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  1. Is there any way to run this as a script?
  2. Question. How does one set AI skill in the script version? There's this in userconfig- am i correct to assume that all i need to do is plop this into init.sqf to have challanged AI instead of a challanging one?
  3. TesACC

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Mate, This is ALREADY muffled by ACE. The ending part, after 2:05 is without the ear protection. See the difference. Personally, i dont care how loud is this supposed to be in the real thing, this is ridiculous in a game. The iddle inside volume should be halved. I'm not going to juggle my sound settings every time i enter and exit the tank, mind You, ONLY this family of tanks. Gameplay over annoyance, always.
  4. TesACC

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is this a bug or a feature? Is this incredibly loud noise on purpose?
  5. Thanks, nice to know that the response times were tweaked to shorten the video. Still, I think there should be an additional value specifically for calling in arty that goes on top of the regular radio settings, as it should be much slower than relaying enemy possition to the other teams through the comm net. Why? Because of calculating and preparting fire mission, which takes no time for AI (and players that have Artillery Computer enabled) but can be a major pain in the ass when you have to do it for real. Sadly, its still Arma, so there's no hope for AI being able to call in area fire with specified number of rounds, adjusted fire and other fancy stuff which takes considerably longer to set up, but still, the simplest point fire preparation should per standard take at least a minute more than just relaying info. It might seem that such a short time difference isn't worth taking the time to implement, but it might be helpfull to the MM when he has the control over this variable, especially as they know best what kind of artillery they give to the AI and what it should be capable of in that particular mission. Is it doable? I dont know, but sure would be nice.
  6. There should be a way to slow down AI calling in the artillery, so its not an instant thing but takes a few minutes. Currently the speed at which the support does its job is a fraction of the time that a typical mortar crew spends on a fire mission. How i think it should work (to clarify, i have 0 knowledge on scripting)- unit calls in support, a randomized timer starts (min time, max time, should be customizable) after that passes the calling in unit should be "asked" does it still need the arty (so it doesn't shoot empty spaces when the threat is already neutralized or it moved) if it does, mortars fire at the orginal coordinates. Alternatively, AI calls in arty only after prolonged sighting of an enemy. The same thing, just other way around. Dont know what is easier. Now tell me, does it make sense, is it dooable? What i'm trying to achieve with this change- to have mortars serve more as a punishment for being stationary than an instant you're seen- you're shot at. I feel that it would be way more realistic. Of course, the times should be tweakable, not something set in stone.
  7. TesACC

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Its just my opinion man, not "the ultimate truth". I can have those, so do you. Chill. The main point is- Why give a crap if someone changes/breaks a thing for himself? I'd personally draw the line on uploading it instead of "dont touch my shit, dont even look inside. Period." Which is well, harsh. And hurtful to the community. Imagine if everyone behave like that, imagine how much fewer and worse mods and missions we would have. Who never reverse engineered anything throw the first stone. Of course i'm talking about seeing how's something made, not outright ripping out like this guy, which im ok with AS LONG as he doesn't distribute it/pass as his own/whatever. Its a different story then. To show you what i mean- There's a campaign called Cold War Crisis, its the OG Flashpoint campaign remade in A3. Lads called Lago, Kickass and Cnotk made it and did a tremendous job. Sadly, it uses 2010s RHS units. As i feel it would be better with actual 80s stuff so i'm slowly turning it to DH units. For myself. Because i want to play it that way. Maybe when i'm done i'll send it to the original creators, maybe they'll upload it as another version with some more dependencies, who knows. Right now Its not affecting anyone other than me, and i'm not going to upload it or parts of it as my own. So whats the big deal that someone has a bit of fun with something you made? Live and let live mate. That is all. As for the GM bit- well, now that i see it myself, that was really a pointless rant, wasn't it? I think it had to do more with venting some hatred towards some corporations out rather than actually being useful here, as it doesn't really make sense and can be read as mod maker bashing that it wasn't intended to be. I'll give you that. Just disregard it.
  8. TesACC

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Honestly though, Why do you care DH? Its not like he's uploading it anywhere and claiming to be his. You literally found a photo on reddit in which the BDU wasn't even the point and witch hunted his ass. As far as i understand he retextured it for himself/his group. I get that its "Your baby" that you spent a lot of time on it for nothing, so there's a lot of emotional attachment, but thats kind of ridiculous, like if BIS forbid modding becouse it ruins "muh perfection". the "If you want it this way then make it yourself from scratch" which is not yet, but very close to the "patent everything" company bullshit that all it does is making things suck a bit more. Like when GM ordered OWI to cut HMMWV from Squad becouse they didn't pay them. Greedy c*nts dont have enough from the military contract, now they extort from people that they know have to pay them becouse it cannot be possible to portray something realistically without those assets. OWI said "screw that" and uses MRAP instead, but what if some other smartass gets the same idea with something actually essential? Thats the reason MGS V has those fantasy weapons while all previous ones had real things. Also why Arma 3 is set in 2035, which, lets be honest, is an interesting setting, but completely sucks for millsim. RHS is basically a standard mod. Its all becouse of Money and stupid restrictions, nothing more. Looks like i went really off-topic there. Regardless- He wanted a Multishit BDU, he retextured yours, nothing more. Do whatever you want mate, i dont blame ya, the EULA is clearly there, he broke it. All i'm saying is that its a bit too restrictive
  9. TesACC

    GSTAVO's Weapons

    You didn't read the topic, did you? Shame R0adki11. Shame.
  10. TesACC

    GSTAVO's Weapons

    If you're in search for some quality M16a1 model then talk to these guys. https://www.escalation1985.com/ (By the way, have an eye on this game. Cold War Squad. I'm hyped) They have this beautiful thing. They have M16A1, You have M16A2. They probably would want M16A2, You (By which I mean We, Arma people) would want M16A1. Its an indie game, dev team is no bigger than most of Arma 3 mods. I bet they are willing to trade. Problem? Solution.
  11. TesACC

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Id like to remind you of few bugs, and make a new report http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=3406 http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=3798 http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=4279 And, wishfull thinking- http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=610 Now for the "new" one (Which is not new, but maybe it will finally be dealt with) http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=4367 Cheers.
  12. TesACC

    GSTAVO's Weapons

    Question/Suggestion/Request. Whatever you want to call it Correct me if im wrong, but you're using RHS's M4 animations, correct? Is it by any chance possible for you to switch them to those of their M16A4? what im getting at- you're using the magwell grip. It is a correct way to hold a rifle, but more of a modern invention, and better working with shorter weapons. There would definitelly be more soldiers in the '80's and '90's holding their rifles by the handguard, as they were taught in the boot camp. its more historically acurate. Why historicall accuracy is important? becouse this rifle is going to be mostly used in '80's and '90's scenarios, paired with Delta Hawk's units. At least thats how im going to use it. Especially with something longer like M16A2 Its simply more comfortable to hold it by the handguard. with longer barrel the center of mass is a bit more forward than on M4. Both of grips have their pros and cons in real life but as you cant switch grips in game (which would be just a pointless gimmick there) i suggest that the universal grip for your rifles should be the handguard grip., Also, it kind of looks better in first person that way. At least thats my opinion. Yes, its simply an astethic matter . Yes, its a very specifical nitpick. all im asking is for you to consider it. EDIT: Im an idiot. I assumed that stuff just from the photos on armaholic page. Then i actually downloaded it. It turns out there are 2 versions with both grips. Got a lesson for myself to think before i talk. Disregard this. And good job on those things.
  13. TesACC

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Hi. Great work with this thing, AI is really smart and frightening now. I have one problem though. It looks like Headless messes up Triggers. Groups dont respond to "Skip Waypoint" when its activated. Any ideas how to fix this? Am i doing something wrong?