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    Fog layer

    the only way your going to see fog in vr is if its darkish .... and make sure your cloud settings are on.
  2. dr death jm

    Fog layer

    @TMP_Aus I didn't know goodle drive was doing that , ill fix it .. here's the new link hope it works
  3. dr death jm

    Fog layer

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iwVyusbmwdaRiZ0MZB0PykWPEkYBb69A/view?usp=sharing start mission, put on night goggles.. see the fog.. edit it as you please.
  4. dr death jm

    Fog layer

    The only mission I have it in is with unsung, give me a few days I'll add a link to a non add-on mission. (Im very busy working) day job.
  5. Really cool. I like it. Did you get attacked by a bird at the end of vid?
  6. dr death jm

    [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    nice script, thanks for sharing.
  7. dr death jm

    Fog layer

    it was an addition to what I used in a mission . this is an older version of frog fog but its all I have in vid ..
  8. dr death jm

    quick stringReplace

    is that even still around? its from 2007 ? never mined I found it.
  9. dr death jm

    Fog layer

    i forgot to say, fog dosnt dissapear when running, and there is no fps drop that im awear of.. and i do belive all players see the same fog affect so you can hide in it.. ive only tested with a few players,
  10. dr death jm

    Fog layer

    ok, I cant credit the people that helped me, it may end up being all of you .. So Do As You Want With It.. (sharing is caring). /* Created by Dr.Death JM 3.12.17 z_fogernizer.sqf */ server_f = []; for "_i" from 0 to 1 do { [] spawn { _fogSpawnMarkers = ["fspawnfog"]; _fogOb = createVehicle ["D_Tree_4",[0,0,0],_fogSpawnMarkers,0 , "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _fogPoS = position _fogOb; _zFoger = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _fogPoS; _zFoger setParticleParams [ ["\A3\Data_F\ParticleEffects\Universal\universal.p3d" , 16, 12, 13, 0], "", "Billboard", 30, 60, [0, 0, -6], [0, 1.8, 0], 1.200, 1.275, 1, 1.175, [7,6], [[1, 1, 1, 0], [1, 1, 1, 0.04], [1, 1, 1, 0.06]], [1], 1, 0, "", "", _fogOb ]; _zFoger setParticleRandom [ 60, [100, 100, 0.2], [0, 0, -0.1], 1, 0.45, [1, 1, 1, 0.04], 0, 0 ]; _zFoger setParticleCircle [ 0.001, [0, 0, -0.12] ]; _zFoger setDropInterval 0.01; server_f pushback _fogOb; publicVariable "server_f"; server_f = server_f - [_fogOb]; publicVariable "server_f"; }; }; In the initPlayerLocal.sqf put _Z = [] execVM "somefolder\z_fogernizer.sqf"; or _Z = [] execVM "z_fogernizer.sqf"; in the mission sqm put a marker named "fspawnfog" EXAMPLE class Item45 { dataType="Marker"; position[]={2456.125,2.9812012,6146.375}; name="fspawnfog"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="Empty"; colorName="ColorGrey"; alpha=0; fillName="Border"; a=5; b=5; angle=223.40884; drawBorder=1; id=292; atlOffset=4.5537949e-005; }; you might want to tweek it, i used another code in initServer.sqf a code from cly's DM framework i was editing (learning) it was based on time of day as you see, its simple to add your own. if (CLY_swamp_timeOfDay == 2300) then { 0 setFog [1, 1.9, 1.5+1.8]; } else { 0 setFog [1+1, 1.9+-0.499, 1.5+1.8]; }; you'll be surprised how well this really works, and if someone has good particle fx knowledge they can make this even better.
  11. dr death jm

    Fog layer

    I'm at work ,but letter I'll share my fog script. I made/edited it so fog moves around but not local on player . It's server side ( if I remember correctly).
  12. this is an older version of gcam fixed for a3.. key + bisign included. if a mission maker would rather use in mission as script (not as addon). put #include "freeCam\gcam_component.hpp" in your description folder add gcams init to any init in mission. ie: server/client/player/admin key m for g cam map, click on any maker to view or click key L to bring up players list (click name you want to spectate), space bar brigs up dialog to close g cam... https://www.dropbox.com/s/o36tswbu6v26ezu/%40gcam.rar?dl=0
  13. really cool, awesome...
  14. dr death jm

    sqs to sqf converter program ?

    I'm pretty sure then won't work in sqs. It needs to be : ? = if ! = not : = then @ = wait until
  15. it looks we lost a few for the same reasons over the years. People get tired and loose interest. but like he said "there is no game like arma3" . any how, thanks for all you gave Chairborne.
  16. dr death jm

    remake of karrillions RTS3 from ofp

    link below will explain How to play RTS3 how to play rts3
  17. dr death jm

    remake of karrillions RTS3 from ofp

    updated jip, with lots of help from ZoneKiller also credits to zenophone .
  18. dr death jm

    remake of karrillions RTS3 from ofp

    New update. Fixing jip. Waiting to test tonight.
  19. dr death jm

    remake of karrillions RTS3 from ofp

    new update, added the original autotank, it was first seen in ofp but was lost till killzone posted a code in 2013. I took this and edited the crap out of it.. I made 2 or 3 deathmatch missions with ifa mod and unsung. so long and behold some more editing and it now works in rts3. why the long story? I heard there are missions out there with autotanks and I think the people involved should of been thanked. So if you are playing any missions with auto tank (thank the right people). killzone zenophone zonekiller My self. eRazer also updated a lot of optimizing. added new territory spawns new vehicles new weapon menu ( I fixed ASORGS ) made by lecks <----- see this is like a thank you http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183293-ASOR-Gear-Selector fixed adding weapon menu to spawned ammo creates
  20. dr death jm

    ZKs Soccer Altis

    zonekiller's imagination is endless, just as his skills in scripting. I'm never surprised how well his mission are, but I'm amazed how he figures out how to make things happen ..