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  1. Hi there, It works great with GOM fnc aircraftLoadout mod. Finally I can set weapons as I want to. The only issue is that bug I posted above.
  2. Hi all, thx for a10 and others aircrafts with dynamic loadout. I've noticed that pilot can't see any missiles, rockets, bombs when view is inside cockpit, outside view gives no problem at all. Screenshots: or it is only me ? regards PK
  3. Is this some sort of humor or something else because I don't get it. What is wrong with my question ?
  4. Will there be any sensor overhaul/update for cup planes and helos ? Apaches and A10 are useless after 1.70 A3 update...
  5. That "Jets - Sensor overhaul" is a great "feature" in Arma franchise but for the players willing to have arcade style of gameplay the option to switch between new system and old system would be very nice. The same choice like sim/arcade model flight: //(0 - default, options based; 1 forced on; 2 forced off) forceRotorLibSimulation = 2; in desciprtion.ext ...
  6. Is there any chance to choose bettween old and new sensor system (something similar to sim/arcade flight model preset in description.ext) ? Can someone tell me how to lock targets with AG missiles in A-164 ? Enemy vehicels like ifrits are shown as a white squares on sensor, despite of locking with tab key missile does not follow target ? Is there any tutorial out ?
  7. pawelkpl

    FlyInHeight doesnt work right

    Hi, I've noticed after jet dlc realese, flyinheight is broken, planes come at right height but after some time they go higher and higher to around 2700mtrs ATL and circle above ground....
  8. HI all, I just noticed there is something wrong wit P47 plane damage , any hit from enemy plane, AA, etc. gives you bingo fuel and and shortly no fuel at all...
  9. pawelkpl

    Can not start x64 server

    First try to run clean arma3server_x64.exe as administrator, NO startup line, just exe file.
  10. profiling exe has bug traps so it is easier to solve issues....
  11. Thx fred41, I just noticed that after a few hours of gameplay server memory usage (Xeno Domination mission) stays or is even lower than on start...., It is good OMEN....
  12. I clicked NO and it has f..ed my controls..., btw my friend clicked YES, than changed to Arma2 and all is OK, so your post is pointless....
  13. 1. Clean arma3server.exe loaded memory usage: 0.4GB 2. Clean arma3server_x64.exe loaded memory usage: 2.3GB Is it normal ?
  14. pawelkpl

    x64 problem

    same here...