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  1. Project Zenith

    Serious man this is amazing work. I go shooting pretty often and i love the resonance of the rifles. Also love the quality of the Mich helmets. One thing, I think it was already mentioned, the helmets (all of them) seam a little small. There is usually padding and an adjustable strap system inside that keeps the helmet a little farther from the head Incase of an impact from a bullet. The helmets seam to be pushed right up to the dome, this makes me feel super uncomfotable lol. The original default Mich helmets in the game get the size pretty right. Just FYI, hope this helps. Would love to see this mod shoot to the top and have the support from real shooters and folks who have experience with the real steel stuff. This mod I feel has crazy potential to be it.
  2. Low FPS on iMac 5K (no mods)

    by the way I am getting like 20fps now will all the settings at the lowest and the resolution cut to 720p
  3. Low FPS on iMac 5K (no mods)

    I used to run Arma 3 on bootcamp. I have the same iMac as you (5k late 2014 etc.) I could run it on ultra settings, above 1080p and I would get 90fps in open fields and in the cities/forest on Tanoa around 40fps. The OSX port when it first came out was awesome!, I got around 60fps but no stuttering and seemed to be pretty consistent even with complicated and full custom missions. So I know its not due to a weak computer. I just think they need to optimize. hopefully they don't give up because I don't run bootcamp anymore
  4. Performance has plummeted on Mac

    same here man ... hope it gets fixed soon, it was running well before the update
  5. arma 3 mac mods

    well I have before, for arma 3 on pc, the steam workshop mods would upload directly to your main arma folder like this @mod1 @mod2 etc. now the steam workshop moves them elsewhere but I don't know where so you now can't load your steam mods without the Arma 3 launcher which at this time is not supported by the Mac version of Arma what I have had luck with is downloading my mods from Armaholic.com (awesome website by the way) and putting the mods in the main arma 3 folder. same format as before (@whatevermod) then when you get in the game go to expansions and it should show up under there. just activate it and restart your game
  6. Runs great! here are my specs: iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB Bohemia! I used to run Arma 3 on bootcamp. I was an avid player! ever since the arma 2 days. and before that flashpoint. I am so happy you guys released this for Mac. I am an Artist and pretty much have to use a Mac for my work. Having Arma 3 ported to Mac is absolutely amazing! please continue to develop it. I already got apex and have played it through bootcamp, It is awesome! please bring it to Mac. I don't use bootcamp anymore so this port is a dream come true. with my computer I run it at 1080p with all the settings maxed out. getting an average of 50fps in the open areas of Altis and around 32fps in Kavala. I am sure with some optimization it could be way better. although the fps doesn't go above 50 it feels way smoother than on bootcamp. boot camp with ultra settings I was getting around 50fps as well but it would stutter between 80fps down to 40fps which would cause screen tearing. please make the graphics fully accessible. I want to see what happens when things are bumped up some more. all and all Bohemia this is awesome! love you guys
  7. dude this would be so cool if you can pull this off!