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  1. Yeah don't really need yellow color (transparent is ok) But if i use RscPictures to colored a part of progress bar. How can i know where is the start/end coordonate? 0.5 was about 50% of progress bar If i use RscPictures get position of start/end from progress bar coordonate Example: If RscPictures start at 0.75 and end at 0.80 (THen user need stop cursor between 0.75 and 0.80)
  2. Yeah sorry for my poor english :/ try to do my best. I saw your example but with this i can't use progressPosition (because it's not a progress bar ^^) I need to have a progress bar with a small zone in different color like this Then i use basic progressbar systeme to move cursor from left to right then right to left and user need to press space bar to stop cursor in the small zone in different color. But i also need to get start/end position from small zone in different color to check if user stop cursor in the right small zone. I already do the progressbar, with moving cursor and press space to stop systeme but ... at the moment user just need to reach right side to "win" When progress bar is stoped i use progressPosition to check where is stoped the bar and if he was more than 0.95. Hope you understand :$
  3. That look good :o but i need somethink like adjust a part of background color and keep using progress bar progress. Main idea was: Make a mini game, progress bar start to the left go to the right then come back to left side. I'm ok about progress bar and move. People need to press space barre to stop progress bar on the right place ! Then i need to modify a part of background color to tell to people "Try to stop here" Look like your système use the active progress bar :/
  4. Hey I'm looking for making a custom progress bar with special part Somethink like this I already know how create progress bar and make it progress. But i don't know how show a "custom color area" on it :/ Any help are welcome!
  5. nark0t1k

    battleye restriction

    Some server add profile variable, then one of these is blacklisted of many server using same Befilter. Try to delete or create a new profile, also remove all your mod.
  6. Exact same problem here, anybody have fix for this? Will be nice if you can share steamcmd line ... I try my self, not working and try afevis steamcmd line not working too :/
  7. nark0t1k

    Full screen NV

    @road runner Sorry for this mistake ... fail copy/paste :/ I edit my post.
  8. nark0t1k

    Full screen NV

    Found this with a kind of bug Basic Vanilla Arma 3 "Integrated_NVG_F" This is a NVGoogles like classic NVGoogles but bordless player addItem "Integrated_NVG_F"; Give you item.
  9. Not update since long time but ... allready get this problem ... What about server doesn't user client side mods ?
  10. What about setting for server? Currently use tbbmalloc (cma) from And start param: -malloc=cma -enableHT -config=cfg\config.cfg -world=empty -servermod=@A3Log;@asm;@infiSTAR_A3; -nosplash -noSound -noPause -loadMissionToMemory -nologs -enableHT -autoinit (Yup no log server side but... these spam make me fool ^^, already done topics about this) Also no custom -cfg atm for for test Also some tutorials tell to use BIstudio.wiki a écrit : profiling branch (special performance + profiling build) requires access code: CautionSpecialProfilingAndTestingBranchArma3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791321243 This profiling branch is good/same/worst than last dwarden binary build ?
  11. @road runner Just a kind of troll level 1 ;-) don't care about this, i just repport and hope message will be removed.
  12. Hi I'm looking for stopping automatic group message (Regroup, ect....) I allready stop voice message but can't stop text message :/ I use player setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; 0 fadeRadio 0; enableRadio false; enableSentences false; player setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; 0 fadeRadio 0; enableRadio false; enableSentences false; On each client to disable them Also try to drop radio ... But these message continious to spam my systemchat :/ Any tips are welcome.
  13. nark0t1k

    Combat Patrol

    It's a default mission ^^
  14. Thanks for this Already see that but ... fail when translating :/ think verifySignatures = 2 make more desynch :s.... Will test this and post rapport about it ...
  15. Thanks Any other way to test performance about "spawn" script? waitUntil with sleep 0.2 or for "_i" from 0 to 1 step 0 with sleep 0.2 :/ ? EDIT: I'm looking about wich method use lower CPU for client :)