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  1. Although I'm not the 'official' voice of this mod I hate to see a query go unanswered, especially from you Markocro! The current team is focused on building OFP style assets. Missions are not currently being worked on to any degree. Play what's available now and have fun. That's my advice .... for what it's worth
  2. found the problem. the unit I was using as a crew member is faulty.
  3. I am working on two car_F class vehicle addons. if I start a scenerio sitting in either vehicle and order my crew/cargo to get in or get out I can't hear the order being given or the reponse from my group. the order is carried out, I just don't hear anything. Issue the order from outside the vehicle and all is fine. My WheeledAPC_F class vehicles do not have this problem. Any idea why this is (or in this case is not) happening?
  4. Join Mondkalb's Discord matey - I can tell you all sorts of lies, half-truths and general guesswork - the others will probably tell you something actually useful ...
  5. I see one of my A2 models on there as well ... 90 dollars!!
  6. Just to avoid confusion and possible disappointment I'd like to point out the CUP M60A3 is a different model to that being worked on within conflict85. Unfortunate timing. We wanted an M60 but didn't realize the CUP model was so near release. In short - we don't want to take credit for work that isn't ours!
  7. Thanks for the replies and likes well as it's still wip anything can happen! but until I'm happy with the base model any variant has to be on the back burner. High Command tells me the M60 won't be getting TTS - it looks like the M1A1 is getting all the 'toys' ... M60 not happy M60 says "kiss my butt Abrams"
  8. Thanks for the replies That's far too technical for me, maybe Slatts could answer that one. I'm having enough trouble trying to convince it that it isn't a helicopter ... (PhysX) As far as camo goes the rest of the team seem to favour MERDC, although I'm not a great fan of it myself (but that's just me being awkward.) you are most welcome!
  9. Old Skool Armor As we've been a bit quite lately here's a wip of a model I'm working on. This is the first MBT I've attempted for Arma so I hope you can recognize it! Textures are just placeholders until Brother Norsu can work some subbie painter magic
  10. That's sad to hear Katie. Care to share your thoughts on why that is?
  11. Mighty Impressive! I don't usually go for these SF 'funnies' but I think you may have just converted me!
  12. Looks good ... and better yet, it suits my mood for the best part of the day ...
  13. Welcome back! Very nice work. Looking forward to tackling Everon in the Cold War version
  14. Give that man a Cee-gar! This thing is diabolical to drive .. for a recon vehicle it's amazing how much you CAN'T see. and don't even think about making a turn without a man in front with a red flag.... Hmmm ... thinking about it there might be a few of those guys nearby ...
  15. Something is watching you through narrowed eyes ... is it a bird? ...no! .... is it a plane? .... no, no! well is it a BRDM? ... N ........ err .. well BIS seemed to think so back in the day have we an imposter in our ranks?