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  1. Hello. How do I remove the newly implemented 1.54 Fatigue - Stamina - Weight system? This is not an opinion poll whether you like it or not, I'm not interested at all. Oh how I miss player enableFatigue False; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {player enableFatigue false}]; I've been reading through this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Stamina Thank you for any solutions you may provide.
  2. Hello. How can I stop a script from completing once it has started by overriding it by running another script? I have looked into terminate and exitwith, but I can't quite work it out. Example/Scenario: I send a helicopter to an insertion point (LZ1). Half way I don't want to go to LZ1 and give it a new insertion point (LZ2). Then I decide to just go back to base (RTB). The helicopter will follow all of the commands and fly towards the insertion points and land back at base. Fine! But when it lands, all of the notifications from the previous insertion point orders will display back to back to back. How do I prevent that? Insertion: RTB: This runs the scripts Here is an example video: Helicopter Insertion Script Run Multiple Times - Notifications Stack At The End Thank you.
  3. Hello. How do I remove a players Primary Weapon ammo/magazine? I used to replace all gear, items, and weapons but now I am experimenting with only replacing the primary weapon so players can still keep their custom uniforms. The following code works as planned but it still leaves the old primary weapons magazines in the players inventory. How do I get rid of them? Note: There is no way of telling what weapon a player may be using at any given time so its not like I can remove a specific ammo type. private ["_soldier"]; _soldier = _this select 0; if(local _soldier) then { // Remove Primary Weapon _soldier removeWeapon (primaryWeapon _soldier); // Add Primary Weapon _soldier addMagazines ["10Rnd_338_Mag",4]; _soldier addweapon "srifle_DMR_02_F"; _soldier addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Nightstalker"; _soldier addPrimaryWeaponItem "muzzle_snds_338_black"; _soldier addPrimaryWeaponItem "bipod_01_F_blk"; _soldier addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_IR"; };
  4. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but have a look at this.
  5. Try these (I can confirm correct file path/structure) \A3\ui_f\data\Map\MapControl\taskIconDone_ca.paa \A3\ui_f\data\Map\MapControl\taskIconFailed_ca.paa \A3\ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\GameTypes\seize_ca.paa \A3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\bandage_ca.paa the "\addons" might not be needed. Good Luck.
  6. Hello. I want to restrict multiple things BUT not by role (Just straight up restrict). If this is how I remove clothing (headgear, backpack, vest, uniform etc.) _bomsf_headgear = ["H_HelmetO_ViperSP_ghex_F","H_HelmetO_ViperSP_hex_F"]; while {true} do { // Headgear if (headgear player in _bomsf_headgear) then { removeHeadgear player; }; }; How could I remove weapon items and goggles using something like this? _bomsf_item = ["optic_Nightstalker","optic_tws","optic_tws_mg"]; _bomsf_nvg = ["NVGogglesB_blk_F","NVGogglesB_grn_F","NVGogglesB_gry_F"]; This is how I currently do it. while {true} do { // Thermal Scopes player unassignItem "optic_Nightstalker"; player removeItem "optic_Nightstalker"; player removePrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Nightstalker"; player unassignItem "optic_tws"; player removeItem "optic_tws"; player removePrimaryWeaponItem "optic_tws"; player unassignItem "optic_tws_mg"; player removeItem "optic_tws_mg"; player removePrimaryWeaponItem "optic_tws_mg"; // Thermal Goggles player unassignItem "NVGogglesB_blk_F"; player removeItem "NVGogglesB_blk_F"; player unassignItem "NVGogglesB_grn_F"; player removeItem "NVGogglesB_grn_F"; player unassignItem "NVGogglesB_gry_F"; player removeItem "NVGogglesB_gry_F"; }; Update:
  7. Hello. When I'm in the editor and I call any of the virtual support providers, they come do their thing and return to the editor placed modules location and delete/despawn automatically. How can I get the Supply Drop Helicopter to delete/despawn on a dedicated server? Currently, they deliver the ammo box and everything works properly but when I get back to base - there are a bunch of helicopters that have landed everywhere depending on how many supply boxes I called for.
  8. Yeah... That's what it is supposed to do. It doesn't delete the vehicle on the dedicated server. Not sure what is happening. Examples: Supply Drop Test - Dedicated Server Supply Drop Test - Editor
  9. I 'm just getting started looking around/ checking out the script. Everything looks real good so far with multiple options. Is there a way to simplify/strip this down to its minimal requirements to function properly? I just want to customize the load-outs, rearm, refuel, repair without the need of the trucks or all of the messages and multiple ways of achieving/calling the script and extra features. For example, currently in the trigger area example it adds it to the 0-8 support menu. I would want to just access the load-out menu/dialog like you can from the laptop BUT from within a trigger area.
  10. csk222

    Combat Patrol

    Does anyone have a method to be able to attach an explosive charge/satchel to the laptop? If you try to put a charge now, it will be placed on the floor and it doesn't destroy/damage the laptop.
  11. csk222

    Combat Patrol

    This didn't work for me, it wasn't accepted at all in the init field of a unit. The following DID work in the init field of a unit in the editor and on a dedicated server. NOTE: There was a little delay where you actually see the player spawn near the AO but then teleported to the desired "base" location. Maybe if there was like a fade in from black to hide that would be ideal. I didn't want to lower the "sleep 5;" line as to not mess with what was working. 0 = (getPosATL P1) spawn { waitUntil {!isNil {BIS_finalInsertionPosArr}}; BIS_finalInsertionPosArr = _this; sleep 5; P1 setPosATL _this; }; In Other News / Inquiry: Has anyone figured out how to play more than one AO in a single session(i.e. exfiltrate and have it regenerate a new AO)? It would be cool if we could choose the initial location at mission start, lets say a destroy comms objective (or whatever was chosen in the parameters) and then it would auto generate one of the other 2 remaining objectives in a random nearby location or even the next town over. Rinse and repeat for the last objective. So it would be something like: Destroy Comms > Kill HVT > Destroy Vehicles or Destroy Comms > Destroy Vehicles > Kill HVT. Just asking! I definitely like Combat Patrol, now I want it to be more configurable (in a convenient way).
  12. Where can I find the mission file(s) to Combat Patrol to open it in the editor? Thank you. Found it! All I really needed was the Combat Patrol Module - Working great.
  13. What do you have so far? I'm currently messing around with it as well.
  14. Hello. I have been messing around with the V-44 X Blackfish and have gotten past my first couple of hurdles. I got it to loiter at its way point and can fire from the gunners position. Great! Now for the extra stuff --- 1. How can I switch between the two firing positions? Similar Topic - Switch Gunner I can "teleport" to the two firing positions using the following code, but once I teleport to one of the turrets - I can't switch back and forth using the same "teleport" method. UPDATE: In Multiplayer, The switch gunner action automatically becomes available. 2. How can I add extra Vehicle Weapons to the Secondary Gunner position? I have added additional weapons to the vehicle but they are all assigned to the Primary Gunner. Similar Topic - Add Weapons and Ammo to Turret 3. How can I send the V-44 X Blackfish to its destination and just have it hover? I have nothing for this yet.. everything I've tried, just makes the vehicle fly right by and either head back to its point of origin or circle irregularly around its destination. Can it hover up high in the sky or is hovering only for low altitude situations? I just want it to fly to a spot and hover. Basic.
  15. I ripped this out of a mission I played, This works in the editor - How can I get this to work on a dedicated server? In the init of bravo_vtol: bravo_vtol_ASL = 500; bravo_vtol addAction ["<t color='#808080' t size='1.5' shadow='2'>Altitude (+ 250m)</t>", {bravo_vtol_ASL=bravo_vtol_ASL+250;bravo_vtol flyinheight 0; bravo_vtol flyinheightASL[bravo_vtol_ASL, bravo_vtol_ASL, bravo_vtol_ASL];hint format["Altitude set to %1 m ASL",bravo_vtol_ASL]}]; bravo_vtol addAction ["<t color='#808080' t size='1.5' shadow='2'>Altitude (- 250m)</t>", {bravo_vtol_ASL=bravo_vtol_ASL-250;bravo_vtol flyinheight 0; bravo_vtol flyinheightASL[bravo_vtol_ASL, bravo_vtol_ASL, bravo_vtol_ASL];hint format["Altitude set to %1 m ASL",bravo_vtol_ASL]}]; How can I add an addAction to Increase/Decrease altitude?
  16. Hello. New situation. I'm satisfied with what I have so far. NOTE: I'm still interested in knowing if I can add extra weapons to the Secondary Turret and even to the Co-Pilot's Camera - But that's for another time I am using the following code to send the V-44 X Blackfish to its loiter way point. But when I want to go to a new destination (Directly after my first location), it doesn't work. It sets a #2 "MOVE" command instead of moving my #1 "LOITER" way point to my map click location. The only way I have gotten it to loiter at another destination, is if I send it back to base (RTB) and letting it complete that order. I am using the following code to send the V-44 X Blackfish back to base. The key line in the code up above is the first line that I got from here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/deleteWaypoint --- Posted on January 04, 2011 kju When you want to remove all waypoints, do NOT iterate over waypoints _group while trying to delete them (an array is by reference!). Instead use an approach like this: while {(count (waypoints _group)) > 0} do { deleteWaypoint ((waypoints _group) select 0); }; --- What can I do to be able to move from loiter location to loiter location without having to return to base? Thank you for your time.
  17. Might be relevant. Have a read. Good Luck!
  18. csk222

    Farooq's Revive

    Hello. How was this applied to use with Farooq Revive? I'm looking for a way to have players use First Aid Kits to revive downed players and to remove one First Aid Kit upon revive.
  19. Hello. I was messing around and umm... pretty much "butchering" this irstrobe.sqf to be as minimal as possible, here's the result. IRstrobeLite.sqf It seems to work as intended. Can you skim over it to see if I took out any vital lines for this to work properly - Thanks
  20. Can you explain this a little more for my use specifically. I've been trying to "Frankenstein" all sorts of ways with the codes, but NOPE! Can't figure it out. Everything functions correctly and I know how to manage the helicopter where I'm not double stacking commands, but it still bothers me to know that if I wanted to land somewhere else, I'd have multiple notifications pop up ruining the experience. Any other takers? Thanks.
  21. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDir
  22. Hello. How do I get the same vehicle crew to respawn after it has been destroyed? For example: I have a helicopter placed in the editor called "uh80_alpha" with the initialization BIS_grpAlphaUH80 = group this;clearItemCargoGlobal uh80_alpha; clearWeaponCargoGlobal uh80_alpha; clearMagazineCargoGlobal uh80_alpha; clearBackpackCargoGlobal uh80_alpha; It is an insertion chopper, How can I get it to respawn exactly how I placed it in the editor with the name and initialization after it has been destroyed? Side question: Is there an easier way to remove all of the vehicles inventory? (Instead of - clearItemCargoGlobal uh80_alpha; etc.)
  23. I just tried it out and it DOES play automatically upon preview/launch. My example worked saying "Objective Complete". Here's an example mission Dropbox Link - say3Dsound_test.VR
  24. Try it like this to see if the sound works. It should say "Objective Complete - Well Done" class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {greekmusic}; class greekmusic { name = "greekmusic"; sound[] = {"@A3\Dubbing_Radio_F\data\ENG\Male01ENG\RadioProtocolENG\Normal\230_GenericRadioMessages\GenComplete2.ogg", 1, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; NOTE: I just re-read your post and are you just putting this say3D "greekmusic"; in the init? I'm not sure if that works like that where it will automatically play when you preview/launch the mission. Try it in the activation field of a trigger.