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  1. Hey all. We're a few old OFP vets talking about the first launcher we used to play together "back in the days" (~1999). But we are not able to remember the name of the launcher, and we have to ask you all. We need to know :) It was a Windows client we installed, and we added friends and and had the possibility to browse and pre-connect on servers. We could chat, plan a bit, and the when we startet the game OFP.exe launched, and we all joined the same lobby. Of course, no JIP. If a clan member lost connection during a public COOP, we often had to start from scratch. What glorious third party client did we use, to get to know the very first Operation Flashpoint?
  2. Why are we not funding this?!
  3. :icon_eek: Thanks a lot!
  4. Rawhide

    Werthles' Headless Module

    This is too good to be true! I heard we tried it over at our server, and it worked as it is supposed to. We're quite amazed... :)
  5. Hope you will add ACE3s advanced missile guidance to the Hellfires :)
  6. Problem explained: Again, would really appreciate a fix for the .rpt and unloading issues. This addon is just great otherwise.
  7. Has anyone else a solution to this issue?
  8. Of course, but as I said, when the co-pilot take control [of the helicopter], read: when the gunner is actually flying the heli, he's not able to choose the rockets. Can happen if the pilot disconnect, are killed, or simply is just taking a couple of minutes break ;) - - Keep up the good work, Neptune. We are very pleased with what you have made so far!
  9. Thank you for the reply. When the co-pilot takes the control, and cycle through the weaponry, the rockets does not show. You can only choose Hellfires and cannon (the same options you have, when you're the pilot with "Manual Fire" enabled). Not a big thingy, I just thought I should mention it. I tried it again, and I now see why I misunderstood. When you as a pilot have chosen rockets, have It says, top right, either "HEDP 24 | 2", "FL 8 | 2" or "MPSM 6 | 2". If you choose "MPSM 6 | 2", and fire the six rockets, it say "MPSM 0 | 2". I thought you then could reload the MPSM, to get additional 2x6 MPSM rockets. It does not mean that, it's refering to the other types of munitions. When you empty one of the three types (let's say you fire them six MPSM), and then load another (load HEDP), it will say: "HEDP 24 | 1". So I misunderstood the number that usually refers to your magazine count. That is quoted from the first post in this thread. Many people, myself included, tend to read the first post for info. And it states you're not at V1.0 yet. The same text is found on the Armaholic-page. It's just a hint, that you might wanna change it :)
  10. This was an anticipated release :) Gun sounds are just fine with ACE3, RHS, CBA and a some other mods. Just played it solo, can't wait to test it properly with a gunner or pilot. Question: Does the Longbow actually add any features other than the looks? However, it's definitely a sexy addition. Minor issue: -When flying as co-pilot (from the gunners seat), you're able to use the rocket pods. -Is it intentionally that you have to reload the rocket pods during engagements? Example is the Hydra 70 MPSM. You have 6 rockets in the "clip", and two extra clips you can reload. It is not? ;) First post, in the prolouge. - - I saw you're making the HMS Rotterdam. That's pleasant news indeed, Arma3 lacks just that kinda ship (well, ships in general...)! Any vague estimate on when it can be expected? - - As always, keep up the good work and let me know if you need more testers.
  11. Not a problem on my end. Tip: you could check your key bindings. See info on how to earlier in this thread.
  12. Impressed by this mod of yours, Feint :) Issue: I'm not able to put the backpack with the UAV into a helicopter from start. Used the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addBackpackCargo Result: empty backpack. Or, on two times the UAV was accessible (action menu), but when I assembled the UAV, the helicopter itself disappeared. Addons: RHS & ACE. Are they known to conflict with your Raven? Raven is version 2.1. - - Thanks a lot for your effort on this, and other contributions to the community!
  13. By the way, maybe it could be useful to be able to zoom in & out from ingame with two hotkeys, instead of ALT-TABing out of the game? I know, again, from a pilots point of view that would be useful. But, how to find a unused key combo that is not used by the game or any of the major mods, could be challenging... It's just a thought and should not be on top of your list. If you think it's a good idea, let me know and I could look for available key combos.
  14. The upcoming changes are looking great! Thanks for the continuing development and the awesome support you give everyone *thumbs up*
  15. Thanks for the update & good luck!