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  2. A mission I built in old editor works in multiplayer, but as soon as I convert it into eden 3d editor and export it to multiplayer, the zeus curator entity won't work, only player zeus does.
  3. @Dusa What can we look forward to concerning overall soundscape like realistic far distant battle sounds?
  4. novahot

    Let's talk about tanks

    Jafit, that's not funny at all. I wasn't driving, I was commanding the driver. ;) But for real. Indirectly you are right but let's not get started with AI. These walls are everywhere. Why isn't it possible to make these walls for vehicles above a certain weight (Merkava 60+ tons) or track-driven ones clipping? Because of the desastrous situation on public servers, I play a fair amount of time Wasteland. 2t-Pick-Ups at fences are another story.
  5. novahot

    Let's talk about tanks

    Since first time Showcase Tanks came out, I once again played tonight. It' s been five minutes into the mission. Because of a cheap little wall it's over. Track damaged, crew got out, I wasn't able to get the tank back driving. My question is headed to the community and BI. Will this ever be fixed or do I have to live with fact, that we are not supposed to play heavy machinery? I've got lots of questions concerning vehicles (Michael Bay movie explosions, turned-out driver view for every tank) but this ... this!
  6. Doesn't Speedx4 result in framesx4 in the gamers eye? With croppy 15 FPS you're getting 60 FPS but for the cost of Altis beeing a Benny Hill Show?
  7. Still not working. Any statement from a developer on this or a feedback tracker that needs some upvotes?
  8. On my mission I lased from a SDV (Submarine). Arty doesn`t hit shit with the laser-marker spot on. Did try with Scorcher. Rounds were way off or never hit bottom. Also tried CAS with A-164. It won't even attack. WTF is wrong?
  9. novahot

    Will someone explain the whole Zeus game mode to me?

    Could someone plz edit the titel of this thread? Admin? Plaese?
  10. The thing is: I don't think this a bug. It's a cheap workaround for something, that should be an ambient effect. This is how it looks to me in the editor with @alive, @cba, @a3mp, @caf_ag, @task_force_radio. And if this effect has to draw polygons and one single AI, it has to be a factor with performance. (100 effect modules tracer = 100 AI + polygons of 100 boats) http://i.imgur.com/0VALUCb.jpg This is not a bug. It's not even in range of tolerance!
  11. novahot

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I'd stick with your answer, but Moricky is not just anybody at BI. I'm happy with Zeus and looking forward to it but he is a Senior Developer and there is tons of other things that shoud be taken care of.
  12. I overlooked that this is the dev-branch forum. Nevertheless I'm on stable branch and can repoduce it. My tracer module is a hovering, full-manned attackboat that fires in the air and gets shot down as soon as its detected.
  13. As a matter of fact at a mission I'm bulding with A3MP/Takistan the boat was fully visual and even got attacked by AI.
  14. novahot

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    But the countdown should still be going for three hours.
  15. novahot

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    This will be great on public servers. Imagine the wrath of an unbalanced 13 year old game-master-god. Gotta be a very origin experience concerning the Twelve Olympians.