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  1. Steam Workshop Download Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932255884 Here are a few Pictures. These have different variants for each.
  2. Cunico

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    People are still all about that "future ghost fighter" look I see :D
  3. Cunico

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi! Glad to see you guys kicking butt with this mod. Miss you guys :)
  4. *Please read the "README.TXT" File in the folder. Download Link: Hidden Identity Pack V2.1
  5. Cunico

    Hidden Identity v3

    Shouldn't be a problem. I just have to do some weighing so there is no clipping.
  6. Cunico

    Hidden Identity v3

    Stand by for a download link Fox. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B37x33DRJUpXVGJmdU5mR21md1E
  7. Cunico

    Hidden Identity v3

    Mod updated on Steam workshop. Added a new gas mask, and fixed errors hopefully.
  8. Cunico

    Hidden Identity v3

    I fixed these errors. Will release a patch shortly. Thanks for getting these to me.
  9. Cunico

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Nice looking AK you have there PuFu. Always seem to impress with such awesome attention to detail. Beautiful looking model.
  10. Cunico

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    whaaaat!? I'm your idol? well shucks :wub: I think thats awesome to hear. Much appreciated.
  11. Cunico

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Great work. Your stuff looks like its made for Arma :)
  12. Well I would recommend "3DS Max" but that is just my personal recommendation. Words of advice: get ready for countless hours of learning and frustration. If this is something you feel like you truly want to do, don't ever give up. :)
  13. Cunico

    Problem making custom helmet

    Appears you didn't weigh your object to the "head" selection. If you're not sure, as you can see below the shemagh is attached to the "Head" selection on the right. You simply just have to make a new selection and name it "Head". Then weigh all the verts and redefine the selection.
  14. Cunico

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Great work man! thats going to look awesome afterwards.
  15. Thanks Maddox for the textures, and everybody who patiently waited for these. Hope everybody enjoys these addons. Armaholic Link: *Updated to Version 3 Download Media Fire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jdn7f1oely7tc5l/%40HiddenIdentityPackv3.zip
  16. Hello, lovely thread. I got your PM and I have no problem with you using my uniforms when they are done of course. Sabre should be finishing up shortly with the Aussie cryes, but I will have to ask him if you guys can use his textures. I'm really picky with the models and people that texture them. Great model by the way. I'll be in touch.
  17. Cunico

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Great mod guys, finally got to use it quite a bit recently. I hope the uniform works out for you guys, I'm in the process to making new uniforms but not sure you guys would be able to use it due to this mod being for basic infantry and stuff. Either way love the mod, keep up the wonderful work, cheers :)
  18. Looking for: Realism Marine group People that are on all sorts of hours and that actually play the game. own servers, teamspeak Consist of more than 12 active people. About me: I recently have been wanting to get back in the swing of things with Arma. I fell out of the game since basically the release of the game and just been around making mods. ..I'm also a grown man. Please contact me with your teamspeak info. and I will be sure to hop in and check you guys out.
  19. So my issue is I've made multiple models in 3ds max with clean topology and when convert to O2 it doubles the Poly count. [/img] In 3ds max it says that I have 1,034 polys but than I convert using .3ds and it distorts the model and triangulates everything. I obviously made the model using quads or tri's. nothing more or less. I really can't lower the topology anyless without losing the shape of the model. It converts from quads in 3ds, to O2 in tri's. I'm doing all this to optimize all my vests for in game. I just realized tonight that it has be doubling everything. ---------- Post added at 08:32 ---------- Previous post was at 08:28 ---------- Is there something I should be doing differently? This model is all one solid piece except for the shoulder straps. I noticed if you looked at the raven example vest, that thing is nice and prety. Mine looks great in 3ds but than looks like a giant turd in O2. Edges and topology go everywhere.
  20. Not sure if I read that correctly, but you said your vest was 17,000 Polys!? I know it s your first model, but you might want to take that down quite a ways still man. If you need help with that just let me know! Maybe we can team up and work on some stuff as well! Your models look really impressive man, good work.
  21. Cunico

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    Hey Bink, I was having the same problems with my vest. Anyways, the value that looks like this under armor in the config" 5*0", I found if you make it "50.0" it actually takes 3/4 hits to the chest before you get dropped. I kept changing the values and nothing was working, but figured it out. Just change that little value and it should work. Good work on the vest. You finally back?
  22. Okay, after two hours of finally getting back into working on some mods I've ran into this issue where my Helmet is showing up invisible. The only thing that shows is the shadowLod on the player. I've gone thru the RVMAT, Model.cfg, config and still can't figure out why its doing this. It showed up once before, but ever since I moved it to the "Headgear" slot...it doesn't show up at all. However, it does show up in Bulldozer. Any ideas to relieve some stress on the topic, it's becoming a pain in the arse. Here is the pic before when it was working. http://i.imgur.com/PsHboPU.jpg (261 kB) The only thing I basically changed is the config.cpp to convert it to headgear. I don't see how I could mess that up, but I did check it over and over again. Seems okay. I just find it odd that it worked fine, but than I converted to headgear and now only the shadowLod comes up. I browsed the internet for a solution, but nothing I found to be similar. Well thanks for the help in advance and if someone can point me in the right direction to start figuring what could be causing this problem would be awesome!
  23. Cunico

    Headgear Invisible?

    http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/23967657881172739/43332F905FFB3FC9FF15963147B051EBEDD1B8DD/ (249 kB) Hopefully you can see what I mean. It creates the Shadow lod but the Helmet is nowhere to be found? Not sure really what else to do. ---------- Post added at 02:35 ---------- Previous post was at 02:24 ---------- This also does show up in Bulldozer, but not in game. ---------- Post added at 02:41 ---------- Previous post was at 02:35 ---------- Nevermind, I solved it on my own. The issue was: on my LODS I had 1-4 LODS, so I switched it to 1-2 instead and it seemed to do the trick. Not sure why but w.e.
  24. Cunico

    Headgear Invisible?

    Yeah. enum { DESTRUCTENGINE = 2, DESTRUCTDEFAULT = 6, DESTRUCTWRECK = 7, DESTRUCTTREE = 3, DESTRUCTTENT = 4, STABILIZEDINAXISX = 1, STABILIZEDINAXESXYZ = 4, STABILIZEDINAXISY = 2, STABILIZEDINAXESBOTH = 3, DESTRUCTNO = 0, STABILIZEDINAXESNONE = 0, DESTRUCTMAN = 5, DESTRUCTBUILDING = 1, }; class CfgPatches { class OpsCore { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class ItemCore; // External class reference class InventoryItem_Base_F; // External class reference class HeadgearItem; class OpsCore : ItemCore { scope = 2; weaponPoolAvailable = 1; displayName = "A OpsCore Helmet"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\Data\UI\icon_H_HelmetB_CA.paa"; model = "\OpsCore\core1"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"pboName\data\helmet_texture_01_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo : HeadgearItem { mass = 100; uniformModel = "\OpsCore\core1"; modelSides[] = {3, 1}; armor = 3*0.5; passThrough = 0.8; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; }; }; class yourTag_Helmet_02 : ItemCore { scope = 2; weaponPoolAvailable = 1; displayName = "Helmet_02"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\Data\UI\icon_H_HelmetB_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"pboName\data\helmet_texture_02_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo : HeadgearItem { mass = 100; uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; modelSides[] = {3, 1}; armor = 3*0.5; passThrough = 0.8; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; }; }; class yourTag_Helmet_03 : ItemCore { scope = 2; weaponPoolAvailable = 1; displayName = "Helmet_03"; picture = "\A3\characters_f\Data\UI\icon_H_HelmetB_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"pboName\data\helmet_texture_03_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo : HeadgearItem { mass = 100; uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; modelSides[] = {3, 1}; armor = 3*0.5; passThrough = 0.8; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; }; }; };
  25. Cunico

    Flashlight shine on structure

    I know when I have this issue with my models its normally one of two things...either you didn't specify the texture path to your _co,_nohq,_smdi etc. in your .RVMAT, or the shadowLOD is all screwy. Its really hard to say because this takes a process of elimination to figure out what it is. I think it's an RVMAT issue tho.