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  1. SaOK - I love the CoOp mission, but I'd like to disable the AI players. The only way I see to do that is to de-pbo it, changes the description.ext, then re-pbo it. Then it dies when I spawn in with a config file it can't find from my lack of pbo skills. My question is - is there a way to disable the AI players without having to do any pbo manipulations? Thanks Pojo2k8 [Moose]
  2. pojo2k8

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Can you get gravity to affect the objects? Right now, they just seem to float in midair for me. If I don't place them quite perfectly, it would be nice if they just dropped to the ground. Is there a config setting that I'm missing? Thanks
  3. How do you get your server to show up with the correct type (Coop) or loaded mission in the server browser? I can get mine to show up with the description I've given it, but if you filter to Co-Op in the server browser it then drops out even though it's a co-op mission (Whole Lotta Stratis .63 co-op). Thanks
  4. pojo2k8

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    My suggestions: - Consider wall art such as http://files.doobybrain.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/FBI-most-wanted-osama-bin-laden.jpg http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=a4n0MFIN7xIjpM&tbnid=01acGhMxWQkEdM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingtonpost.com%2Fworld%2Fafghan-djs-deliver-news-from-us-perspective%2F2011%2F08%2F24%2FgIQA94HKcJ_gallery.html&ei=CmOiUbDPEYa09QSor4GABA&psig=AFQjCNGZH4S4Zssi6CuQ6GAIdswVPUSYdw&ust=1369683075201273 --3RD Photo in series - Perhaps a coffee machine, coffee cups; classic "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug half empty, placeable on tables - Trashcan (small office trashcans) - 3-ring binders - Dry-eraser board marked up with a duty roster - Make-shift memorial http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/afghan_10_31_10/a45_25616307.jpg - Bedroll for cots
  5. pojo2k8

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Dog, Another question for you - In your stills, how did you get the soldier to interact with your furniture (like sit on a chair)? Thanks!
  6. pojo2k8

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Dog, How did you go from an object in 3ds to making it into the game? Is there a tutorial that you followed somewhere? This is something that I'd like to learn. CANCEL THAT - I Found the O2 tutorials
  7. Hi Sa0k With the latest Alpha release and co-op v.62.7z, I'm getting the following error pop-up every few minutes: '...ray set [(count _array -1),-1]; _array |#|call_orders; }; while {true} do { wait...' Error Generic error in expression file mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\ZonekillerInit.sqf, line 12
  8. New Fluid Simulation Algorithm Allows Realistic Water Physics PhysX’s Position Based Fluids (PBF) technique may provide a way to efficiently simulate realistic water physics. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/PhysX-Water-Physics-PBF-PBD,22224.html Hoopefully BIS will integrate this into the final version so we can see this with the scuba action.
  9. pojo2k8

    Competition: '2013 World Arma Photo'

    Ok, don't shoot me for asking a stupid question, but what button actually takes the picture in camera mode, and where do they save to? The tutorial never describes it that I can tell. Thanks for your patience.
  10. Try this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?128953-How-can-i-know-when-a-player-kills-a-friendly-unit (Sorry, forum wouldn't let me post a link)