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  1. cub1

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Thanks for reply drdetroit. One problem I have is that I cannot access the Command Tablet in Alive mod. I can press the "Home" key and get the Alive menu (admin actions etc) but not go straight to Command Tablet as I used to. I have remapped custom control to the "app key" as mentioned in Alive's FAQ and restarted game but to no avail. Looked in controls - addons etc and I can't find another way to bind it. Any suggestions? It's not a deal breaker as I can get to the tablet via the main Alive menu, but its not as immersive.
  2. cub1

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Hi Heroes, Still enjoying this mission thanks for latest updates. Just a thought.....is there any script you could add to allow dead comrades to be picked up, loaded into truck and taken back to base and unloaded. This may be available in ACE mod, not sure. I take it adding ACE to this mission would break things...yes? as I only play single player over a lan. Experimenting at the moment running your mission with CF_BAI and Lambs_danger.fsm AI mods. No game breakers as yet. Cheers 👍
  3. I read somewhere on this forum to disable Battleye from Arma 3 Launcher if finding low frames with "Contact". Frame rate has been ok for me, but I still disabled Battleye as its single player content.
  4. cub1

    [SP/Coop] The ISIL Foothold

    Hi Gunter, Great mission thank you. Haven't beaten it yet but I'm working on it. Some nice updates to it also. Cheers.
  5. cub1

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Thanks H for the help and the tips.
  6. cub1

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Hi Heroes, I notice you have ambient civilians and animals in this mission according to its description. Is it possible to run TPW Mods alongside this (to use TPW Fall & Hud etc) or will it conflict ? Have you already used some of the TPW Mod in this mission or are they default Arma 3 ? Thank you.
  7. Hi Drongo69, Great mod as mentioned above. One problem I have is your UI is a lot larger than the tablet overlay on my screen. I am using 1920x1200 in 16:10 mode with "Very Small" text. Is there a way to make your ui scale to fit ? Sorry, not sure how to grab a screenshot to show you. Its not a deal-breaker though. All functions work as intended. Thanks.
  8. Holy Shit, was waiting for this release and just noticed its in. Brilliant mod Drongo69. Was a big fan of the last version. Yep, keep it up mate. Subscribed.
  9. cub1

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    Yep, exact same here guys. I'm a single player only guy of the older generation and I get bored pretty quickly. Even went back to Arma 2 for a change, but that was all DayZ crap. Totally threw my toys out of the pram trying to install mods with "Play With Six" in Arma 2 and gave up in the end. There was nothing wrong with Six Updater then they changed it and made it crap. Yes, its new year and time for my first rant ! Bring back the "force" with new singleplayer missions pleeeeese...
  10. Heroes OS Downloaded BAF Vehicles from Armaholic again, and guess what.....it works. Earlier I downloaded the addon from BAF's website because I was having problems with Authgrads Mission "British Steel", getting simular errors to the above. Maybe his mission was written with an older version of BAF, as I got that going with the download from BAF's website. Anyway, my sincere apologies for bothering you again, all sorted now. Cub 1.
  11. Heroes OS, Thanks for your quick reply. I was trying to run the mission on my dedicated server using TADST, then loading ARMA 3 and search for my server and playing the mission solo. I have just run the mission muliplayer over a LAN and it loads ok. Weird. Just a thought, because of updates to this mission I have renamed the mission Prophet10.Reshmaan.pbo as you suggested in your posts to keep the persistance with ALIVE Servers, maybe this is the problem as ALIVE thinks its running a previous version I had, Prophet1.Reshmaan.pbo maybe.? I think I downloaded 3CB BAF addons from its website... not Armaholic. Will test again.......
  12. Hi Heroes. Updated to the latest download of your mission and get the following error which doesn't allow me to join my own server in singleplayer........ Error:.... class "bin\config.bin/CfgVehicules/UK3CB_BAF_Jackal2_L134A1_Base_D/Wheels/LM/" is not defined ("center" accessed) I have checked and re -downloaded all of the 3CB BAF addons and have the latest editions Any thoughts ?
  13. Hi Heroes, Latest SITREP................. I am happy to say, with all your help, I have just spent an enjoyable 2 hours or so playing this mission, with persistent save etc and now it all works like a dream. Thank you. P.S. Just noticed your latest update. If I paste the new PBO over the old will this break the persistent save that I use ?. I presume so. My AI team mates didn't spawn with me on reload server they just vanished, and I didn't find them at my base. Is this correct ?
  14. Do I need to click Persistance Battlefield in TADST and also autoinit ? Do i need UPNP ticked also ? In ALIVE setup does your username have to be the same as in your arma profile ?
  15. Okay HEROES, I'm in !! It was a port forwarding issue - I can now see and connect to my server and play. Also now TADST says I am now back to running on port 2302 (back to default) Now to get persistence in the War Room. You were right, the red dot next to a mod mean't nothing and still let me connect. Which ip address do you put in the groups menu of ALIVE - your internal or external ? as server and client are on the same machine, and how do you find it out. Also it says the Alive.cfg must be on the server and not the client, how can that be when I am using one machine ? is it ok to put in ARMA 3 root folder ? Do I need to click Persistance Battlefield in TADST and also autoinit ? Do i need UPNP ticked also ? As always, thanks for your PERSISTENCE with me !