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  1. Stunning work! Any chance we can have a better look at the Kar98?
  2. Well, it leaves a bit to be desired. I do not doubt it is a great move on the part of the company, they will increase their chances of becoming more recognized and of gaining a wider audience for the quality work being produced, but it leaves those already committed and loyal to the original release with something they have little interest in. I, for example, find this to be an outstanding game even in its' current condition, but I see areas of possible improvement and expansion being ignored for a setting I've grown tired of after being exposed to it for so many years by various other games (dating back to Close Combat mind you). I only hope they return to add more content down the line, and I'll keep playing regardless of whether I decide to purchase the DLC or not.
  3. I'll agree, I was surprised to see the DLC go in this direction. There were many scenarios I envisioned playing, but the Western Front was certainly not one of them, not even close. The current availability of the King Tiger made me imagine a setting in Hungary, for example. :(
  4. belgerot

    Patch coming monday !

    Better late than never
  5. belgerot

    Schwemlitz, Germany WIP

    Latest set of screens look great, this map is starting to look more and more authentic particularly when it comes to the general atmosphere. Parking lot makes me want to go right in!
  6. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    I'm very pleased to see that you plan on representing the Polish soldier fighting on the Eastern Front, soldier model looks spot on!
  7. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    I noticed that, looks quite good in game. There is a famous photograph of the 1st SS Leibstandarte-AH during the initial stages of the invasion with their insignia covered in such a way. Some have suggested the touch-ups were done after the photograph was taken, but it is known that this was common practice in the field and for good reason. http://ww2db.com/images/battle_poland68.jpg
  8. belgerot

    September 1939 Mod

    That was quality work back then for OFP, but it definitely is worlds apart looking at the latest models. Good job!
  9. belgerot

    game support ?

    Agreed, the good news is something is coming of it and not only will we have a patch but also more content with time. This game has such potential!
  10. belgerot

    German Misc Pack released

    Agreed, excellent work! Do you plan on making the livery on the new vehicles for each State as you had with the Blue/Green Octavias?
  11. belgerot

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    Great to see these past few updates, looks like things are coming along nicely.
  12. belgerot

    Schwemlitz, Germany WIP

    Likewise, looks great so far. There are a few German maps around but this is a welcome addition.
  13. Excellent progress! Very happy to see the new weapons and BVP 80!
  14. Agreed, it would be ideal to re-create additional units in game using an approved template
  15. belgerot

    Project CDF

    Nice retexture! May I suggest making the Chernarussian flag slightly larger?
  16. belgerot

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Nice work! Updated units look great.
  17. belgerot

    GSEP Miroslavl' Beta

    Excellent island, the city and surrounding areas are very well structured. Although not a large map, it certainly has the feel of it when on the ground, again very nice job and a nice addition to the project! Would you consider making a spot that has a city square look to it, with a several surrounding flats/storefronts?
  18. belgerot

    Project CDF

    Awesome work, I was on the fence on whether or not to request the FN FAL/FNC models in the request thread and here we have an excellent model. This is a permanent mod in my case, so it will be nice to see in game :)
  19. I think it would be of benefit to have an extended objects library available in the editor, such as Mapfact released some time ago.
  20. belgerot

    Project CDF

    Excellent set of screens! I really like the direction this mod is heading, simple idea that adds a new dynamic and resurrects the original campaign.
  21. belgerot

    MiG-29 wip

    Agreed, this project seems to be coming along very nicely so far. It's nice to have Sukhoi, but nothing compares to a Mig in game let alone the 29.
  22. Seems a little high, but I love the tumble at the end of the jump. Nice job!
  23. Wonderful work Martin, it's nice to see Beta 2 out already. One of my favorite towns so far is 'Lyubol', stunning setting!
  24. belgerot

    Football: Euro 2012

    I am pissed with the match between Poland and Greece, total ****. Tuesday awaits!
  25. Well this is somewhat disappointing..