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  1. Hi! My game updater is broken. The username and the password is swapping on every start. When i go into the Steam Account menu i see my password(!!I can read it) at the Username field and probably my username at the password field. Because of this, i can't update the game. I have to swap it manually. Does anybody noticed this, or having issue with GU?
  2. Can't we just have some kind of BI support with this tweak? An official BE compatible LP exe and "apply patch" button and checkbox in the Launcher?
  3. Awesome post! Thank you megagoth1702 and BI!
  4. I think it would be less annoying if the animals run away from threats. Eg. Enemy sneak in the grass, the rabbits run away and you know something is there. Same would be applicable for births if they land somewhere.
  5. DancZer

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    :idea: Environment based FSM wouldn't help in the performance? You have now some enviroment detection used for weapon tails. I think same maybe useful for the AI too. Eg.: fsmDangerUrban, fsmDangerForest etc.
  6. ramius86: Wait for it... When i place a Attack/Defend Objective modul in zeus mode and i change the Area Size in the dialog the game freeze for 5-10 second. Bigger the area more time require. Is it normal?
  7. That would be good. I always fear and i'm little frustrated when friendly vehicle try to overtake me or coming face on the other side of the road.
  8. Same here, but with donut + coffee. Back to Holosight: Then it's has a mistype in the item description, because it's says: Magnification: 1x-2x. Ticket: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23942
  9. Does the Mk17 Holosight has 1x-2x magnification or it's a bug? Because the tooltip in the inventory says it has 2x.
  10. Have you tried to increase with -maxVRAM startup parameter? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters
  11. Can't agree more. I played once without sounds and with music, just for fun. Hell. It was horrible. I can't wait whats future brings, but if they would develop the system and would add more and more samples into the game, it would be awesome!
  12. It feels like a donation me too. But i know that those features not grow on the tree and because my favorite game is Arma i will support BI as much as i can. Btw the Marksman DLC have better contents than the Helicopter.
  13. DancZer

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    So if they move to DX 12 and they rewrite the draw calls to use it as much as possible, but they didin't change the simulation logic, we would have better graphics but still low fps due to the simulation bottleneck(in your example eg. 57FPS and not 36FPS)? Does it mean that we would be able to enjoy the beauty on the same FPS as now? Edit: And if we reduce the graphical settings, the CPU will have more time to do the simulation things, but this is not as much as we can get from the simulation refactoring?
  14. are the profiling binaries send the results automatically or we should do that manually?
  15. I there a minimum distance for weapon tails? This is an .50 cal Lynx shot from 413m(i'm standing on the hill, the shooter on the bottom of the hill) and i don't hear the weapon shot tail at all. Do you? https://soundcloud.com/danczer/arma3-50cal-sonic-crack
  16. I have watched the video. Now i'm curious that the Blackfoot, Kajman, Hellcat gunner view should't be the same in the vanilla? I mean we have these for UAV's. Why we don't have for the other capable vehicles?
  17. That's are really good news RiE. I'm really happy that you guys working on the sound engine. Definitely the best thing that have happened with Arma for years. Of course along with the other great features! I can't wait what will bring the Expansion! :D :D You guys are awesome!
  18. Ohh i see. Maybe the sound is lower because it is simulate the ear suppression? This mean, that when i throw a grenade outside and go inside the building and shoot with the weapon, i would hear the grenade blow up at lower volume too? I'm gonna try it and let you inform.
  19. I agree! It need some tweaking.
  20. Thank you for the ticket. You are right, but they should change the way of the notification. The dialog is a terrible solution, because it's take away the control from the user. Hint or message in the global chat would be much better! :)
  21. You are right, but this dialog is unnecessary and annoying. Verify signature slows down the JIP as i remember. That's why they don't use it for KoTH servers.
  22. Dear developers of Arma 3, would be possible the "No entry ....." kind of errors handled in other way?(i'm really angry now) I know that the DLC is almost released, but we would happy if you disable the pupup dialog and put the message into the chat/log instead. The dialog take away the user input and sh*t happens. Which makes players angry! Example: It's more interesting if you transport friendly units into the zone(+6 unit) and you get this message during the landing. Or you facing with enemy and you got popup just before you pull the trigger.
  23. I agree that this is the natural behavior of the #bipods. But don't you think that IRL you find easier a place where your weapon is less tilled? I mean, IRL you find some rocks or scrape the ground with foot or hand.
  24. I just want to note that this is a serious issue in the Marksman DLC/dev branch, which has to be fixed before the release! Hold breath is broken in the deployed mode: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23357