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  1. HitmanTwoActual

    M/V Ocean Freedom Project

    Hey! Glad to see more commercial ships popping up in the modding scene. As with the other projects, I'll offer some help where I can, although it is entirely just information I can offer. I've been on a few ships, but I have a good friend that just got off of the M/V Ocean Freedom who can give some insight. Any particular reason you chose this specific ship? Good luck!
  2. HitmanTwoActual

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    Without cluttering up the forums too much, I have attached three of the many photos I have from my most recent ship. The main machinery space can be seen containing two main diesel generators. These generators attach to the main transformers, mechanical power is turned to electrical and is distributed to the main switchboards seen in the engine control room picture. There is more in-between that but it would take a few pages for me to explain haha. I should note, that on the ship, there were two of each space, so there would be two machinery spaces, two engine control rooms, etc.. they are separated by the centerline of the ship and sliding watertight doors connect them. The generators are typically a few decks above the propulsion motors attached to the main shafts. They are connected via the complicated system of electrical wiring/transformers.
  3. HitmanTwoActual

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    Actually, most modern-built ships are diesel-electric type propulsion which means the engine room will typically have four main diesel generators, a multitude of transformers and breakers panels, and two propulsion motors connected to the shafts. While the now-aging slow speed diesels were a single-engine, they are becoming less attractive and not as likely to build due to the new 2020 maritime emission law. @ArmaFiend If you want any photos or help designing the ships let me know. I've spent a little too much of my time on them.
  4. HitmanTwoActual

    Nassau 1715

    I think what is most enjoyable about this thread is that we can tell you are enjoying the work you are doing. It's a fresh breath into ArmA and honestly I think it's really awesome that you are taking the time to animate all the rigging, coming from a maritime school in the states, I love every bit of this. Cheers!
  5. "Every once and a while we push hard enough that the light breaks through the clouds and a world beyond the war glimmers." Mods used: FOW, Enhanced Video Settings, Prei Khmaoch Luong
  6. HitmanTwoActual

    Zee Identity Pack

    Real talk. But your work quality is fantastic and I think I can safely say the community has enjoyed your mods ever since you released your first one. I can also respect learning a new trade and putting it to use instead of complaining to BI. You have a lot of supporters within the community Zee, and I hope to see you expand and grow even more as an artist. You do you.
  7. Happy to be a part of this one. Thanks to the devs for the update, the amount of fun that was had tonight was unreal. The new toys certainly helped increase possibilities.
  8. HitmanTwoActual

    Nassau 1715

    But I thought Marines were the only ones who could prevent forest fires...
  9. HitmanTwoActual

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Lets show some love for our beloved Stormtroopers out there fighting the rebel menace!
  10. I am also wondering this. I own Iron Front, and if there is a way to use the HD textures instead I would like to do so.
  11. HitmanTwoActual

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    It's a bit more than that for people who serve in the U.S. We don't like to be portrayed as those who beat prisoners and commit war crimes for fun. Warlord put it perfect when he said it isn't what SOCOM stands for, they're professionals not thugs. It may be a game but I guarantee most of the community would have a fit if someone was positively posting pictures of SS murdering civilians in the 40's, so why is this any different?
  12. HitmanTwoActual

    Optical Camouflage material research

    Wow I have been looking for that. As HorribleGoat said, would you mind sharing how you got there or even release your file for it? Nice work!
  13. HitmanTwoActual

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Oh man that looks amazing! I can't wait to see what the new headgear looks like with the new uniforms Nice work!
  14. HitmanTwoActual

    War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    Ah yes PuFu said they will replace the current uniforms in RHS, thank you @ineptaphid and @REFORGER88