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  1. Plinskin

    NIArms Release Thread

    All looks so great. I really love the reload animations (p226). Thank you for your hard work.
  2. Looks so great. Amazing render!
  3. Plinskin

    I am searching for a few mod

    Just FYI, this is forum for the release not for ask / request information. Regards.
  4. Plinskin

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Thank you for the link, update and the mod. Is there a possibility you can upload this on Steam?. Regards!
  5. Plinskin

    TAC Vests

    Looks very good :ph34r:
  6. Thank you Zabb, for this new release! :ph34r:
  7. Plinskin

    TAC Vests

    Thank you Zabb for this update and for the new mod! :ph34r:
  8. Plinskin

    TAC Vests

    Thank you Zabb!
  9. Plinskin


    Thank you for the release :ph34r:
  10. Plinskin

    WarfareThai EX Mod

    Looks amazing!. Great job lordbooka :ph34r:
  11. Plinskin

    TAC Vests

    I think that kind of vest it´s in this pack VSM Gear: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185842-vsm-gear-pack/ But, don´t have the pistol hostler so far. Regards
  12. Plinskin

    EricJ Release thread

    Sorry, I was thinking the model was yours, but, anyway it´s looks good. Regards
  13. Plinskin

    EricJ Release thread

    Hi Eric, are you going to add the proxy for the tac lights? (allow to attach the underbarrel tac lights). Regards!
  14. Plinskin

    EricJ Release thread

    No, look back in the post.