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  1. Has the way the serverconfig file is generated changed? I have just tried to redo my serverconfig.hpp but am running into problems. I seem to have an error pop up behind the export gui in game. With some kind of function error in a big red box. When i paste the export into the .hpp file, all looks good. But when entering the server, i receive an error about the init not being able to finish, with a big red CBA functions error. Which results in ace not working at all... This is the error which comes up on entering the server. No serversettings after postInit phase. Dont suppose someone could post a working serverconfig.hpp, could they. At least i can compare then, see whats going wrong.
  2. Apologies if this has been asked before... Is there anyway when using Zeus with ALiVE, you can prevent units spawning in when moving the Zeus camera, around the map? Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. SD_BOB


    Fantastic job so far oOKexOo Just got a couple of observations... Firstly the animations don't appear to execute globally on a dedicated server. Only the zeus who adds the animations can see it. Secondly, this relates to the Music and Sound additions. Could you give a quick example of how to define the "musicClass" as you put it in the readme, in relation to "Stealth" "Lead" etc, for adding custom music to the description.ext Also as dicussed pre-release, will this adding custom music be extended to custom sounds, for the play sound module? With the possible loop function? As i say though, fantastic work so far, already getting a lot of ideas of how to ease the zeus load, with the current release.
  4. SD_BOB

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Hope PWS get this sorted, has been happening more and more. I appreciate its a free service, but just a little time taken while uploading new mods would be great. As for this update, fantastic work LJ.
  5. SD_BOB


    Ok that sounds good (and less work for you :) ). I always thought custom sounds couldn't be added to the current module/list. So i never pursued it... I did have another idea, well more of a "see what people think" kind of thing. If you use a few addons at the moment the zeus lists (unit/object placement) can get very long, making it a pain to scroll up/down to find what you want. Would it be possible to make the lists not expanded by default. The module section of the create menu seems to be this way, but none of the faction or empty sections are.
  6. SD_BOB


    That would be brilliant, these sounds would then be played from the position of the module placement? If these broadcast globally in a dedicated enviroment. Then quite frankly it would be the perfect solution. Edit: Would it also be possible to ensure the sound file would stop playing on module deletion? Edit 2: Just thought of something else... apologies. :P Could there be an option or a secondary module to play a looped sound file? For example adding a motor noise near to a generator object. That way such sound files could be kept nice and small. Time to revamp my collection of sound files in anticipation. Nothing like an angry dog barking when your assault team is trying to move stealthily and gets too close to a building. :) A very big thank you for being open to ideas. I'm so glad there are talented people like you willing to spend your free time, making the ArmA experience so much more enjoyable for us, again thank you. If you ever need a dedicated server to test features on, shoot me a PM.
  7. SD_BOB


    Would this addition allow the playing of custom sound files on objects? I'm always looking for ways to add immersion to Zeus missions, a big part of this is sound. Currently its a real pain to use "Sound" files rather than "Music", the ability to play a custom sound from an object or the ability for a module to create a game logic or something that could play the custom sound globally. Also kind of related to this, i assume there is no way to name an object once the mission init is done? Currently i have to place and name objects in the editor, then refer to these named objects when playing sounds.
  8. SD_BOB


    Great to hear, sounds like a good way to implement it. Another question, currently in the teleport menu you can teleport all. Would there be a possibility of teleporting everyone if they are in a vehicle? And/Or a way to teleport the vehicle itself with the players inside. Sometimes insertions can be a pain, would be very nice to say teleport a RHIB off the coast of an insertion point with players already inside.
  9. SD_BOB

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I've only done a quick check LJ, but it does appear that these files do the trick. Without running the server side files, can confirm .rpt entries, (quick test was just MX firing and reload sounds). With the server files enabled these entries were NOT present. Looks like you've cracked it pal, i will try and check some of the others tonight. But i cant see any reason it wouldn't have fixed those as well. A big thanks for your continued development of this, you really are a credit to this wonderful community.
  10. Fantastic work zeealex, these are looking superb.
  11. SD_BOB


    Really looking forward to this, so much more difficult trying to do zeus sessions without something like this, great work. I do have a question... You mentioned here about the function to destroy buildings. As i understand the above statement, it sounds like this function has been built into the earthquake module. If this is the case would it be possible to separate this as its own module aswell? It would be very nice to be able to ruin a town, without having to blow it up or cause an earthquake.
  12. Thanks for that Variable, looks exactly the same implementation. Well its still by far the best system around at the moment. So will keep testing and a few more play sessions... Silly that we still have to rely on talented community members to make these scripts, even after BI's "attempt" at a revive system, which is shocking.
  13. Done more testing today, but still get really random results. You say the death from agony state is a feature? It appears in some circumstances that players in the agony state can take more damage without dying. There also still seems to be strange behaviour with jip clients, remaining action menu options, no 3d makers for some clients in agony state. Does anyone have a simple mission template with the fixes needed to make this work with the latest game version and jip compatibility? I'm not worried about any AI behaviour, just a solid coop system. I would like to make sure the strange behaviour isnt a result of my implementation.
  14. SD_BOB

    Farooq's Revive

    celludriel It seems that the "death camera" does not cease when a unit is revived or respawns, The black and white screen remains... Any thoughts?
  15. Has anyone used this since the 1.60 update? I'm looking for a stable revive system for a zeus template. I have added the "JIP Fix" posted on the previous page. This seems to fix the issue of players joining not having the menu options. However it appears that if you JIP, once you are down into the revive state, you are then able to be killed if shot again while in the animation. Those in the game at start obviously do not get killed... This seems to be the best revive system i've found, such a shame for this issue as JIP is a big part of modern arma.