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  1. memphisbelle

    TrackIR issues

    Oh yeah, I smashed it on and on without any success. When it was working earlier it worked that way in case I forgot to run the TrackIR Software prior I started Arma. Just by clicking Options out of the menu made TrackIR to recognize ArmA3...but since around a year ago it suddenly does no more. Only thing I didn't tried yet is a full OS reinstall including wiping all drives
  2. memphisbelle

    TrackIR issues

    Hello everybody, I´m struggling after quite a long time already with TrackIR getting it to work...again... in ArmA3. Well, it used to work well back in A1, A2, and even A3. But at some point, it did no more. I really can't say when. I can remember that sometime back in 2018 it was working fine and suddenly, no more. I tried these things so far - reinstalling Naturalpoint Software and drivers - running as admin (both) - make sure that ArmA3_64x is loaded nothings, it is not even listed in the Controllers Tab any Ideas?
  3. memphisbelle

    Are people playing ArmA 3 vanilla?

    regarding Vanilla ArmA, in Germany we play Vanilla ArmA3 on GeCo which means Germany Coop. The last 7 years we went Vanilla only. Reason was to attract new Players and intodruce them into ArmA3 MP. Meawhile we also use mods roundabout every 2nd time we play. That modset we´re using contains just TFAR and cba for the moment. The next GeCo will take place tomorrow on wednesday at 07:00 pm (05:00 pm GMT). As the name says its a Germany Coop Session but we also accept foreign players, you just have to tell them in TS where you come from and the group that will get you will mostley try to communicate as much understandable for everyone in the group as possible. If you´re seriously interested so shoot me a message, preferably yet today, so I can see what I can do to invite you.
  4. memphisbelle

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    aMay be I´m wrong on this matter, I dont really know anymore but what I´m pretty sure about is that looking for water sources other than those you already found will not lead to any success. Cant you place them for your own with Eden Editor?
  5. memphisbelle

    Bulldozer crash on startup

    you´d put this into your signature considering the amount of times you mentioned this already :D
  6. memphisbelle

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Are you still getting this error? The reason is simple, you´re running ArmA3 in 64bit but X-cam with the make_file.dll provided in the download is 32 bit. so either you run ArmA3 in 32 bit or (and that is the better choice) get the 64bit compatible make_file.dll from Killzonekids Website: http://killzonekid.com/downloads/ please Report back if ít works now. regards Memphis
  7. memphisbelle

    Tips for Virgin Terrain

    well not really dead, but in general you´re right. Help is faster and better provided on Discord. But as I´m already writing here, I can help out as much as I can do. I´m currently working on a map that has no real place origins, it´s completely free created from scratch by using L3DT as well. My SatMap looks actually quite cool (my own opinion of course ) although it´s selfmade. If you´re interested so I can give you a Hand by using Discord, TS or whatever you prefer. I consider my self to have enough experiences to share the one or other thing I know. The Community helped my out much as well, so why shall I not do the same. Just shoot me a message if you´re interested.
  8. memphisbelle

    Rvmat error after generating layers

    Those kind of answeres are the worst in a Forum, those who are looking for help in a similar situation wont get helped out of this, may be you consider to add the way how you fixed it
  9. memphisbelle

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    The mentioned updates provided by @fauconjona and @Uro are now available as well on my side. - updated x-cam.pbo - iniDB_x64.dll Also check out the News Section, it explains a little to those who are new to X-Cam.
  10. memphisbelle

    satellite texture is not precise on terrain

    There´s another way to solve this problem. Thats how I´m doing it. I´m using L3DT to create/alter my terrain files. Once the terrain is edited I´m using the L3DT texture generating options to create a placeholder satmap. That one fits exactly on the mesh. Once exported you´ve got a basefile where you can create your satmap from. Thats of course a way just to create a fictional terrain. If you want to recreate a real existing terrain, so Globalmapper will be your first choice. But its complicated to use but the result will fit your expectations.
  11. memphisbelle

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    I know it´s more than a month ago that you guys talked about that issue, but anyways. Ykyu, first of all, what you are saying doesnt make any sense. You know why? You say that Taunus would not run with any mod...which is in fact false because Taunus requires a bunch of Addons (mods) in order to run at all. The problem is that many other people can run the map + additional mods without crashes, so giving this fact I´d assume that the problem rather rests on your side for most of the part. Are you familiar with the ArmA errorlogfile called .rpt? If not let me know and I´ll guide you through the process, if you are familiar with that so I recommend to delete the file, and run ArmA with Taunus and required Addons (those that are needed to run Taunus at all) plus those addons that cause the game to crash, then check the rpt. That´ll tell you whats causing the crash...well, mostley at least :)
  12. memphisbelle

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    You might be new to ArmA but surly not new to Forums ^^^^ this You will get all the help you need by starting a new thread for your issue.
  13. memphisbelle

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Correct, X-Cam is 32 Bit only. Just switch over to work with X-cam. But please take care about the things I´ve refered to above (my very last post right above yours),
  14. memphisbelle

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    I believe your Problem corrosponds with a certain thing I´ve tried to explain here
  15. memphisbelle

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    OK, I fixed the Problem and it seems to work now. I also have tested it again with firefox, Chrome and Edge and the download works fine for those browsers now. The only Browser that is canceling download is Opera, I dont know why. But to be honest that is somethings I wont care about now, may be later.