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  1. That was pretty fun, but the low FPS was really disappointing and detracted from the experience a lot. Averaged about 20.
  2. I somehow managed to get the "Punch Out" achievement while playing the final Altis Requiem mission, despite operating a tank. I think one of the jet pilots in the mission ejected.
  3. Beyond Hope - Avenging Furies
  4. Thus far every DLC release/DEV staging took a little while to show as purchased for Supporters. They'll fix it.
  5. I was trying out the Combat Patrol sample mission from the samples and it threw an error with a MOUT unit. Is this removed content or something that's not released/part of the dev branch yet?
  6. L3TUC3

    Jets DLC revealed

    I noticed the planes have number decals on them. Will these be akin to RHS vehicle decals and be customizable? Also, if it is a thing, can these be ported to vehicles in general? This would be very welcome addition!
  7. this addEventHandler ["GetIn", { _spot = _this select 1; //the seat the unit got into _unit = _this select 2; //the unit itself if (!(side _unit == west)) then //if the unit got into the vehicle is not side west { _unit action ["Eject", vehicle _unit]; //eject the unit hint "You can't enter this vehicle!" //show a hint }; }]; Adjust as needed.
  8. You'll want to combine the "Take" eventHandler with the isKindOf command this addEventHandler ["Take", { _unit = _this select 0; //the unit doing the action _item = _this select 2; //the item taken if ((_item isKindOf ["Rifle", configFile >> "CfgWeapons"]) || (_item isKindOf ["Pistol", configFile >> "CfgWeapons"]) || (_item isKindOf ["Launcher", configFile >> "CfgWeapons"])) then { _unit setCaptive false; hint "You picked up a weapon enemies will now be hostile!"; }; }]; The eventhandler will fire whenever the unit takes items, and the assigned script using isKindOf will check the item if it's part of a restricted category by looking at the weapon configuration file. For simplicity's sake the example above only checks for rifles, pistols and launchers. Simply add the eventHandler to the player unit init boxes. Check out eventHandlers, odds are they can do a lot of stuff on actions you want already.
  9. Yes. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/linkItem https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceAddUniform https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addWeapon
  10. L3TUC3

    only pilots fly

    There's a variety of ways to do it. I would use a GetIn and SeatSwitched eventhandler on the vehicle: The GetIn EH will fire when a unit enters a vehicle. You can then check if the unit is in an allowed slot. The same for SeatSwitched (if the unit entered into cargo first, then switched to a pilot seat). The following will probably not work for all situations, but should get you started: this addEventHandler ["GetIn", { _pilots = [pilot1,pilot2]; //variable names of the pilot slot objects _spot = _this select 1; //the seat the unit got into _unit = _this select 2; //the unit itself if (_spot == "driver" && !(_unit in _pilots)) then //if the unit got into the driver seat and is not a pilot { _unit action ["Eject", vehicle _unit]; //eject the unit hint "You are not a Pilot!" //show a hint }; }]; this addEventHandler ["SeatSwitched", { _pilots = [pilot1,pilot2]; //variable names of the pilot slot objects _vehicle = _this select 0; //the vehicle the seats were switched in _unit1 = _this select 1; //the unit initiating the switching _unit2 = _this select 2; //the unit that got switched (if not an emty seat) _spot1 = assignedVehicleRole _unit1; //the new seat for unit 1 _spot2 = assignedVehicleRole _unit2; //the new seat for unit 2 if (_spot1 == "driver" && !(_unit in _pilots)) then { _unit1 action ["Eject", vehicle _unit1]; }; if (_spot2 == "driver" && !(_unit in _pilots)) then { _unit2 action ["Eject", vehicle _unit2]; }; }];
  11. _spawnposarray = ["spawnpos1","spawnpos2","spawnpos3"]; //array with three marker names _spawnpos = selectRandom _spawnposarray; //select a random spawnposition _mygroup = [getmarkerpos _spawnpos, EAST, ["O_officer_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; //spawn the unit on the random position. Here's an example.
  12. In this case I don't. That's just the way I've done it before that's worked for me. Thanks.
  13. I've a mission in the works where I need to know how many enemy units are currently in play. My current solution is this: _badguys = east countSide list eastTrig; This simply counts all units on side East in that particular trigger. However this will count units being transported in vehicles as a single unit. So if I've one truck with 10 guys being transported, the count will be 1 instead of 11. How can I get all the crew and transported infantry? I don't really care about knowing how many vehicles there are. Thanks.
  14. L3TUC3

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just wanted to say thanks for making all the patchless uniforms. They make it so much nicer to create varied scenarios! Really appreciate it.
  15. Almost two years later, but I got this resolved. Turns out that units that are freshly spawned take a moment to fully initialize/play animations, especially custom content from addons. If you spawn them and force move them immediately into a vehicle, their reload/gesture/heal/ whatever gets interrupted and they become unable to move. By adding a sleep of about 20 after the function call, the units can finish their animations and behave as they should on the waypoints.