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  1. S.Newbould

    Static drop on map click

    So what I am doing is a WW2 mission and for scenario flow I want the players who die and respawn be able to go to for example a flag pole with an addAction option to drop into combat via a static parachute instead of me having to go into zeus and teleport them (I mean they could drive to the frontline but people are lazy). I would like to keep things semi-immersive and not have a HALO jump into combat as the HALO jump to my knowledge wasnt a method of delivering troops to the frontline/behind enemy lines in the 1940s. Sorry if I didnt explain myself clearly enough!
  2. Hey people I am doing a mission this Friday 03/05/19 1900BST! (2000CSET/1200EDT/1800UTC), Its going to be set in world war two in Libya playing as the German Afrika Korps making a move in the area to take the city of Tobruk from the British! First phase of the mission will be to secure a foothold in the area by pushing through checkpoint George then moving onto Fort Solari to secure that as forward operating base for the next phase of the operation. Roles available: 1-1: Sergeant (ic), Machine Gunner, Medic, Corporal (2ic), Grenadier, AT, Rifleman, Rifleman 1-2: Sergeant (ic), Machine Gunner, Medic, Corporal (2ic), Grenadier, AT, Rifleman, Rifleman TANK CREW: Tank Commander, Gunner, Driver Please reply to this thread to sign up! Mission overview Mods List (I can send you the HTML on request!)
  3. S.Newbould

    Static drop on map click

    Because a HALO jump and a static drop are not the same thing!
  4. S.Newbould

    Static drop on map click

    From what I see the Halo jump scripts use the function and I dont know if I would be able to edit in a way for it to work but I should give it a try really.
  5. Hi, Been trying to find something similar to this so I could edit in a way it could work. Basically what I am after is a script which on a action it will teleport the user to a location via map click and insert them via a static parachute. Any help would be great! Thanks
  6. Hey guys, I rent a dedicated server from a company for me and my friends to play Co-Op/PvP missions on using mods. I am getting an issue with the server currently as I am getting the following error "Server cant transmit all data: some mods might be missing or their signatures can not be recognised" . Things I have tried: - Loading mods 1 by 1 to see if any of them are broken/outdated - Checked keys folder for any missing keys in relation to their mods - Checked mod line to see if there is any typos It seems to me that if I have a set number of mods it works but if I go over that number it seems to break the server and as far as I am aware my service provider is not imposing any restrictions on how many mods I can use (if its even possible). Could really do with some help with this one guys as I have been at it now for over a week its driving me insane! Thanks in advanced
  7. @Grumpy Old Man I checked if it would fire with other artillery and it would fire using this script. Still no luck on the grad. Any ideas?
  8. I tried a few different distances from the GRAD nothing. Haven’t tried with other artillary yet will check soon.
  9. Hi all, Started designing a mission this morning and been at this issue for about two hours now. I have tried endless ways to try make these fire and also done endless searching to no avail. I am using the BM-21 Grads from the CUP mod and using this script on a trigger to activate the grads to fire at a specific target upon blufor being present in the trigger. _ammo = getArtilleryAmmo [bm1] select 0; _tgt = getMarkerPos "target1"; bm1 doArtilleryFire[_tgt,_ammo,10]; It is not working and is driving me insane. Can anyone help? Thanks
  10. Hey there, Der Server a small community of friends are looking to expand our current roster of eight. We come from around the globe EU, US, and CN. With this being said our missions run around a time to suit a majority. We are a mature group but also all get along really well and can have some good banter. The community plays with an relaxed approach towards playing “realism missions” and being part of the “realism community”. We don’t expect you to call higher ranking members sir, ma’am, do rigorous training courses, or know everything out of a tactical handbook. Instead we use the available mods to develop missions which would be played in a fun manner whilst also trying to tactically play out the mission. Each week the mission changes unless it’s a campaign so there’s never any set faction or playstyle we would be playing for weeks on end it helps to keep things fresh! TL:DR: if you like to play realism missions but don’t want to have to go through the hassle of training etc with a community then this is the place for you! There are some slight rules that what we adhere to and would like future members to adhere to:- -Speak fluent English with a working microphone and headset -17 years + -Ability to follow orders from others (in-game command structure system) -Be respectful and mindful of others We have recently made a switch to discord to arrange missions and will be used as a hub for the community ongoing however we still use teamspeak for voice comms. If you are interested join and drop me a message I’m usually always available! Thanks and I hope to see you around!
  11. Thanks belbo will keep that in mind for when I create future missions!
  12. Hi all, I am semi-experienced with creating missions and theres one thing thats really bugging me. How do I move the slot positions in the lobby when you join? For example: I have four sections a command element and a pilot slot and currently they go in this order and I would rather the command slots be at the top of the screen followed by the section slots and then the pilot slot. I have been told that I need to move them round in the mission.sqm then make sure the class items go in sequence or it would break the mission. However I tried this and it just ended up duplicating slots which is not what I want. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!
  13. Thanks to both it got me what I wanted! Grimes thats what I wanted in the first place! haha...
  14. Hi guys newbie to coding here :confused: Just playing around trying to teach myself a few things and reading materials and what not and decided I would try to make a vehicle spawner with a simple addAction command on a AI unit. I have noticed when I click on the action to spawn in my vehicle it spawns it however say I wanted to spawn another one it would spawn it next to the previous vehicle I spawned. Essentially what I am trying to find out is how to stop say another vehicle spawning if one is already on the spawn point so when its moved another one can be spawned in the same position without being spawned next to it... Thanks in advanced for your help! Code so far:
  15. S.Newbould

    ArmA 2 Editing Resources

    So would that be like the custom menus etc you can put into the game?