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  1. darrenin

    Zero Dark Zero

    excited for whatever you do. Love your work. btw Can't seem to get the reinforcements to spawn. Also to clarify in the reinforcements module/minimum enemy, the number there represents how many enemy alive after a fire fight, for example. if there was a group of 20 but all are killed but 5, then at that point they would call for support?
  2. darrenin

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hey von! thanks for the update! search mission is working 🙂 one thing tho it doesn't seem to be spawning the guard units even when set to 100%
  3. darrenin

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hey Von, These modules are seriously the best. I had a question about the search and recover mission. I can't seem to get it to activate. all the other missions run fine but the search and recover mission never comes around. There are a lot of options to input for this mod but from what I can see I have filled everything in. Hope I could get some suggestions, and looking forward to more missions in the future!
  4. any way to virtualize the CAS or Transport vehicles so when they are called they spawn in X meters away and despawn X meters away after the mission is completed?
  5. darrenin

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hey Von, I am curious about the Reinforcements module from SCAR. It keeps giving me errors and not spawning the QRF. Not sure if another module is required for it to work or not.
  6. got it 🙂 been playing with things all day. really enjoying it! currently I made it so the Civs are unarmed Blufor survivors who spawn in and run to my teams position randomly while I am carrying out your SOCOM module missions. Enemy units spawn in randomly and attack my position while my team covers the survivors. After I get a certain amount of survivors I call choppers to ferry them out. all with your Combatants & CIVs Module. SO AWESOME DUDE! can't wait to see the other mission you have for the SOCOM module too 🙂
  7. testing things right now but right off I really like it! one thing I noticed is that "surrounded" module is not despawning units when I get a certain distance away. Also for the config path regarding groups, the default path has ' instead of " not sure if that makes a difference since I used my own path but just noticed it.
  8. hey von! is there any way to despawn units that are a certain distance away from the player?, When I am flying from one area to another all the AO's i fly over activate
  9. darrenin


    Any chance the single player UI-related script errors (after saved progress) will be resolved in the next update? 🙂
  10. darrenin


    THANK YOU! 😊👍
  11. DISREGARD THIS PART! I had a conflicting mod medical mod 😉
  12. This whole thing is amazing! one thing I noticed from your Heal and Revive module: I can't seem to get my AI to heal wounded soldiers. They have to go unconscious first before they can be revived. Not sure why this is. If one of my units gets shot in the leg and has a limp I find myself having to shoot him till he is unconscious, revive him and he is all healed up. squad re-spawn Idea from a ARMA 2 : I absolutely love the AI re-spawn module and have been looking for something like it for sometime. I especially love that they spawn with their original kit!!! I have been using this with them spawning back at a specified marker because i don't like them re-spawning where they died, but this makes it so they have a long run back to the AO or wherever I am. I remember in Arma 2 their was an option (might have been a mod) when your squad mates died to have they transported via heli or para drop back at your position. this option would be amazing!! just an idea from a fan 🙂