibly another bonus for it's use in Army units who didn't need jet and rocket transports as much as the ship based Marines.
  20. Well if I recall that was mostly due to the flim crew having the ODST armor on hand because ingame these guys were wearing the standard army uniform and not the ODST gear.
  21. Yeah, I've noticed that as I was fiddling around with being a medic, sometimes the menu just gets so cluttered that instead of bandaging the guy I look not even a fraction of an inch off and suddenly I'm presented the options to frisk and disarm him. And then there are moments like this where you just have to feel sorry for the poor ACE3 menu. Granted in that picture I don't think AGM's menu would save me anyway I think it all comes down to the fact that no matter how the UI is laid out it still doesn't automatically do what you're thinking; you have to use your hand (or your head for us TrackIR users) to manipulate a bunch of code to do what we intend. And that will forever be the problem until we develop something like sword art online's VR setup.
  22. Shush, I don't want people to know how I always know when to toss my preemptive grenade on their breach. Believe it or not, the 5 meter whisper range is huge when clearing a building in Player vs Player matches.
  23. Well like I said before, Dismemberment visuals should be in the options menu for ACE and not a mission module, the mission module will simply determine if excessive damage will result in unhealable dismemberment. I created a little gif to sort of show what I'm talking about http://i.imgur.com/SM0PkXr.gif (616 kB) Anyway the basic concept here is that those who have the option turned on get to see their gory giblets spread across the hallways when they experience enough damage to gib while those without it can still take advantage of ACE3 since the medical dude will show when legs are rendered "unusable" by displaying them as black. The only real difference as far as I can tell is that one will know before he interacts with the guy that he's not completely savable while someone with the option turned off won't know the leg is blown off until they inspect him and see that the limb is rendered in black. In addition, the mission module that manages advanced damage will also have dismemberment toggled off as default since you're effectively mission-killed once you lose an arm unless you have a medical facility that grafts robot limbs in your mod list that can turn you around in a reasonable time before the session ends. Ultimately though, I think that last point might be the biggest reason to not have dismemberment as 99.9 percent of units are set in the modern era plus or minus 30 years.
  24. What's wrong with just modularizing it so that those that want severed limbs (un)rendered can have missing limbs, those that are more squimish about such things can not have limbs removed and the medical system will just say the limb is unusably damaged. as far as the medical system is concerned they're both at the same unusable damage state, it's just clientside one guy will see both limbs on a guy and another will only see one limb and a bloody stump for the other.
  25. Now this isn't a suggestion but I'm curious, with ACE's medical system would it be possible to have stun rounds of sorts? basically instead of doing damage they knock you unconsious which would be good for both securing a HVT, non-lethal riot control, controlling half of Shacktac's members when they're the HVT, and the main reason I thought of this, TvT training without having to clean up bodies in MCC.