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  1. Sterlingarcherz101

    Jet DLC?

    A two seater fighter jet. With second seat full control over dropping bomb.
  2. Sterlingarcherz101

    Jet DLC?

    Interactive cockpits for all flying vehicles, proper radar, better flight model for jets, civilian aircraft, cargo plane ie c130. The interactive cockpit would be a big draw. And perfect to keep that feature for dlc owners only. I could see it generate alot of revenue. Frankly I'd like to see all above in the new expansion. then they can have my 30+ dollars.
  3. Sterlingarcherz101

    Arma 3 Roadmap for 2015. Likes & Dislikes.

    I don't care about the 2035 stuff. I just take that with a pinch of salt. An obvious workaround for licence paying of official weapons. And that is fine. I like how they're going. Tackling long standing community desires. Advanced flight model, firing from vehicles, weapons resting and bi pods, the SOUNDS. The launcher I'd pay 5 euro for an official working launcher that can do what play with six does. To me it's one of the most important new things in the game. All n all. Happy with how the roadmap has progressed. Looking at it way back when. I thought meh. New helis new guns, what a load of b@@@ox.but what they have done with features I'm glad I got the dlc and happy that I have got value for money.
  4. Sterlingarcherz101

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Win win really considering the alternatives.
  5. Sterlingarcherz101

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    This for me would work great. You'd know its rested, and as a bonus also adds immersion.
  6. Sterlingarcherz101

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    This. Fps hit or nay. Having to use a mod to do it, that hits fps and you can't get to play in servers not using it. is way way worse. Having it as an option in game to use at your discretion . Be as good as it gets.
  7. Sterlingarcherz101

    scope removal feature.

    Just wondering would people be interested in the scope appearing separate from the rifle when looting an enemy. As it is now you have to take the fallen enemies weapon swapping it with yours into your inventory , detach the scope then go back in their inventory and swap your gun back. Personally the current method got me killed many times. And think you should be able to grab the scope off without swapping guns. Do others like the way it is now. And reason why it enhances gameplay. Or have the found it a nuisance too.
  8. Sterlingarcherz101

    The New Sounds are Pretty Good.

    Really Happy they are working on sounds. I Like jsrs and sos, they add a great new flavor to the game. But some servers don't have the option. so is nice that vanilla is finally taking strides to catch up and hopefully surpass setting a new bar. Lots of good feedback on Dev branch. recommend hopping on Dev branch now and again. Nice to see the work devs put in as it goes along. All in all Really making marksman dlc more hyped for me anyway. I'm not just all about the new guns. The new sounds and whats coming with them are more exciting for me.
  9. Sterlingarcherz101

    Arma 3 - Marksmen Community Challenge

    Darkside,Did it not come out in January? Or have I time travelled again. And to the guy complaining about the challenge. It's a bit of fun. Don't be a buzzkillington. ---------- Post added at 13:12 ---------- Previous post was at 13:11 ---------- Ah seen rc version. And bugs certainly.
  10. Sterlingarcherz101

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    What are you and gaterdevs view on AFM as it is in game.
  11. Sterlingarcherz101

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    Only every second day bra? You need to dump your gf\bf, quit your job and practice harder. Then and only then will you truly be satisfied.
  12. Sterlingarcherz101

    Using the ISIS mod? Shame on you.

    Thist arma has made me skill with no scope. I'm a go kill some muricans. Just going to have one try of this a10 showcase before I leave, jsrs on for good realisms.... Finishes showcase... .Fuucck thaaaat.
  13. A gtx 970 uses 100w less than your 7970. In a household two, things eat your electricity. An electric shower and a dryer.
  14. Sterlingarcherz101

    Arma 3 launcher/server list

    I predict if they get the launcher working before the new expansion they will make a 100,000 more. Making arma modded servers instantly accessible to everyone that joins, can you imagine one of the free weekends. Players getting to see the true potential of arma. The launcher will push an even greater demand for mods and make a new drive to create new game modes. Either way it ends good for Bis.
  15. Sterlingarcherz101

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Played bingo fuel last week. Not on Dev branch. My actions. Went to town found tank. Rpg tank. 2 direct ass shots it blew. Ai reaction. Nearest squad or what remains. I dropped 3 before the lasy 2pinpoint me. 2 engage Me, moving position I take them both out. As i finish off that squad near tank. Another Squad has closed In on my position.wasn't sure if they were nearby or came from other end of town. Just curious oukej, do squads move to explosions or a firefight in the distance.
  16. Sterlingarcherz101

    scope removal feature.

    I play all to be honest, single player missions, mp pvp and Co op. Have come across it a good bit.true More so on single player or pvp where you have to adapt on the fly. Like you on an organised co op I carry 2. rco and sos. So would not notice this.
  17. Sterlingarcherz101

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    nice work on the ffv additions devs. Working hard, so hope you all get your rocks off this valentines.
  18. Sterlingarcherz101

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Maybe even have radio squad members that if killed limits the range in which a squad can call reinforcements from. If you attack a situation best to get eyes on the radio squad member first or ai communicates to other ai further afield.
  19. Sterlingarcherz101

    Arma 3 launcher/server list

    the feature I'm most happy to see being worked on. It's going to have a huge impact on arma communities. Can't wait till it's at full power.
  20. Sterlingarcherz101

    Arma 3 Roadmap for 2015. Likes & Dislikes.

    From when I read royals mail I figured Asia just like single player missions might suggest.
  21. Sterlingarcherz101

    NVIDIA Tweaks and Ingame tweaks

    I get about 30 ish fps on a 50 player co-op server annex. Drops to 20s when in a town. That is everything on ultra 115 sharpness ( my own preference) 3k viewdistance (again my own preference) . So is not too bad. Played a wasteland other day 40 fps 40 or so players were on. Nexr server I joined wasteland was 25 about same amount of players. Have lost some performance due to recent patches and DLC. but they have publicly acknowledged this and said they are working on it. So hope all goes well for them.
  22. Sterlingarcherz101

    What do you think of ArmA3's futuristic setting?

    No I'll will for the futuristic setting. If it was done for practical reasons ie avoiding the paying of fees for licencing then so be it. Bug head helmets on the other hand.. I hope go missing in the expansion relegated to the vas for anyone that did like it. Fingers crossed.
  23. Sterlingarcherz101

    The Community Branch - Serious Topic, Serious Idea, Serious Fun.

    I'm tipsy. But i gather you want to make a mode similar to rc or Dev branch that download s a shit tonne of mods. How is it decided which sound mods are used as people have preference, or both active.? ---------- Post added at 04:41 ---------- Previous post was at 04:41 ---------- Maybe I misunderstood again tipsy, but if I'm right it a goo idea. Make for one crazy mission.
  24. Sterlingarcherz101

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Will see what the gains are for arma. Only thing that will get me off windows 7.
  25. Sterlingarcherz101

    Lack of content in vanilla Arma 3

    Frank has valid reasons to be annoyed. and I dare say anyone at Bis would be annoyed at him for feeling that way. they know they shuffled priority because of internal problems and dayz... Having the ability to mod is not an excuse for the lack of content and copy paste. So don't use the "go make some argument". it's not clever. alternativeIt would be like if there were an alternative version of A3 release. It had lots of assets but was a problem with modding side. and Frank came on and suggested you just buy the new heli DLC and use that " oh high five Frank". I remember going from arma1 to arma2 and thinking wow look at all the new content. Arma2 to arma3. I thought nothing about assets. Same same less of it too much copy paste. I'm not about assets, I like the new features, Frank clearly wants new assets that is his thing. And he is entitled to it.