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  1. FatFukinLenny

    Arma 3 and 21:9 monitors ?

    i have the acer model PuFu has linked above, gsync maybe be a little better than freesync but 500 bux better! not a chance imo..
  2. loving this, ramps up the immersion! much appreciated XD
  3. FatFukinLenny

    Uber FPS guide

    lolz the video is less tan 7 mins long...thanks for this OP
  4. thank you and your buddy jokoho for this! i love sounds mods as they make arma a lot more immersive and grateful that there are talented folk like yourself that make these.. also a project reality fan so will check that out too :)
  5. thanks for the update, great mod much appreciated :)
  6. FatFukinLenny

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    echo this x100, thank you LJ :)
  7. FatFukinLenny

    When can I pre-order APEX in steam?

    They will stalker i wouldn't worry..
  8. FatFukinLenny

    Aftermath Rush Gamemode [BETA]

    Looks like he is working on a Dayz mod called Desolation..
  9. FatFukinLenny

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Yup congrats on the release, audio plays a massive part of the immersion for me and it thanks to modders like yourself we can enjoy a better gaming experience!