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  1. NIArms Release Thread

    All looks so great. I really love the reload animations (p226). Thank you for your hard work.
  2. Looks so great. Amazing render!
  3. I am searching for a few mod

    Just FYI, this is forum for the release not for ask / request information. Regards.
  4. VSM - Release Thread

    Thank you very much vanschmoozin for this great update.
  5. 3CB BAF Equipment

    Thank you for the link, update and the mod. Is there a possibility you can upload this on Steam?. Regards!
  6. TAC Vests

    Looks very good :ph34r:
  7. Thank you Zabb, for this new release! :ph34r:
  8. TAC Vests

    Thank you Zabb for this update and for the new mod! :ph34r:
  9. TAC Vests

    Thank you Zabb!

    Thank you for the release :ph34r:
  11. WarfareThai EX Mod

    Looks amazing!. Great job lordbooka :ph34r:
  12. TAC Vests

    I think that kind of vest it´s in this pack VSM Gear: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185842-vsm-gear-pack/ But, don´t have the pistol hostler so far. Regards
  13. EricJ Release thread

    Sorry, I was thinking the model was yours, but, anyway it´s looks good. Regards
  14. EricJ Release thread

    Hi Eric, are you going to add the proxy for the tac lights? (allow to attach the underbarrel tac lights). Regards!