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  1. naizarak

    Error mission in MP only

    sounds like your items aren't being replicated https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Multiplayer_Scripting
  2. the arma3battleye.exe automatically selects the arma3 executable appropriate for your system. to control it manually you can add the following params 2 1 0 -exe arma3.exe or 2 1 0 -exe arma3_x64.exe
  3. may i suggest not using pws? most groups transitioned away from it years ago
  4. i thought it was going to be completely modular?
  5. private ["_obj","_dat","_cString","_adString"]; [b]toDelete = [];[/b] _obj = objNull;_dat = [];_adString = "CAN_COLLIDE"; _cString = {_obj = createVehicle [(_dat select 0), call compile (_dat select 1), [], 0, _adString]; [b]toDelete pushBack _obj;[/b] if((_dat select 4) == 0) then {_obj enableSimulation false};_obj setdir (_dat select 2);if((_dat select 3) == -100) then {_obj setposATL (call compile (_dat select 1))} else {_obj setposASL [((call compile (_dat select 1)) select 0),((call compile (_dat select 1)) select 1),(_dat select 3)]};if((_dat select 5) == 0) then {_obj setVectorUp [0,0,1]} else {_obj setVectorUp (surfacenormal (getPosATL _obj))};if(count (_dat select 6) > 0) then {{call _x} foreach (_dat select 6)}}; _dat = ["UralWreck","[1870.203125,5703.727051,0]",132.314,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_GarbageContainer_closed_F","[1868.182495,5696.157715,0]",303.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_cargo_addon01_V1_F","[1868.182495,5696.157715,0]",303.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_Tyres_F","[1871.369019,5702.731934,1.77752]",48.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_Garbage_line_F","[1868.481079,5695.0405273,0]",48.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_Garbage_square3_F","[1868.481079,5695.0405273,0]",48.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_Tyre_F","[1867.447021,5703.179688,0]",48.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_Tyre_F","[1868.509766,5702.548828,0]",48.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_BarGate_F","[1883.146851,5698.54541,0]",103.49,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["Land_Table_EP1","[1864.0161133,5694.772461,0]",142.996,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["FloorMop","[1863.653564,5695.608398,0]",142.996,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["SmallTV","[1864.343018,5694.71582,0.875487]",258.854,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; _dat = ["EvMoney","[1864.0554199,5694.316406,0.845836]",258.854,-100,1,0,[]];call _cString; sleep 0.5; hint "Prefab loaded"; then when you have to get rid of them: { deleteVehicle _x } forEach toDelete;
  6. just add each object to an array and then iterate with deleteVehicle
  7. i've noticed this too. my character will even hop out of heli/plane crashes nearly unscathed. might have something to do with the disable instant-death option. with headless client AI will also jump out of destroyed vehicles nearly unharmed
  8. i hope there's bison ;)
  9. naizarak

    Remote Execution Enhancements

    is the new JIP queue feature significantly faster than BIS_fnc_MP's old persistence option?
  10. does xeh work with user interface event handlers?
  11. I've had a similar problem on my server with HC, except mine refers to some random truck config but otherwise they're identical in structure.
  12. run arma3battleye.exe with params of "2 1" or arma3launcher.exe with params of "-noLauncher -useBE"
  13. naizarak

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    it happens if you remove then add the same uniform to a player in rapid sequence. the bug was supposedly fixed but you should still avoid it put this simple workaround in your gear script if (uniform unit != "uniform_you_want_to_add") then { removeUniform unit; unit forceAddUniform "uniform_you_want_to_add"; };
  14. basic revive enabled makes them invulnerable
  15. can anybody explain to me how the different bandage types are supposed to work in advanced medical? the medical system features-page says that each bandage is best suited for specific types of wounds, and that using a wrong bandage may increase the chance of re-opening. is that all there is to it? also from my short testing, i was able to completely close all wounds, regardless of size, using any bandage type. the injuries tab would then list all the wounds in the "head" section, even if the unit sustained injuries to other body parts