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  1. thecoolsideofthepillow


    Is there a way I could manually set the fast-travel points? It tends to like to put them in the water when the sector is along the coast.
  2. thecoolsideofthepillow

    [CTF] Code-Red

    !WORK IN PROGRESS! Two teams are tasked with securing an Encryption Key and uploading it to a Device to either arm or disarm a bomb. Arm/Disarm 2 out of 3 devices to win. The mode is inspired by the official End Game scenario as well as Obliteration from Battlefield 4. WIP notes I am uploading this now as it is currently in a perfectly playable state as far as I am concerned. Both teams can spawn, both can change loadouts, both can respawn, both can obtain the key and arm or disarm devices as intended, and both teams can win or lose correctly. I want to work more on the polish, though. It's very, very basic as of this writing. The To Do features may not be complete, it just includes what I have in mind right now and is completely subject to change. To Do List Get the walls for both team's bases to spawn correctly. The in-built objectmapper function is not grabbing them for whatever reason. Include more robust options for transport and support. Create custom HUD elements to track Devices Armed/Disarmed, the status of the key/carrier, and display other relevant mission-specific information. Customize the classes to fall more in line with a Battlefield-like experience with appropriate naming conventions. Increase the player count to the absolute maximum. Or 100. Whatever. Change how Independent team enemies are created to prolong combat. Include Independent enemy vehicles Bug Reports If you encounter a bug, please reply on the Workshop comments and I will look into it. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=919943712
  3. I have a variable to keep track of a player who should be holding a certain item. The item is not always in the possession of a player, though, so the variable in question may be undefined. It doesn't stop it from working when it needs to, but the RPT error every time the onPlayerDeath script runs and the variable isn't defined makes debugging other things a bit annoying with the debug output of the non-critical error on screen. I put a waitUntil {!isNull MyVariable} at the start of it, but it still continues with the script regardless, thus throwing up the undefined variable error, for some reason (and in line 3, not line 1 to indicate that the waitUntil command is giving the error). Entire onPlayerKilled.sqf: //This event script handles dropping the Encryption Key and changing the appropriate tasks waitUntil {!isNull KeyCarrier}; //Still says undefined variable on init when units are set to spawn on start. Annoying, but does not affect functionality _Corpse = _this select 0; _CorpsePos = getpos _Corpse; if (_Corpse == KeyCarrier) then { _EncKey = "Land_Laptop_device_F" createVehicle _CorpsePos; _EncKey addAction ["Take Encryption Key Locker", "EncryptionKey.sqf"]; "KeyMarker" setMarkerPos getPos _EncKey; if (side _Corpse == west) then { tsk7b = ["Bring Key BLU", "FAILED", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; tsk7r = ["Kill Carrier RED", "SUCCEEDED", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; }; if (side _Corpse == east) then { tsk7r = ["Bring Key RED", "FAILED", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; tsk7r = ["Kill Carrier RED", "SUCCEEDED", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; }; tsk2b = ["Get Key BLU", "ASSIGNED", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; tsk2r = ["Get Key RED", "ASSIGNED", true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; KeyCarrier = nil; }; Any input on the task stuff would help too; that's what I'm actually working on now and it's a PITA.
  4. I'm just wondering if it's possible to disable the light on the "Device (Assembled)" prop. It has animation states defined, but maybe I'm using the command wrong. _Device animate ["Light_1_rot",1]; or _Device animate ["Light_1_rot",0]; Have no effect. But the light does seem to turn off in the day automatically. I would like to disable not only the light (if it's night time) but also the fans if possible.
  5. The method I used to use no longer works, and the other two methods I have found on Google looking for a solution have also failed to work (probably for the same reason as the primary one listed on the wiki that does not work in A3). Is there really no way to do this anymore?
  6. thecoolsideofthepillow

    Eden Composition Spawning

    I can not get the composition to spawn. Set up a super basic thing on Stratis to just spawn my composition somewhere and while I get no script errors, I also wind up with no composition. _basePos = [[],0,15000,5,0,0.5,0,[]] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _FlagRef = "FlagPole_F" createVehicle _basePos; _basePosATL = getPosATL _FlagRef; _Blu_Base = ["BluBase",_basePosATL,0,0,true,true] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; The flag spawns, the composition doesn't.
  7. thecoolsideofthepillow

    Locking/Unlocking AI Spawnpoint Modules from Sector Ownership?

    No problem. You helped me get what I needed so I should be good for, oh another 3 hours until I try to get crazy with something and need help again. lol
  8. thecoolsideofthepillow

    Locking/Unlocking AI Spawnpoint Modules from Sector Ownership?

    It's not the weighting of the AI to spawn itself; there's another option in there for when you use multiple spawnpoints, it wants to use one more than another. But since it's a numerical value, it's a bit vague as to whether a lower number or a higher number is given priority. If they're all equal, it just picks at random.
  9. thecoolsideofthepillow

    Locking/Unlocking AI Spawnpoint Modules from Sector Ownership?

    Yeah, that's exactly what I was trying to do. Got a trigger with the condition: sectorA getVariable "owner" == WEST Activation: aispawnA enableSimulation true; Deactivation: aispawnA enableSimulation false; My sector module's variable name is "sectorA" (I *am* supposed to use the variable name, right, and not the display name?), my AI Spawner is "aispawnA." When BLUFOR owns sectorA, the AI never spawns at the designated point. The always on spawner has a weight of 1, the new spawner has the default of 5; but I have also tried these weights reversed because I am not sure which direction it goes for "more weight" so-to-speak. Thanks for the command to get to the 2D editor, by the way. I just needed this little bit: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/96107790574488733/F232E196E704574FE263A2F24FA4D2C2488EFF98/ I was almost right with it when I started last night. Just forgot to set my triggers to the proper team (left them default). Haha
  10. I did this a while back before the ED3N editor came out where I could sync I think a trigger, a lock or unlock logic and the sector in question to any other module/trigger to make it so when the sector is captured by one team it would unlock one set of things, and if captured by the other, lock those first things and unlock others. I don't remember how to do it though. The pictograph as a reference was only in the 2D editor, which is no longer in the game and very few of the modules in the 3D editor have yet to have these ported over. I've tried a scripted method, and it works for the player spawns; but activating/deactivating the "AI Spawnpoint" modules with enableSimulation does not seem to work. Regardless of whether the simulation is enabled, the AI never uses spawnpoints other than the one at their respective AI Spawn module that controls the overall spawning behavior. Even if the weighting is set higher on the unlocked modules. I know modules and syncing aren't the norm around here, but I'm hoping maybe someone knows what I'm referring to here and knows the proper set up. Using as little scripting as possible always seems to make a smoother mission.
  11. thecoolsideofthepillow

    BMR Insurgency

    I've been playing by myself on a local server, but I have noticed that even with the option to allow the AI to revive, they can never revive because when the player (me) is incapacitated, they all immediately die. Even if I just knocked myself down from a fall when no enemies are within 2 klicks, they just disappear the moment I am "dead." Can this be fixed?
  12. thecoolsideofthepillow

    Calling Custom Compositions?

    Same. Just want to be able to throw together a composition then have a script calling them dynamically. The normal method of saving a composition doesn't account for init lines or anything (height isn't too hard to work around since I use the functions that find a "safe" position), so it makes it a pain in the butt to get dynamically generated tasks such as "destroy the radio tower" to work properly since they don't spawn with the necessary stuff in their init to just work.
  13. Does this mean the thing on Steam isn't for normal use...? It says "Profiling" client, not performance; but it does give me better performance than vanilla stable. Now I am confused.
  14. thecoolsideofthepillow

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Changing the malloc from system to tbb4malloc_bi only helped in so far as not having the performance issues start until a much later time for me.
  15. thecoolsideofthepillow


    You can run a dedicated server on any modern version of windows. The wiki link says Windows 2008 *and up.* It just wouldn't work with older versions of Windows like 2000, 98, ME, 95, 3.1, etc. XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10, server, etc all work.