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  1. wiggie

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I am adoring the latest releases for the mod, Adacas. You update at such a relentless rate that I barely have time to fully appreciate all the new stuff before I am showered with new content again. Thank you for your time and efforts continuing my favourite arma mod. All of your new gear is brilliant and I look forward to seeing what you are working on next!
  2. wiggie

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Another stellar update Adacas! I love the attention to detail and the standalone belts are awesome!
  3. wiggie

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I think Adacas is right on the variant regard, we have 6 vest variations, each with a belted variant, each of those has five different sets of back pouches to add to it, giving a grand total of 60 physical vest variations. Each of those then comes in four different colours which gives a grand total of 240 vest variations. I can imagine that working on one type of object using nothing but variations for too long can get tedious , so doing another vest or something will hopefully keep things fresh and interesting. 240 possible options (excluding gear like caps when they come back) for 65.99MB is one hell of a good deal in my eyes.
  4. wiggie

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Hey Adacas, Congratulations on the release, the new content is amazing, especially the coyote variants of the vests, you absolutely nailed the colour, it looks perfect. The back pouches are also awesome and really bring even more variety to the pack. You've done an amazing job once again. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
  5. wiggie

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Phew, I was worried I might have been annoying there. :)
  6. wiggie

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hi guys, Just an observation, the Osprey MK II's seem to sit quite far forward on the character model. It hugs the back quite tightly but there is a six inch gap between the stomach and the armour at the front. Though it looks fine on the desert version (as the inside is rendered black and is in shadow) I noticed that on the other variants it is just a stretched texture that looks a little odd. Sorry if this seems like unnecessary scrutiny, it's not meant to be, I just tend to pick up on these things. Though the only folk it really effects are those who take a lot on in game photo's, otherwise it's generally only seen in 3rd person when a character is playing the animation for dropping into prone, or when they are lying on their back wounded. However I love the inclusion of the MK II's, they are very nice. As always I look forward to seeing what comes down the pipe next. :)
  7. wiggie

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    A definate +1 here from me. I adore Coyote Brown, especially the darker colour that the RHS SPC vests sport. I would love to see your famtastic vests amd belts in CB!
  8. wiggie

    Raptors, Zombies and more!

    That would actually be pretty funny, especially for screw around missions or more fun stuff. Go out hunting Raptors, whoever comes back with the most Raptor claws wins the game.
  9. wiggie

    Raptors, Zombies and more!

    Hi BB, loving the mod a lot! Just a bug report: BB Raptors is conflicting with RHS:GREF (and possibly other mods but it isn't fully tested) and prevents players injuring or killing the occupants of UAZ's and Ural trucks from the outside. They can only be killed or injured if they're shot in the legs, otherwise they are invincible. All I do know is that it is raptors that is causing it. (Perhaps something to do with the raptors attacking vehicles?) Anyway, loving the mod lots and looking forward to see more.
  10. wiggie

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi guys, Just a little bug that I think might already be known (as it has been in RHS for a while, or at least it was fixed and has then reared it's ugly head again). I did a search for anything UAZ related on the thread but came up with a bust (searching for UAZ's) so I thought I would report it. Many of the Russian soft skinned vehicles, In this case, UAZ's and Ural trucks have a problem where external fire makes it very difficult to kill the vehicle occupants. For instance, on the Ural's, I couldn't shoot the drivers or front passengers out of the vehicle (whilst it was stationary) even when the doors were open and I was stood right beside them. On the UAZ's it was a little different; Gunners could be shot out of the vehicle but they had to be shot repeatedly in the legs (on all variants, including the SPG9). Passengers could be killed with chest/head shots but drivers were more or less invincible. I tried messing with the difficulty and disabling all my other mods but the problem still persisted. I will continue to test but these are my findings so far. Edit: Running vanilla on a new modset (PW6) seems to have removed the problem, will continue research. Edit: Turns out that I had the mod running (because I am an idiot). Not in any way an RHS bug, it's a conflict with BadBensons Raptor pack!
  11. wiggie

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Loving the updated gear, Adacas, I am a sucker for heavy looking, pouch laden vests and so your pack is brilliant already, even though it's in it's infancy still. I am sad about the caps as I absolutely adore them, the little surefire light on the brim makes me happy as hell. So far, looking great! In regards to back pouches and what not (I leave out any brands, products or designations just as I believe it is easier for you to get a feel that way and then choose what you would like to actually use) I have a few ideas: 1: A heavier hydration carrier that looks more like a small, integrated backpack. (For general rifleman/operator use) 2: A larger radio or two with longer antenna. (To create comm's variants) 3: Spooled up rope/para cord, karibiners and a larger pouch (For some sort of combat climber variant) 4: Back mounted shotgun (much akin to the breacher vests in VSM's pack). 5: C4 pouches, chemlights galore and a tool kit for EOD or explosives specialists. Just a few ideas for you to mull over. Not requests, you add what you want to add as it's your pack, but if you are after idea's then I will give a few :) Anyway, stellar pack, man. I can't wait to see more!
  12. The reason for that is that the FNP .45 in the KA pack is indented to be used with a ballostoc shield (which you can equip in the bipod slot). Unfortunately the animation doesn't change without it.
  13. So I was just screwing around on Tanao, as one does, spawned myself in as a MARSOC scout and dumped a bunch of enemies in a town to shoot at. After a short, intense firefight I realized that there was a body missing and remembered clipping an enemy in the leg as he ran behind a building. I went to see if he was there and ended up following a blood trail about half a click into the jungle in search of my quarry. Suddenly, the trail ended. So I started wandering around the vicinity looking for the next splat like an idiot. It turned out that he must of FAK'd himself and it turned out that he was about twenty meters to my left in a bush and so he shot me... Much sad. It was an amazing little experience, it made me feel like I was a hunter following his wounded quarry. However it made me think that it might be cool if the mod spawned a bloody bandage or empty dressing wrapper on the ground if somebody uses a FAK or MedKit so that wanna'be hunters like me can tell if the trail has gone cold or if there is another splatter nearby to be found. Either way though, another massive shout out to this small but much needed mod, and all the work that has gone into it!
  14. wiggie

    Line Drawing

    I know it's little late, my apologies for that, but I have a little feedback. Map drawing is brilliant and very well done but would it be possible to add a ruler function to quickly draw dead straight lines? It would very much help for navigation purposes.
  15. I see. Whilst this does halt the mod idea dead in the water, it makes a lot of sense and answers both my questions. Oddly, it was yourself and StalkerGB that i was thinking of when I wondered who would be able to answer my queries :D. Thank you very much!