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by  Richard Von Quest

VERSION:  v0.6.7 beta
UPDATED:  23 DEC 2020

DONATE:   Support Project



Enemy Spawner, Ambient Real-Time Combat, and Map Occupation System! WORKS WITH ANY and ALL ADDONs & FACTIONS. This is the Stand-Alone Module system of my DARK Project from SpookWarCom. Fully customizable, with numerous User Option Settings for intensely dynamic game-play for any and ALL ArmA Maps. Even NEW Maps!! Create anything from quiet stealthy "Behind-Enemy-Lines" Black-Op Missions, or Defending a NATO Base. Maybe some Terrorists and War Lord controlled 3rd-World territory, or perhaps an epic full-blown chaotic War-Zone where you are fighting for the freedom of an occupied sovereign country that lasts for months. The choice is yours...

The heart of the System is the Areas-of-Operation. You can select 'Known' Intel, or probable 'Unknown' Intel. Select the EXACT number of AOs or select RANDOM for each group. Mix-n-Match the Modules and Options as you wish for a gazillion of variations. Very Easy to use. Very very noob friendly! Just enter Config Paths, and/or Classnames for a fully customized scenario. Control your Maps with precision! Spawn 1 Terrorist, 100 Civilians, or thousands of Enemy Squads. I give all the power to the player.



"Behind Enemy Lines"


  • Ease of Use! Noob & FPS Friendly!
  • Spawn ANY Unit from ANY ADDON!!!
  • ALL Maps, Mods, Factions Supported
  • Supports all styles of Gameplay
  • Supports User Custom .sqf Files
  • Create 1 AO or an entire WarZone
  • Hyper-Flexible with complete freedom!
  • De-spawns Units over 3km away
  • Enemy can Radio nearby Helis for CAS
  • "Bad Guys", MERCs, etc (non-military)
  • Reinforcements: ParaTroops, Arty, etc
  • Great ALiVE alternitive for ease-of-use
  • Flies Buzzing on Dead Bodies
  • Random "Items" for looting/immersion
  • Areas-of-Operation for Hot/Cold spots
  • Intel for AOs with Static/Probable %
  • Custom Marker Details for EACH AO

Too much to list here - check it out!




Module #1 -- SURROUNDED
This Module Spawns Units all around the Player, at all times, at all locations in a user-set (continuing or limited) loop. You will be surrounded by these Units anywhere. They spawn around you at all times. Use for BLUFOR and/or OPFOR. Control any and all details. Set to have the units patrol at random or use the Player has the focus/center point.

Module #2 -- COMBATANTS & CIVs
This Module Spawns Units both normal Civilians and Units that are "Armed Civillian" Units. These are the Non-Military Units (Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Civilians, War Lords, Rebels, Resistance Fighters, Gangs, Black-Ops, Locals, MERCs, etc). They Spawn all around the Player, at all times, at all locations. They spawn as single units, or as loose groups that have a higher probability to seek out Buildings and interior locations. Often disorganized, unarmored, little discipline, etc.

This Module sets "AOs" randomly around Map. These Units ONLY Spawn when you are near these Areas. This will create Hot & Cold areas scattered around the entire Map for a more organic and realistic experience. Set as STATIC Intel (100%) or DYNAMIC (Unknown 0%-100%) Intel. Player has complete control for all settings. Set from the Config Level, and/or Classnames. Set Marker type, color, etc.




There are 10 Levels of Force. Each level from Squad (level 1) through Army/Command (level 10). The Force Multiplier is

based on Enemy Intel (0-4). This places an emphasis on Stealth. The more the enemy Knows about you, the MORE they

spawn when you enter the AO.

Level    Force         Squads       Map Symbol       Notes:
  0.    Single            0           0               Single Units (ie Snipers)

  1.    Squad             1           .               -
  2.    Section           2           ..              -
  3.    Platoon           3           ...             -
  4.    Company           4           |               -
  5.    Battalion         5           ||              -
  6.    Regiment          6           |||             -
  7.    Brigade           7           x               -
  8.    Division          8           xx              -
  9.    Corp              9           xxx             -
 10.    ARMY/COMMAND     10           xxxx          W-I-P


You can set the number of AOs for each group (Infantry, Armor, etc) to a SET number or RANDOM upto that number for a wildly dynamic and completely immersive environment!

Keep in mind, this does NOT tell you where the Enemy is, ONLY where INTEL has indicated the AREAs in which they believe they are operating in with a given % rating. It does not mark individual units.



This Module adds Enemy Reinforcements to the Map. When the enemy feels threatened, or overun, they can call for help. You can set the probability of how likely they will make that radio call. Reinforcements can be in the form of QRF Heli Teams, Paratroops, Artillery, and Mortars. Make sure you always set this to the ENEMY.





1.  n/a





Von Quest Industries







DO NOT CHANGE and UPLOAD ANYWHERE. You are free to modify for personal use ONLY. Please DO NOT UPLOAD ON ANY SERVERS, STEAM, etc. Please DO NOT contact me asking for permission to change, tweak, modify, alter, etc and use on Steam, or for your milsim group, friends, etc.


If you want to use any of my projects, then users MUST DOWNLOAD or SUBSCRIBE to this Project. If you like this project, then just download it as-is, fully intact, and use as a normal mod. Any and all requests will be ignored.


I'm offering two possible exceptions. 1.Mention the password: New England Clam Chowder. And cite a good strong case as to what you want, and be specific with your request. This proves to me you at least care enough to have READ this page. If you like this mod, please Click Subscribe. 2.The second way is to BRIBE ME. Click on any Donate/Support link and then PM me with the request(s). No guarantees! This is to only show support, and get my attention. The more donations, the faster I can update, and honor requests.





Place ANY Module. Set your settings as needed. More info is right INSIDE the Modules - just hover over the option for the popup tool-tip.



*TPW (w/ Larrow) for the Ambient Aircraft Script

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Sounds very interesting, gonna try it this weekend. I assume for any mission created using these modules the mod needs to be on the hosting server, correct? Also I assume it works on a dedicated server. And, do clients need the mod installed as well? Thanks.

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Awesome work, I cant wait to try this out once I'm home!


So I can set up a nice little base on Tanoa, with supplies galore, a few Helis and some ambient AI ( turning wrenches on the vehicles placed around the base)... Drop these modules down and basically live out hours worth of recons/skirmishes and all manner of combat?

I knew I should have not gone to work today...

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I'm going to try to set something up for my unit to test some of this out. 
As above, will SCAR work in a dedicated MP environment?  I have a dedi server that I use for my missions, be they Zeus, ALiVE, MCC etc., so that people can come and go whenever they want to get missions in.

Will SCAR work for setting up something like @Zakuaz suggests?

Looks like you have a lot of thought put into this module for future work.  Don't burn out!  We really want to see you put those ideas in practice! 
This system looks like it would great with VME PLA forces on Tanoa... or maybe Russians on Beketov. 

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Notes: None of my Projects are Dedicated Server supported as of yet.


They may or may not work. I do not play, nor intend to code for something I don't use. Sorry guys. If and when I do, it won't be until much further along. Likely closer to v1. I do however play MP over my home LAN though, and it works just great in a normal Server PC environment.



And on a SideNote - for maximum action, set all your AOs to STATIC and all Patrols to AGGRESSIVE.

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Possible to add auto-air attacks by small fixed-wing addon aircraft-by this module and Cas that will act as a body guard for player,if Armor get to close to player?



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Hi this looks great I can't wait to give it a try.


Are you able to use the modules to spawn custom content such as units from the Unsung mod, if not is that planned for the future if there was a way to define the units?


If not, no worries I do see a lot of fun and potential in using this mod, thanks for releasing it to the community.

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This Thread is a little slow.... is this working okay for everyone? Not too much feedback yet.



Um, what? Lol. I recommend using ALiVE for CAS and Support. I will be adding my own, but that will be under a different project.



I'll be adding numerous other Factions in the future. Unsung is on the list for sure. Just have too many other projects going on. But, hell yeah.



Thanks guys!

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I tested it alot and saw that it doesnt spawn too much enemies.

Some at the ao i clear them then 1 helicopter full of troops but no more :( 


I would like to see more patrolles around the ao.

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I'm certainly a bit simple, but I do not get to spawn more enemies than helicopters anywhere on the map. I wish someone would make a tutorial video, for example. Mod is indeed very interesting. Sorry very poor English.

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I always feel misunderstood. There is more info under the spoiler button in the first post. Also hover your mouse over the text on the Module Options for the tool-tips to pop-up.

I'll be including better info in a future update to explain the philosophy in more detail. It doesn't spawn units right in front of you or directly in towns, etc. It's more about atmosphere and "danger zones".

It's not going to spawn a camp or huge platoon right in the middle of an AO. It's random. Also keep in mind this is Work-in-Progress. It's mostly meant to simulate sneaking around behind-enemy-lines. It's NOT meant to stream an endless amout of guys and send them right to you like an arcade game. They are spawning out of view and going about their business. Most will be hidden unless you make some commotion to get everyones attention.

I also placed a high probability of Armor and things to sit in a stationary patrol mode. I think its ridiculous to have units drive around in a circle making a bunch of noise. The enemy is hard to find because they are supposed to be hard to find. It's combat.

What type of AO are you in for testing? A Sqaud AO will be super lite with activity. A Battalion AO will be fairly busy. But it doesn't dump guys all at once. I did this on purpose so it's unpredictable and keeps FPS good. If you don't have patience, this may not be for you. If you give it time, it'll sneak up on you and knock you on your ass.

You can set your Force Modifier to any number. If you just want more action, set it to something like 10.

I also have another update this week for it too already. It will speed up the setup vastly. Thanks for the feedback guys!

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Thank you, I'm sure that when I get the settings right position so it all works, I will continue testing.


Edit: Now begins the work, the infantry can also be found. Thanks :)

Edited by Jari Heinonen

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Have played some with it...It`s a much better mod than most other!  This adds a lot of stuff I have been missing,really helps!   Can this be used with Bcombat ,or other Ai enhandcement mods?     I tried,but I don`t know if this will change anything....At least,it won`t break it,what I could see,when I tested.


If we could get a FPS counter,would be neat.  Could this maybe be made to put all computer work on a Server?  To keep fps high.

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v0.2.1 Beta
CHANGED: Vastly INCREASED the startup speed
CHANGED: Default Keybinding:  SHIFT + A
CHANGED: Increased Call for ARTY 10%
CHANGED: Tweaked Markers Alpha-Color
FIXED:   QRF Heli crashing onto players, etc

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LOL. Thanks! Its a tad messy right now with so many moving parts.






Noticed a few issues in testing the past two weekends. Will update again very soon. Hoping for a quick fix or two this weekend.

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v0.2.2 Beta


FIXED: Broken Menu not removing spacers

CHANGED: Lowered Marker Alpha-Color on Brig, Div, Corps AOs

CHANGED: Increased Armed Pick-Up Trucks for Vehicle AOs

CHANGED: Minor other tweaks

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by  R. Von Quest

VERSION:  v0.2.2 Beta

UPDATED:  01 October 2016



Just a handful of units spawn apart from some intel. Where are the 100 units?

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