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  1. I believe, at least I do it, you need to add the object to the curator using addCuratorEditableObjects for each unit/object. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addCuratorEditableObjects
  2. Just had an look where my house is it's still kinda low quality, but I can make out the area. On the other places you guys are spot on and I like you guys added only the mosque in my city (Roosendaal) xD. You guys did a nice job with just about having my house in :P
  3. Congratulations on the release! Now I need to find my house.
  4. JasperRab

    Battleye message question

    K. Then someone else has access to your RCon data. Does it happen every time you connect to the server?
  5. JasperRab

    Battleye message question

    That's someone talking via BattlEye. More than likely the server owner.
  6. Have same issue as ShiftyzZ-98, It doesn't allow me to load mods from another directory which worked before, it seemed to have happened 2 updates ago. It's telling me that mods are missing from directory A as they are in B, but checking the repo no issue's are given there when Auto-discover is enabled.
  7. @DarkPhoinix how did you solve this? I'm trying to setup BE again but it just doesn't want to work. I got just as you the two folders with beserver.cfg and beserver.so, what is that 2nd BEServer.cfg you have?
  8. Looks very interesting! Question, how big will the map be? Also would it be a modern version or also able to be used in a WW2 scenario?
  9. JasperRab

    need info about params/private

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/params https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/private params sets your variables, so when you used to do this, _unit = param [0]; _GBIdent = param [1]; _Randomise = param [1]; You can do it simpler (and better) like this, params ["_unit","_GBIdent","_Randomise"]; with params you dont need to make the variables private. ( private ["_var"]; )
  10. _object animateSource ["Door_1_source", 1]; Used with a trigger on Act and use 0 on de-Act.
  11. @snippers We didn't had this issue before, but I will try anyway with your provided link.
  12. Anyone else having issues that you cant hear other people on the radio while they are right next to you? We had this issue last night on our public server, half of the squad couldn't hear the squadleader on the 148, and he couldn't he some of us. Also some of the squad members couldn't hear each other.