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  1. Task Force Cerberus is in the final prep for their next deployment, Stepped off 7MAY17. We are looking to round out our deployment membership with some like minded individuals. We are currently recruiting for ground force positions with potential leadership roles. Task Force Cerberus is proudly part of this new enjoyable Arma 3 environment with a serious in game attitude and a relaxed out of game community. Regardless if you have thousands of hours of Arma experience or just getting your feet wet in unit operations; if you are a mature individual with a great sense of humor and the willingness to learn and contribute to growing Milsim Special Operations unit, we want the opportunity to show you why this is the place for you. Deployment Briefing: Task Force Cerberus and associated Special Operations elements have been tasked with aiding and augmenting the DEA's push to alleviate the recent threat from drug cartels in the Lingor region. Due to the lack of off book operators at their disposal the DEA task force is relying on Task Force Cerberus along with their Special Operation Aviation Regiment to carry out task objectives independent of the agency. This will be a 12 week campaign averaging two missions a week with an arcing story line that will relentlessly pull you inside the real conflict that the war on drugs has brought to our doorstep. 17-01 - 7th SFG conducted a raid on an enemy compound to rescue a local informant taken just prior to TFC landing in Country. 17-02 - 7th SFG conducted raids on 2 areas cutting off and destroying enemy logistical infrastructure effectively reducing the cartel to 50% capacity of their total import/export abilities. 17-03 - 3JUN17 - Intel CLASSIFIED Who we are: Task Force Cerberus is a collection of like minded mature and experienced Arma III players that have not forgotten what it is like joining a dynamic unit and all the trepidation that it can sometimes hold. Joining with a lot of experience? Great! Joining with no previous experience? We will train you up through our expedited training pipeline to get you into the field faster then many other units. Founded as unit with their roots deep in Army Special Operations and 160th SOAR regiments, Task Force Cerberus will provide what you are seeking in an active Arma III unit, from small squadron based objectives to larger multi-area of operation missions in which the entire unit is deployed. Operation Times: Sunday : 1700 cst Unit Mission Monday : 1800 cst Casual Rapid Deployment (optional) Thursday or Friday : 1800 cst Casual Rapid Deployment (optional) What we need from you: * 17 years of age or older * The ability to demonstrate or learn Basic Combat Qualifications * The ability to properly fill out our simple recruitment form * The ability to make at least one person in our unit like you * The ability to download our Modpack via Arma Sync or direct download * The ability to make, take and enjoy lighthearted humor * The ability to curb aforementioned humor when its time to focus and do our job. * The ability to not take yourself, our unit or this game too seriously * The ability to read through this list of abilities (if you are here, you have succeeded) Does this sound like a great fit for you? Comment on this post and we will reach out to you. Connect with us via teamspeak at tfc.ts.nfoservers.com - we all had our first time joining the channel, don't be shy. Submit your application at https://tfcerberus.enjin.com/recruitment - Its better to ask questions then screw this up. Check out who is online at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TaskForceCerberusJSOC - Ask for a recruitment officer. We look forward to proving to you why you belong here
  2. error thrown on server OS ''include file\x\cba\addons\main\script_macros .hpp not found." this only happens after we login and try to use #missions to change maps or missions. Since discovery i have; 1. updated/reinstalled CBA 2. reinstalled arma3server 3. updated "force_update_app 233780 validate" 4. moved cba in the load order to the top we have been forced to manually shut down and change the loaded mission at start to play different mission, obviously this is a hassle and not efficient. if anyone knows a fix please let me know. thanks again. A. Jackson Task Force Cerberus Commanding Officer S4 Lead
  3. deltaarcangel

    SEAL Team 3 - Arma 3 Realism

    NEW VIDEO!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAecSywCGB0</embed> SEAL Team Three and Carrier Air Wing Nine Unit Background SEAL Team Three is a Naval Special Warfare Unit. We are growing as a group, going from just two people to close to 20+ in the course of a few months. SEAL Team Three performs a variety of tasks with a focus on direct action raids, MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain), and Reconnaissance. We utilize Sea, Air and Land and will use all avenues to complete the objectives. We simply strive to simulate the best professional and immersive Naval Special Warfare experience to honor and respect true frogmen. We also have an aviator training route for those of you who wish to be pilots. Pilots are attached to the SEALs and fall under CVW-9 (Carrier Air Wing Nine). Within CVW-9 we have the HSC-8 "Eightballers" (MH-60s) and the VFA-41 "Black Aces" (F/A-18F). We ensure the training of our pilots is held high and will produce nothing but the best pilots for the ArmA community and for our fellow SEALs. The Vision We strive to conduct the best Naval Special Warfare experience in Arma III. Unit Requirements Be a minimum of 17 years of age Have a mic w/ Teamspeak 3 Client. Must have a legal copy of Arma 3 and provide us with your Player ID Must be willing to get our modset. Attend our Saturday Operations at 2000 CST Unit Information Timezone used is U.S Central. Relaxed Teamspeak. (No need to say "At ease" or "Attention". Have fun, be friends) Open Billets SEAL Team 3 - Alpha Platoon There are currently 7 openings for Special Warfare Operators. HSC-8 “Eightballers†There are currently 0 openings for MH-60S pilots There are currently 4 openings for MH-60S Door Gunners. VFA-41 “Black Aces†There are currently 0 openings for F/A-18F Super Hornet pilots. Unit Communication Links Teamspeak: Website: http://sealteam3.net/main/[1]
  4. deltaarcangel

    SEAL Team 3 - Arma 3 Realism

    New Promo Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyGUYqMYJXE
  5. SEAL Team 3 viam inveniam aut faciam “find a way or make one†SEAL Team Three is a realism unit comprised of veteran players with two goals in mind: (1) Have fun. (2) Provide the best Naval Special Warfare experience. After being founded in March of 2015, we immediately began construction of training documents, mission templates, and a website with forums. Links below. Since then, we have finalized our Parachute Jump School (PJS) and BUD/S classes. All newly admitted candidates will have to pass these classes with the exception of pilots. They will have their own flight school program. Team operations are on Saturdays 2000 CST (Central Time Zone) and weekly training is scheduled by sections. SEAL Team Three performs a variety of tasks with a focus on direct action raids, MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain), and Reconnaissance. We are trained in Sea, Air and Land and will use all avenues to complete our objectives. We emphasize small unit tactics and rarely operate as anything larger than a platoon and going as small as 2 men recon teams. What we expect is very simple: professionalism, maturity, and the will to excel. We emphasize teamwork and fun. Website: www.sealteam3.net Teamspeak:
  6. deltaarcangel

    Tactical Applications Group - ODA 7212

    We have entered our first deployment and are still recruiting heavily, please swing by the website and check us out.
  7. Squad name:- TAG - ODA 7212 Timezone/location : US Central Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): CO-OP Contact email: rainmakerarma@gmail.com Website address: http://tacticalapplicationgroup.enjin.com/home Language: english Tactical Applications Group 7th Special Forces Group Operational Detachment Alpha - 7212 Out Of Game We are a unconventional ODA Arma 3 Unit that seeks Mil-Sim gameplay without the needs of many. We have understanding that ArmA 3 is a game, but we respect the professionalism and hobbyist values of those who wish to play as Mil-Sim. We do not feel ourselves anywhere near to internet soldiers but a strong chain of command is needed for a unit to be professional at the end of the day.We respect other arma units as long as they give mutual respect as a fellow ArmA community. Ethics We Play By. Respect Honest Mature In Game We play as an Operational Detachment Alpha group under the rules of Mil-sim. We are given fictional orders from the 7th Special Forces Group to perform tasks as a true ODA would carry out. Every member upon joining is first sent to training, Anyone who is a proper full member will have been taught in the ways of ArmA 3 to underwater dive and free fall jump training. Even before that they are taught how to fight as a proper military-like team. Unit Tasks Include Unconventional warfare Counter-terrorism Hostage rescue Special reconnaissance Direct action Foreign internal defense We as a unit will be performing continuous training to better ourselves as a team and as players. We take deployments to maps based of a fictional campaign handwritten to ensure playing arma 3 more enjoyable. Its our promise that these storylines are all pre thought and not just thrown into hot mess. After every week of the deployment mission all cause and effect is chosen and then played out with a game of chance. This makes our deployments more dynamic and gives a better what if factor. Our deployments will be two months long every week on saturdays. After the two months are up, we will take a one month break form the deployment and continue unit training and getting new players up to speed. Everything that happens for our unit can be found on the Event calendar on our website. Thank you for reading our unit info. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us via our teamspeak on our homepage, or email message rainmakerarma@gmail.com
  8. deltaarcangel

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    we are using this map for my units deployment it is awesome
  9. deltaarcangel

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    this looks awesome