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  1. step 12 test in trigger, needed restart of Workbench to work...ver
  2. squeeze

    ForEackhLine break ?

    copy and pasted both lines of code into debug console with same results, both work. also you'll regret calling the array x one day.
  3. I had this problem, posted here. (btw cba or rhs addons don't fix it) after making sure it all worked perfectly i tried a dedicated server test and then heli's wouldn't land, I might get back to it one day and fix that issue if it can be fixed or maybe i won't.
  4. squeeze

    setDriveOnPath for boats

    have you tried ATLToASL
  5. I just ran some tests using 2 squads on malden. only move and cycle WP's wp on or near bridges caused issues for ai which made some stop, with FSM ON or OFF. I also didn't find a FPS gain which is what I was looking for and prefer AI movement with FSM on. glad you found a solution.
  6. I didn't know this, I just used unit disableAI "FSM"; on my cti and the ai don't freeze, gave it 1/2 hour run on dedi - client, same 4core pc. I don't re-order my AI for 60 sec so you could be spamming them with orders. every unit in my cti has, _unit setVariable["SQU_UnitInfo", [(time + SQU_ReOrederAi),(getPos _unit),locationNull,(getPos _unit),false,[]]]; the only bit you need to understand is SQU_ReOrederAi = 60; I check if time > _unit getVariable "SQU_UnitInfo"#0 before a domove command I'll run a longer test in a few hours just in case 1/2 was to short. I'm also looking for the good old ofp.r days.
  7. tried to join to check it out, battleye says no, ping is well above 300 most of time so I'm guessing you're near the nth pole. anyway, just wanted to get a feel of the game play you've designed, so if you can pm a link I'd like a look. My first idea was to make a RISK style board game but instead of a dice roll to work out the victory i used DAC and the players join each battle for the hex, is that similar to what your doing == large cti, high FPS youtube video , video shows a couple of map click moves of infantry then a quick battle of a dug in base, battle endeds quick, used killscript to win the battle.
  8. I had a 4 year break from scripting, pulled hex warfare from steam about 6 months ago and am dumbing it down to something I consider fun....I'm happy just doing that. I'm going to try and add a "Monte Carlo tree search" for the AI side soon, I'll add heaps of comments, might be of interest.
  9. looks familiar, if you got the hex scripts from hex warfare remember one thing, I only script while drinking beer..... good luck
  10. use the CBA_A3 mod, I had issues with vanilla Arma3 "moveindriver", "moveinAny" command assigning all the group to a vehicle after i moved 1 unit into driver, had some wierd veh movement and units gettting out of one veh and into another. think CBA fixes it, had RHS loaded also. "test for wired shit" make a test mission in editor with 4 grouped men named a,s,d,f and a vehicle named h. copy paste the below code into the Debug console and Exec a few times, not just once s assignAsDriver h; [s] orderGetIn true; [s] allowGetIn true; s moveInDriver h; player sidechat format["%1 %2 %3 %4", (assignedVehicle a),(assignedVehicle s),(assignedVehicle d),(assignedVehicle f)]; fix for vanilla Arma3 _driverUnit = _group createUnit [_x, _pos, [], _rad, _spec]; _tempgroup = createGroup _side; [_driverUnit] joinSilent _tempgroup; _driverUnit assignAsDriver _vehicle; [_driverUnit] orderGetIn true; [_driverUnit] allowGetIn true; _driverUnit moveInDriver _vehicle; [_driverUnit] joinSilent _group; don't forget.......deleteGroup _tempgroup;
  11. been doing it this way for years, don't understand it all these days, don't need to, still works _id1 = _phone1 addAction ["Open Teleport", "[]spawn SQU_Teleport",_posObj, 0, false, false, "" ]; or _id = _object addAction ["Buy Light Vehicles", "call SQU_BuyCars",[_posObj,_dir], 0, false, false, "" ];//passing [_posObj,_dir] to SQU_BuyCars.sqf passed to SQU_BuyCars.sqf _posObj=(_this#3#0); _dir = (_this#3#1); then you might want switch if your send lots of diff stuff instead of if else switch(_posObj)do { case "None":{ _index = nil}; case "Any":{ _index = (floor(random (count _Cars)))}; case "Soft":{ _index = _CarsSoft select(floor(random (count _CarsSoft)))}; case "AntiTank":{ _index = _CarsArmour select(floor(random (count _CarsArmour)))}; case "AntiAir":{ _index = _CarsAir select(floor(random (count _CarsAir)))}; case "Transport": { player sidechat "hope this helps" }; };
  12. maybe my crazy problem is relatated or maybe it's not....... the command moveIndriver assigns the whole group to that vehicle, some other moveincommands don't, this caused a problem for me cause i had other group members trying to do other stuff as long as they weren't assigned to a vehicle. I've never used the waypoint commands because i believe they are group commands, best advice i can give you is check the AI's (assignedVehicle _unit) and see if it matches the vechicle they should be in, also you could try unitArray orderGetIn order and if they say negitive "in game speech" then that seat is already assigned to another unit so a forced moveincargo command would be counterproductive. good luck
  13. compiled this about 5 years ago, adds everything and i mean everything into arrays with prices, weapons prices seem all right still but I never put the same time into getting veh right.
  14. squeeze

    function spawn error

    I don't think I've used "call compile preprocessFile "DDscripts\DWARfunctions.sqf";" since Arma 1 I might be wrong but this is all i use now, can't even remember why. SQU_ActionVehLock = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Common\SQU_ActionVehLock.sqf"; do you use a "waituntil{DWARfunctions};" DWARfunctions = true; placed at the end of DWARfunctions.sqf edit. oh i see, i only write functions like that for local scripts, never saw the reason for gloabal when i find it easy to give them there own file.
  15. have you checked your lib://Documents/Arma 3/Saved/steamMPMission worth a look.