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  1. I think the best solution would be to make it a server config option that's enforced for connected clients, not to mention real arma cheats do alot more than displaying staggered intel for enemy positions. Another option is to only enable it if the server is running within the correct difficulty setting that enables it for the normal in-game map.
  2. Sorry if this has already been answered, but is there a way to display the in-game "Intel" on enemy positions like the in-game map does? It's the main reason I check my map so often, and if Athena were able to display that information as well I'd have good reason to avoid the in-game map all together.
  3. looter

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Getting this issue atleast once every 40 minutes with any combination of mods on any map, using the default memory allocator. The memory leak is located within the base game somewhere, not mods. ArmA 3 1.66 stable. Hardware i7-6700k @ 4.8GHz 16gb 3200MHz RAM Geforce GTX 1070 Samsung 950 Pro M.2
  4. looter

    Werthles' Headless Module

    The module was working great but there is a critical bug that occurs after a group of units is assigned to the HC, a random amount of units in the group will lose their loadout entirely. Edit: Nevermind, this is a bug within the engine that occurs whenever locality is transferred at runtime and not related to this module. A workaround until it's fixed by BIS would be to get the units loadout and set it again after setGroupOwner is called.
  5. I would also love to have this feature back, its the main reason our community switched to XLA arsenal.
  6. looter

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Our community has used and loved Blastcore since it's first release, and have been implementing different config edits and patches from people in the ArmA community since OS departed last summer to maintain it's functionality. Since I know that quite a few other communities have been doing the same thing, I began creating a framework to more easily merge the patches together into one public open-source version that everyone can use. I'm attempting to get into contact with OpticalSnare regarding this version, but no luck yet.
  7. So does the SweetFX injector or proxy dll trigger a battleye ban on the latest version of BE? I noticed its proxy dll is blacklisted now.
  8. looter

    Enhanced Movement

    I currently get this error everytime a mission starts with enhanced movement installed, 17:57:48 Error in expression <f (IsNil "_bx") then { profilenamespace setvariable [[_keyinfo, 0], 0]; }; if (> 17:57:48 Error position: <setvariable [[_keyinfo, 0], 0]; }; if (> 17:57:48 Error Type Array, expected String 17:57:48 File babe_core\func\ui\fn_settings.sqf, line 43 17:57:48 Error in expression <e [[_keyinfo, 0], 0]; };
  9. looter

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Is there any way to disable all the AI Improvements that were added to UPSMON during the conversion from ArmA 2 -> ArmA 3 in 2013? 3 years later it really seems to break the AI more than help it, they run around in circles / spin in circles, engage then break engagement and run away or lay down facing the other direction (post-engagement), etc. ALiVE spawned AI and normally spawned AI do not have these issues, only UPSMON spawned units, and none of these issues occurred in the ArmA 2 version.
  10. Finally got around to making an ace feature request for the sorely missed Mando's Missile Mod features.
  11. Forks are almost always just so people can make a commit and push it upstream, to the main repository. You wouldn't have to worry about separate versions floating around, that's not really an issue that exists anywhere else. If people create unicorn versions via fork and then create their own issues, that's their problem and not yours or the frameworks.
  12. This framework looks and sounds amazing, and I would love to start working with it. Have you considered setting up and using a github repository for the framework, instead of file hosts? This would allow anyone interested to contribute to the development, and you can create a Wiki, deal with issues, and stage releases directly on Github.
  13. I've updated my post on the issue from some more testing. It looks like 3.3.0 and 3.4.0 had some limb / damage updates that may have knocked out most of the weird behavior in the issue.
  14. Looks like the broken damage system still hasn't been fixed. I haven't looked into the issue in depth since last September, any new information on why this is happening? Edit: Updated to 3.4.2, seems to be fixed in SP / Listen server, updated my post in the issue. Could someone test it in a dedicated server?
  15. Having the same issue with ACE but this fix doesn't seem to work for us on a dedicated server. Has anyone else tackled this issue? I noticed it is reported now.