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    [R3F] Logistics

    For (1) there is a seting :) set: R3F_LOG_CFG_disabled_by_default = true; since all movable objects in the A3W mission get initialized with the variable :) and the 3rd issue was fixed by AgentREV before i'm just having a hard time finding out how he did it. since most of te old R3F code is in French which is like korean+russian to me :P
  2. joschaap

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    I'm working on a bornholm port of GoT A3Wasteland v1.1 :) mission source can be found here: https://github.com/JoSchaap/GoT_A3Wasteland.Bornholm (use the download zip button, then create a PBO of it) or on steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=390488189 It's already fully functional, I just need to move some of the stores to a more proper place :) *edit* done! I had to manually place the ATM's because some playground had over 20 of them in a 200mtr radius. :D The high grass does make some of the missions more exiting though! :)
  3. joschaap

    Recommended Server Specs

    i think i overdid my 'test' server abit :o http://i.imgur.com/2iG44O6.jpg (217 kB) running this server: http://www.got2dayz.nl/?page_id=666
  4. joschaap

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    wasteland server up now (public) a3b.soki.nl:2302 GoT A3WASTELAND BORNHOLM v1.0b (JoSchaap)
  5. joschaap

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    wasteland looks nice on this too :) video @
  6. awesome, thanks for releasing! updated our A3Wasteland stratis box with the performance binary :) http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/7days.johanschaap.nl:2302/
  7. Nice servers, however next time please make sure BE filters are up to date and the in-mission antihack is on :) Last night cheating was rampant on those servers (Especialy the EU ones), rendering the game unplayable :) ss: http://i.imgur.com/IWYhAHa.jpg both samatra's KOTH/Wasteland mission's asswell as ours come with built inn anticheat and updated BE filters :) atleast the clientsided FPS wasn't the issue with everyone constantly exploding and not being able to spawn :D incase you want to give A3W a go use this repo for the PBO: https://github.com/A3Wasteland/ArmA3_Wasteland.Altis and these filters for BE: https://github.com/A3Wasteland/Release_Files/tree/master/BattlEye
  8. already reported on: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21610
  9. joschaap

    cant slingload vehicles that are damage 1

    lifting wrecks is kinda awesome :) old video from some rtyouts with the r3f variant:
  10. stratis coast customs: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/532875698576224983/AFDB50A05AA446A4C1D89F11735811ADD20E02DD/ http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/532875698576228326/AA963F63ADB687A2D7A48423AC376C08229A8641/
  11. @Hatchet_Harry almost correct. The wasteland project is now a team effort and no longer branded GoT :) The project is now called: A3Wasteland http://www.a3wasteland.com and http://forums.a3wasteland.com for more details and mission downloads :) currently at V0.9g for stratis and altis be aware that A3Wasteland v0.9 and later require @inidbi mod (iniDB is an old version) for more info and/or questions just register at our forums linked above. It's true i cant keep an eye on all forums anymore. not just due too being busy, but i'm also engaged now and in the midst of planning my wedding etc :)
  12. joschaap

    ARMA 3 Wasteland Chernarus Server

    Just stumbled accross this and setup a quick mockup, as soon as the next release of a3wasteland is here i'll also make a proper port to chernarus for @A3MP :) In the meantime you can find my server running A3Wasteland Chernarus on @A3MP here: http://www.got2dayz.nl/?page_id=661
  13. joschaap

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    want a temp mirror or prefer to keep the file in your own control?
  14. joschaap

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Couldnt resist to setup a A3Wasteland on chernarus.. good times! :) thanks for the mod :) http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  15. joschaap

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    great work Alduric! I've quickly mocked up a A3Wasteland mission on Chernarus and it all works like a charm! No more AiA hassle! :) incase anyone is interested: filter ingame on my forumname or the term 'GoT' to find the server :) Servername: GoT A3Wasteland v0.9F CHERNARUS #1 (mod=@A3MP v1.3a) [DAY/VETERAN/3RDP:ON/VON:ON] (Allowed:CBA/STHUD/FA_STANCE/LANDTEX) http://arma3.swec.se/server/data/94242
  16. have you ever tried to throw anything while diving in real life.. you cant..
  17. famillair code ;) btw this is the wasteland mission, and not r3f's logistics addon (r3f does nothing with the gun / general shops) be aware we've released v0.9d now with the new user interface and alot of fixes :) info and links at: http://forums.a3wasteland.com/index.php?topic=68.0 i think it's a good idea to re-base your missions code of a new copy to make sure you got the latest fixes in your mission. which part of the shop isnt working btw? might be an old bug we've fixed allready :) goodluck!
  18. joschaap

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    indeed, manually syncing this to players and JIP clients using scripts inside the mission is a bit of a drag, and uses unnecessary resources..
  19. A new thread for a brandnew version! - http://www.got2dayz.nl/?page_id=295 GoT Wasteland v2.3(Beta-Edition) Why v2? * Both to seperate this custom version from the official 404games version since 404 now also is bringing out updates. (v1.07 got released) ass-well because it's kind of a big update, and the difference between the 2 versions is getting kind of huge :) what makes it different? * well the easyest way to find out is by watching this video of v2.0: or just reading the changelog (kept this as compact as possible) Latest version is v2.3 (1-8-2013) Grab and/or Fork the source of the mission pbo here: https://github.com/JoSchaap/GoT_Wasteland_V2.Stratis Or download ready to go .PBO files with all the needed configfiles and battleye filters for your server here: https://github.com/JoSchaap/Arma3_Binary_PBO Whats new?(short recap): beta content, lagfixes, green army, new missions, and the mission is now stream friendly! changelog from v2.21 -> v2.3 [Added] 3 general stores [Added] working repairkits that can be dropped [Added] working fuelcans that can be dropped [Added] new interface for general stores [Added] more variaty in base building parts [Added] new handguns and surpressors [Added] new SMG's and optics/surpressors [Added] Independent SDV [Added] camo blackhawk [Added] New APC's (Wheeled and Tracked) [Added] New outposts for the outpost mission [Added] New antihack script by AWA, AgentREV and Tonic [Added] Improv. roof to general stores [Added] Name censor in group-menu for StreamFriendly [Added] Name censor in group/side tags in StreamFriendly [Added] Main mission: Coastal patrol [Added] Katiba ammo to gunstore [Added] Nicer action-icons from the KoS version [Fixed] Name censor when in vehicle in StreamFriendly [Fixed] Some missions did not announce themselves [Fixed] AI not despawning on APC mission [Fixed] balance between weapon/item spawns in buildings [Fixed] added fuelcans and repairkits to cleanup [Fixed] Height issue with scaffolding basepart [Fixed] Undefined variable errors in the original code [Fixed] Group invite not announcing to invited player [Fixed] Server cleanup rewritten and working! [Fixed] Various performance improvements in the scripts [Fixed] Various issues with unlocked mission vehicles [Fixed] Selling prices of rifles (no more 25 bucks) [Fixed] Gunstore purchase exploit (spamming buy button) [Fixed] No katiba ammo in gunstores [Fixed] Some classes spawned with GPS/Radio>br/> [Changed] Existing missions now contain random elements [Changed] Gametype: changed to SANDBOX [Changed] Survival system from decimals to percentages [Changed] hunger/thirst death by HPdrain (not instant) [Changed] Food/Water drainage and gain from items [Changed] Stores can also be openned from actionmenu [Changed] Loot in buildings spawned when player in town [Changed] Loot in buildings now respawns after 60mins [Changed] Loot in buildings 35% chance of fuel in fuelcan [Changed] Fuel cans (full or empty) can be dropped [Changed] Repairkits added to loot-table [Changed] fuel cans empty and full added to loot-table [Changed] players spawn without a fuelcan [Changed] players spawn with a First-aid-kit [Changed] Spawn weapon changed to ACP with 3 clips [Changed] Hostile helicopter missions use random heli's [Changed] Helicopters flown by AI no longer can use flares [Changed] amount of objects and vehicles reduced [Changed] Locked baseparts will be saved on server restart *- After restart the baseparts will be spawned UNLOCKED! changelog from v2.1 -> v2.21 [Added] Green army (Independent) [Added] Diving class to all factions [Added] Green army suits to gunstore [Added] spawn protection on debug island [Added] New beta weapons in stores, on AI and inside buildings [Added] New beta vehicles to the random spawns and missions [Added] New beta clothing to stores, indy players and AI [Added] New beta ammunition in stores, on AI and inside buildings [Added] New beta boats and submarines to random spawns and missions [Added] New outpost Main-mission - capture an enemy outpost for baseparts and their weapon caches [Added] New APC Main-mission - bring an engeneer and some fuel though! [Added] New abandonned truck sidemission - the HMMT's can cary ALOT of cargo and units! [Fixed] broken vehiclespawns/missions due to beta [Fixed] errors in admin menu's [Fixed] all respawn issues in limbo [Fixed] Lagspikes due to errors in vehicle respawn [Fixed] RPT logfile findsafepos spam [Fixed] new outpost mission did not despawn correctly [Fixed] incorrect mission descriptions [Fixed] Server cleanup set to 10 minutes after death [Fixed] Cargo on armed boat not working [Changed] Missions take longer to time-out [Changed] existing missions to utilize the new vehicles [Changed] hostile heli missions contain a mi48 now [Changed] hints before and after missions rewritten [Changed] missions last longer before timing out [Changed] mission starts at 8pm for evening edition [Changed] minor changes to player hud [Removed] Random ammocrate spawns [Removed] Time accelleration (caused lag/desync) [Removed] Names showing when in vehicle when using the StreamFriendly interface screenshot of the new outpost for the outpost mission: (over 100kb!) http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/595881303951290760/D48F0CB45DEE270C99E97E4DCB6883E2FCE8863E/ older changelogs: * [Added] 8 new towns/settlements to spawn in. * [Added] 16 new spawnareas for objects/vehicles. * [Added] 3 new fuelpump locations * [Added] new underwater sidemission! * [Added] new scuba Mainmission with armed boat * [Added] Diving goggles/gear to gunstore. * [Added] Game info, hints and tips to briefing * [Added] Ghilly suits, Rangefinder to gunstore * [Added] Sniper Rifles and ammo to gunstore * [Added] SOS Sniper optic to gunstore * [Added] Random boat spawns near coastlines * [Added] new gunstore to even the odds * [Added] some scriptdetection to piss off hackers * [Added] gunstore option to sell uniform * [Added] gunstore option to sell vest * [Added] new basebuilding objects * [Added] new class: Explosives Expert. can detect/disarm explosives * [Added] new class: Sniper. Spawns in a ghilliesuit * [Changed] Explosives expert needs a toolkit to disarm explosives * [Changed] Gunstore radar radius reduced to 70 ft * [Changed] Gunstore locations. * [Changed] Prices on MXM, EBR and Diving equipment. * [Changed] Reduced ammount of objects * [Changed] Reduced ammount of ammo caches * [Changed] Civilian boats respawn faster * [Changed] Rubber boats are movable by players * [Changed] Armed boats are heli-liftable * [Changed] Armed boats have storage space v2.1 changelog [Added] New gunstore dialog! [Fixed] Scalar value money bug (infinite money) [Fixed] Vehicles that kept respawning in limbo [Fixed] Boats that kept respawning in limbo [Changed] gunstore prices have been changed [Changed] Starting money reduced [Changed] Nerfed lootspawns inside buildings [Changed] Raised prices of the sniper rifles [Changed] antihack/scriptdetection methods [Changed] minor changes to player hud When will it be out/public? NOW? If you dont own a server and just want to play try these servers (or anyone else's running it) Server1: Server2: I hop you will enjoy the mission :)
  20. this thread should be closed, to avoid confusion. please report issues with a3wasteland mission issues on forums.a3wasteland.com or the a3wasteland github tracker :) GoT Wasteland v2 has not been updated and will not be updated anymore There wont be a GoT mission-release untill we finish the a3wasteland-base mission release on which the GoT edition will be based. for both missions ill make a new thread once we reach a release state :)
  21. clan is probably a placeholder for the squadlogo? :)
  22. 3x LG E2441T-BN @ 5760x1080 only posible on stratis though, on altis i have to switch back to one screen due to the drop in performance :j: