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    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I read this a lot, complaints about how towns spawn. This is just how Arma runs no way around it trust me. If you increase the spawn distance to 2km and such, you will end up populating 10 or more towns and complain to mission maker about poor fps. What you all need to do: build a mobile respawn vehicle from support menu, build a infantry unit from infantry menu, put the soldier into driver of the vehicle, send the vehicle to the edge of the town you are going to work on, tell ai to disembark once there so your respawn doesn't get blown. I've been doing this for years and it always manages to blow someone's mind. I know, no coding necessary!
  2. I came across a post on my phone that kegetys unRAP leaves code out of files like weapon attachments += and such. Instead of spending another hour looking through my history I just figured I would ask. What tool is being used since Apex?
  3. So the only fix for this low fps issue we are getting is to disable a cpu feature in BIOS? I'm pretty sure INTEL knows what they are doing before I will disable their designs/engineering for BIS' shit programming to work... do I make sense with that statement? It's like you buy a Ferrari, and your town sheriff says you gotta limit the engine to 30mph to be smooth on the crap pot holed roads. Do you reconsider the hot rod or move to a better town, just sayin. My patience with Arma has been wearing thin considering arma 2 never ran well for us warfare server guys either. Dwarden have you had a chance to look into this?
  4. Spectre398

    Terrible Frame Rate on Windows 10

    Yeah I'll try that, could be a good idea to do since the Apex update an old profile may cause issues.
  5. Spectre398

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Is BIS fixing the problem of game crashing to 3-5 fps for no reason at all and 0 of 16gb ram free after couple hours of gameplay? Or are we suppose to belive it's our graphics settings that must be the issue.. Edit- found the main forum thread on this issue https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-162-performance-binary-feedback/page-82#entry3079158
  6. Spectre398

    Terrible Frame Rate on Windows 10

    It would be nice to figure this out, I run an i7-5820K with 16GB ddr4 ram and 2 GTX 980 4GB in sli. This problem has nothing to do with hard drive read/write or cpu processing, it is how this game uses RAM, or more specifically how it isn't using it. My game runs great at 4k resolution for a few hours until ram used is at about 8 gb. Then the fps drops to 3-5. Windows shows 100% cached/used and 0 free memory. So anyone know what's the deal? EDIT added: Btw Arma 2 had similar problems, but instead of frames dropping to unplayable the models would all go blocky looking like OFP and game would play smooth and look like junk. I built this new PC just for Arma3 but I guess 16GB ram isn't enough. . How much ram you want Arma??!! Maybe 64GB will do the trick, or 128?
  7. Spectre398

    Looking for script writer

    Are you saying you have thought of and created this Warfare Altis, with blufor vs opfor?
  8. Anyone know of an Apex version of Liberation with RHS swapped units, in Tanoa being worked on? I would help with this effort if anyone knows where to point.
  9. nevermind this answered, uh everything. no wonder i never post lol
  10. Spectre398

    What is BECTI?

    Well said, BE warfare is based on input being tried and trued. Are these guys trying to get at modding community should be compensated or something? Man I should get back into editing if it will pay my bills cause working for a living sucks. Great post spanishsurfer, you are doing great for Arma. Warfare/CTI the best this 'game'/simulation/training platform has to offer. Anything else IMO is like playing a preview of Arma, a taste of the basics to get used to how to actually play Arma in warfare sessions. Keep spreading the word about warfare or arma 3 will end up a rpg game. what's with people, can't play secondlife anymore so they come to Arma?! I dont get it, but I didn't get dayZ either.
  11. Spectre398

    Arma 3 Benny CTI : How Arma is meant to be played

    Hell to the f*k'n yeah I can't wait to check out the new benny MP missions, is OFPS the only guys hosting becti and benny warfare?
  12. First off, Arma3 is incredible! Real virtuality 4 makes much of the arma2 interaction addons much smoother. Lift load with helo isn't such a gamble, and the inventory menu/all interaction menus and UI have been streamlined nicely. I've been playing since first release of ArmA and have seen all of the addons, evolution at birth the one by KilJoy, ACE and ACRE features that are now standard feature in Arma3! BIS you have been one of the best game developers that has watched the community love and mod your game, and carefully implement many of these user mods to make Arma3 the incredible experience it is. However, the whole future thing has got to go. Do you guys remember battlefield 2, good old BF2! What happened after that, they released bf2042 or some future year who knows, I played it free for about an hour on steam promo and was disgusted. That series took til BF4 to recover btw. This has proven disastrous with big name titles, and the momentum that has been built up with the Arma series (except dayz) put BIS on the map, that there is a new player to make Ubisoft and EA wonder who should buy BIS first. But if we, the players, don't get the Arma feel back with Arma 2 content OFFICIALLY added to arma 3 in a patch or however you want to, then the US game crowd may thin again like before DayZ. Don't get me wrong, DayZ got American gamers attention all right, lots of new arma 3 gamers because of it but don't make DayZ3 or something instead, just give us the military hardware ArmA gamers want! It's appalling when I look at the list of 6 cars to spawn, or the option of ONE Nato jet. I mean is this still a beta release? I bought the high price dev edition to help out a series I love, not get a partial content release. Quote from DnA: There are other, and accepted, ways of merging Arma 1 / 2 content into Arma 3. This is handled by releasing new add-ons that merge the content people already own via configuration files. We are working on an officially supported approach for later (similar to TKOH's Rearmed). I will add though, playing on the island of Altis is like being in Sahrani again, with a very diverse range of environments and the east Mediterranean look of the buildings and terrain! I don't know why people want a new map, this one is fantastic, very well done BIS!
  13. I have just installed linux server, is the arma2server script able to be edited in linux like our .cfg files? I will try to set owner to me to see if it works.. Secondly, on my Windows server I would add -mod=@folder to the target line of the server.exe to run mods on the server... is this possible in linux, debian 'lenny'? ------------------- Nevermind, I have figured it out.. I just copied the arma2server file into the /user directory and I guess the copy made me the owner and able to be opened in text editor.. added line at bottom for Mod=ace\;acex\;etc