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  1. this is a google chrome issue. google thinks they're doing users a favor by disabling ftp in browser, tbh i dont care for their dumb decisions shoving this down users throat. https://slashdot.org/story/21/01/23/2018224/chrome-88-released-removing-adobe-flash----and-ftp alternative you can always get a ftp client www.winscp.net
  2. hi guys, pardon my ignorance, but i dont see any 2.04 beta download available on the google drive link? also the dropbox link is broken? i understand downloads is WIP thanks!
  3. hi dedmen, it seems the google drive folder for v09 1.98 is missing some version files compared to dropbox version... 10 files vs 13 files.
  4. Never mind i think i found the issue. Apparently the max speed needs multiple threads to achieve. I was downloading only 1 file on my windows 7 machine, whereas multiple files on the windows 10. Once i selected multiple files for updating, I am able to get full speed.
  5. Hi guys, Need some help with a weird issue on my Win7 machine. A3sync b1.7.102 I'm stuck downloading from repo at 1 connection, at a slow 1.2MBps (~10mbps) While my other win10 machine same A3sync b1.7.102 in the same network, able to download full speed 12MBps. (~100mbps) From my win7 machine. tried downloading from the repo http from web browser with a download manager 10 connection threads, able to hit 12MBps. If i limit this http download to 1 thread i get the exact same issue. How do i force the a3sync client to use >1 connection threads? I have tried changing the "maximum number of connections" from 1-5 with no change. I also put the "maximum download speed" to 0.0 which should be unlimited correct? Basically win7 machine download speed stuck at max 1 connection, windows 10 machine no problem. Where do i start troubleshooting this? Thanks!
  6. Wow suddenly fast and furious performance binary releases in version 1.90 keep up the good work!
  7. hi guys, the google drive version of download available on http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=WW2_Download is currently down. few days ago it was up, could someone take a look thanks!
  8. Did you run the game/teamspeak as admin? Which version of teamspeak & ACRE2 are you running?
  9. issue submitted: https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2/issues/515 thanks! i know issue has been closed by @jonpas as by design, but im wondering if i could make a request for the channel-next and channel-prev keys to work for whole range of channels 1-99, when the radio is actually pulled out from pouch. right now even when 152 radio interface is open, keys are only restricted to ch 1-5
  10. Hi guys, I tried to search this on the topic but unable to find anything, so pardon me if so. Is there anyway to change 152 radio channel frequency using the keybinds configured on the keyboard controls besides opening the radio and click the PRE + or - until desired channel is reached? offhand i forgot whats it called ingame but its similar to "channel up" or channel down something. Currently the ingame keybinding for increase decrease channel only works from channel 1-5, would it be possible to let it run the entire channel 1-99 space? Its quite tiring to keep hitting the mouse button so many times, much easier to use the keyboard i feel. thanks!!
  11. just simply point whatever launcher you're using to use arma3.exe instead of arma3_x64.exe
  12. Most awesome christmas ever! cant wait to try this. LIke others have said, dropbox link is disabled due to too much traffic atm, hopefully we can get a google drive or armaholic link? Could i mirror this somewhere for you?
  13. dukenukem.

    Forums Upgrade

    Hi, could we have the absolute post time of a particular post come back instead of having to hover over the relative time of the post to reveal the absolute post time? also absolute post time should respect the particular timezone user has selected in profile settings. Example: instead of Posted Thursday at 03:03 AM, have setting for 15 Dec 2016 03:03 AM or customizable date/time formatting would be even better! Thanks.
  14. dukenukem.

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    sorry for being a n00b, but how do you use this fix? just use the 1.22 version from foxfort and overwrite his files with your fix? thanks! :lol:
  15. anyone facing the first page download link for 1.11 dropbox is 404 error? thanks.
  16. so that means for those who depend on TESTSIGNING MODE to be OFF are out of luck for playing on BE servers because of they wishing to load unsigned drivers like realzoro? is there a workaround to just disable test mode just for A2OA so we can still enjoy our favorite game? that really sucks man... EDIT: seems my MSI afterburner RTSS OSD is not working ingame when i load the BE enabled version of OA. does this have anything to do with it? it used to be working before
  17. thanks major, the spacebar function is working now! gonna save me lots of time doing multi-selections for the repo now!!!
  18. Hi major_shepard, above request kinda gotten buried from some time in aug 2014, could you work on including it in next update as you said: Thanks alot, love your program!!! ---------- Post added at 00:17 ---------- Previous post was at 22:42 ---------- this might be of help: http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/wiki/index.php/1._ArmA3Sync
  19. dukenukem.

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Originally Posted by The_Asset reply from nkey: Currently not possible because only 1 audio stream may be sent over TS. In case if I will mix game and TS sound into one - all peoples near transmitter will hear his game as voice. Not exactly your question but hope that helps.
  20. dukenukem.

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Wow thank you for quick reply. so for now whats the minimum version of TS3 for 0.9.5? TS 3.0.14 is required? I ask because currently still use for compatibility with ACRE 1.4.10 for Arma2. Just wondering if i need upgrade TS3 before installing. Thank you again... :D
  21. dukenukem.

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    pardon me nkey if this has already been answer before, but what version of TS3 are officially supported by TFR 0.9.5? teamspeak plugin folder in the archive have no differentiation between <3.0.14 and >3.0.14 anymore? thank you.
  22. dukenukem.

    Question about IA and Smoke

    not sure if you saw this thread, do a search for "smoke grenade" in the thread for more info... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175240-Weapon-tests cheers
  23. dukenukem.

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    thanks for the excellent mod work!!! quick question, possible to add a accept/decline morphine action when given morphine when awake/alive? could avoid grieving when someone is deliberately giving me morphine to try overdose me. (ACE2 had this option too)
  24. hi major_shepard, could i make a small request. would it be possible to add function of using the spacebar to check and uncheck items in your program? like in normal windows u can do that. sometimes i find it hard to check or uncheck lots of individual files in the repo panel for update. thanks for reading!
  25. dukenukem.

    ACE for OA 1.13

    i have never figured it out! how do you even interact with the banana?