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  1. There is a comprehensive list of Steam command line options that may help you here. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Command_Line_Options Of particular note are the silent, and appstart switches. I believe it is possible to do just about everything including updates without ever entering the client GUI which is probably the most desirable on a server. You may need to introduce Steam to the dedicated server as a non steam app first though.
  2. Has anyone else had this? It's preventing me from getting todays update. [Edit] It seems I have todays release, so please disregard that part. The message is still odd though.
  3. That was the intention. I see there's been a couple of updates in the Dev branch already today. I'll simply switch between them as necessary to keep him on stable.
  4. Late reply I'm afraid due to a hiccup with my account. Thanks for that Chortles, I've now obtained my Supporters edition, and can now see several other possibilities regarding getting my friend kitted out that weren't obvious before. This is exactly the scenario that was hoped for. basically he should be able to play, and more importantly, do some mission editing/mod making while keeping up to date via the sneakernet. As an aside, I also contacted the store support over this, and the response was that it would not be possible. I have done a lot of further research after having the Steam client in hand, and it appears that this setup is indeed possible. For those that are still reluctant, or simply cannot use the full Steam "experience", then finding a friend who can act as a surrogate might be the answer. Activation/verification is still required however, but is quick and painless.
  5. Hi guys, I have a dilemma I'm hoping that you steam experts can help with. I've never subscribed to the Steam ethos since the release of HL2 where I was unable to get online so it was unusable for me. I don't wish to start a debate on the merits or otherwise of the system, and I will be buying A3 supporters imminently, but I do have some questions that need answering. Please excuse my noobishness in this matter. The problem is how the system will work for someone without good access to the internet. Here's the situation: I will be buying Deluxe as a gift for a friend. However, his domestic circumstances mean that he relies on an unreliable 3G connection for the internet, and the Steam model would preclude downloading huge files. I would like to download the content and updates for him, and then sneakernet them to him. From what I can make out, this isn't possible as the files are locked to a specific account. The activation could be done by him naturally, but the downloads would be nigh on impossible. What suggestions do you chaps have in this situation?
  6. Glad you found the root of the problem. The only official Arma II version of XEH is included in CBA. The use of other "hacked" versions will cause unpredictable results. Addon makers - if you need to modify XEH for any reason, please contact the team at Dev Heaven via the issue tracker with your request, so we can either offer advice, or attempt to accommodate your modifications for everyone's benefit.
  7. Perhaps you missed my point. The AI does in fact have trouble with spotting you at first, but once he has, the targeting is too accurate regardless of your visibility. It is after you have been spotted it becomes a problem and not being spotted in the first place. I was around 175m from the target in light ground cover and did not shift position. the AI still obviously knew where to fire even though he could not possibly see me. The incoming fire came through the upper half of the tree, and would suggest he fired from approximately 20m behind the tree which corresponds to his last known position and my elevation.
  8. Grass clutter does appaer to hinder the AI's vision as confirmed by Maruk, and can be proved to work as evidenced in the walk test missions. There is a bug with units aurally detecting slow moving tanks, and this is being addressed in patch 1.03 I understand. Using the nearTargets command and placing markers where the enemy percieves you to be, shows that they can be very inaccurate. Switching to the AI internal camera shows that they will look for you and try to pinpoint your location. This is all very natural and to be expected. Where it does break down is after the AI have detected your location, no amount of hiding will protect you. This can also be see by monitoring a subordinate AI team members internal camera in recruit mode. The target icon will show exactly where they think you are. If they then lay down in long grass, they can still see the target reticle. It might be safe to assume the AI have this ability no matter what the difficulty level, and the displayed target is only for the player. To illistrate this, I cite the following experience: I have been firing at an AI soldier who moved behind a fir tree. I lost sight of him, but he still apparently knew exactly where I was as he fired through the tree foliage with pinpoint automatic fire without trouble. It is this last problem that seems to be at the root of biggest complaints, but is hard to identify during battle. In summary, the AI do find it hard to see your location in clutter, but once they have identified you, there is no hiding regardless of how well you perceive yourself to be hidden. PS. The AI's perception of your location starts at around 100 diameter of your real location at distances greater than 400m, but too quickly narrows to you exact location even in bushes. When hiding in cover and firing at AI they can pinpoint you to within a meter in a very short time. For a player we know the general direction and it takes a little while to pinpoint the shooter. It is the speed of acquisition, and the relatively long knowledge time after that seems wrong for AI. For example as a player we hear incoming fire from the tree line about 200m away but cannot see the shooter. If the shooter stops firing. We still only know the general direction. For the AI, they can pinpoint you far too quickly
  9. Congratulations to all that have slaved away at making CBA come to life, and I hope that it forms the basis for many more contributions. Damn! It was overlooked by me, and maybe as it is such a natural thing, became subliminal. Certainly not wasted code, and I for one look forward to what you come up with for ArmA2.
  10. Very nice, thank you for sharing.
  11. squelch

    JTD Tracker Dog

    I'm totally blown away by the realistic behaviour the dog exhibits. I watched the video first without sound, so the lack of audible feedback went unnoticed. I love the concept, and I'm very interested how its done. Can the dog be taught the scent of its mark? Good job and I look forward to seeing its release.
  12. This project looks fantastic. I can't wait to try it out. It sounds like a live strategy game. Chess, Risk?
  13. Hi Miles, the melting face bug was one of those problems that affected other units and not the units that caused the problem. This led to wild goose chases and much speculation, so the linked topic may not be as clear as it could be. It is a very obscure bug indeed, and only happens under certain circumstances. The problem was eventually tracked down to a mismatch in names between the model selections (p3d) and the names of skeletetonbones in model.cfg. Eg loboci != lBrow soboci != mBrow poboci != rBrow For most of the time the engine probably uses a previous or parent inheritance, and the problem does not appear. If a sever is started with the -host and -world = empty command line options, every other unit suffers from severe distortion, dubbed as "face melt". The moral of the story is; skeletonbones in model.cfg must match selection names in the model. Cheers Squelch
  14. No you do not need BIS' permission for using our stuff within our own games, as long as it's not for any kind of commercial product. May I ask for some clarification on this? Specifically, there are some animations in Queens Gambit that would like to be used in Vanilla Armed Assault, clearly this isn't a problem when both titles are installed, but does this implied permission allow for the use of QG content in an addon without the user having QG installed? Are ArmA and QG considered the same game in this context? So far this has been avoided simply on the grounds it would breach copyright, but an official word or clarification of this would aid the community as a whole I believe.
  15. squelch

    Joysticks. A question for BIS.

    Hi all, From memory, OFP had multiple input device support. I was able to use wheel and pedals for vehicles, and joystick for aircraft.(I think multi controller support was included in one of the later patches) The axes ran in parallel (which sometimes caused problems when one controller was not centered) Being able to map all of the relevent functions and controls to the right controller is a gosend, and really adds to the immersion. I believe this is DirectX related, with options for multiple input devices being built in. It's up to the developer whether it's implemented and handled. I wish to register my vote for this to be included in future. Given what I've read about controller setup issues elsewhere on the forums, a comprehensive setup utility, built in, or external would be nice.
  16. squelch

    Working Camera Project

    Cool addon. It reminds me of Hidden and Dangerous where you had to take a camera on missions to get a screen shot. It will add a whole new dynamic to missions now. Recon photography. All we need now is the "weapon"
  17. squelch

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Hi, This sounds and looks fantastic. I'd like to report a couple of bugs that you may no be aware of and make a couple of minor suggestions. Bug 1: I accidently chose INSERTION as my transport means, but then decided to use armor instead. Everything was fine until I clicked the map to set a waypoint for my convoy. The insertion chopper took off and my guys started to drive. But, when the chopper reached the drop zone everyone got ejected from fast moving vehicles, killing or injuring them. Suggested fix 1: Check to see if player is onboard the chopper before running the INSERTION script. ie Player must board chopper then choose destination. This would dispense with the loading black out and prevent the script running otherwise. Bug 2: Another ground vehicle error. I returned from a succesful mission having used some armor and a repair truck. As I'd got ahead of the rest of my team I went and reported while they were still on route. The team were rearmed etc and everythng looked fine. A little later I noticed some of the vehicles still had men on board and these were in a zombie state. This makes the vehicles unavailble for future missions. Suggested fix 2: Issue a get out command for the team before rearming/replacing. I don't think this will cause a problem if they are not in a vehicle. Bug 3: PARA DROP injuries and deaths. Too many men die or get injured when they crash into each other on exiting the chopper. Suggested fix 3: Put a ~1 or something into the eject script to spread them out. This would work for insertion too where a pile of men results. Bug 4: Onmapsingleclick hangovers. I noticed after I'd forgotten to set a waypoint for CAS in one mission, it then happened on the next mission after I set a waypoint for my men. Suggested 4: Delete the onmapsingleclick at the end of a mission. Apart from these minor issues I've enjoyed playing these missions a great deal and look forward to the 1.3 version very much. Any news on the Rebel pack?
  18. Hi, From what I remember (long break away form OFP) "Generic Error in expression" is caused by trying to compare something like a Bool to an object. Because it's none specific it's hard to track, but it is two incompatable variable types. Check to see how _hg and _nh are assigned. noid mc vojac refers to a dead body which is possibly being added to an array via a trigger. You might need to filter detected objects. I don't seem to be able to download 1.91 from the first post, so I can't be any more help than that. Can someone please point me in the right direction? This sounds like a superb piece of work. [edit] Found it on OFPEC sorry wrong search terms. "]http://www.ofpec.com/editors/resource_view.php?id=498[/edit]
  19. You might find this one useful. http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page It will let you arrange your thoughts, and link to files for your projects. It uses a technique called Mind Mapping that helps you remember how different information is related. It is exactly what you call it. "Knowledge managment"
  20. squelch

    BIS broken with CODEMASTERS?

    I've followed the fortunes of CM and the Darling brothers since thier Spectrum days, and it might be fair to say Operation Flashpoint wouldn't be where it is today without them. It is sad to see this ongoing confusion about the future titles. On the one hand we have CM stating claim to the OFP title saying they will publish without BIS, and on the other, BIS are distancing themselves from CM altogether. CM, like many once excellent small time companies has turned into a behemoth populated by bean counters and law sharks. The heart seems to have been lost. The disclaimer on the bottom of the page, and the official Flashpoint 2 site (Hint: turn it on) led me here to find out what was going on. I'm still very confused, and as a long time fan of Operation Flashpoint (right from the very first demo) hope that this whole thing is resolved pretty soon. It will not do anybody any good, BIS, CM, or the loyal following, for the current lack of information and rumour mongering to continue. If it is true that the split is final, then perhaps BIS could self publish. Valves Steam model might work, but this seems to have driven as many away as it attracted. Another method might be to use Live For Speed's distribution policy. Wriiten by Scawen Roberts and Eric Bailey, both formerly of Lionheads Black & White fame, together with a third guy named Victor van Vlaardingen. They have a system where you can download the files, or purchase a CD at cost, and then buy a licence online to activate the full content fro Demo. It has a very loyal following, much like OFP with many buying licences ahead of the next release. Whatever the outcome, a total split, renegotiation, new publishers, or self publishing, I hope that it will be for the better, and won't fracture the following Operation Flashpoint has grown.