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  1. Thanks for the response Werthless. Any chance you could update the script version?
  2. @Werthless: It appears there is an issue with the script where AI moved to the HC does not recognize the new "skip waypoint" trigger.
  3. After much testing, it appears that the headless client does not adhere to the new "skip waypoint" trigger. However all other triggers seem to work correctly. Can anyone else confirm?
  4. etzu

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Unless things have changed, a player/client can enable to use it within their game settings. Additionally, a server can force it within it's server.cfg to "forceRotorLibSimulation = 0/1/2;"
  5. etzu

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I'm still not sold on the old fatigue system as a mod, rather than a client/server setting -- advanced flight model is the perfect comparison. You prefer it? You change to it with a few button clicks. How many updates do you think it will take before the unsupported, legacy version now deprecated to a mod is broken due to changes BI makes.
  6. etzu

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Why are you trying to fix something that isn't broken? What I find confusing is the fact you already had a way for those who didn't want fatigue to turn it off -- albeit took a small amount of arma/scripting knowledge to do it. Seems to me like you're punishing players who prefer realism, to satisfy another set of players who do not. Why not make it a simple server/client setting so everyone can enjoy the many faucets of your hard work?
  7. I'm also having difficulties with the 2500 ping issue -- no problems with myself or friends connecting to the server but Gamespy will not query it. I've tried opening the ports (UDP 2302,2303,2305), port forwarding, and lastly I've resorted to just DMZ my machine. I've tried enabling and allowing ICMP with Windows 7 firewall, and now just disable it completely. Also run steam/client in administrator -- nothing has worked and I'm getting quite frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions?