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  1. daimyo21

    officiall warlords server

    Just sat on the most populated warlord server and there was a couple people constantly grief team killing. The effort to get majority players (40+) to continually kick the player only for him to return seconds later is annoying and just kills the server. Please BI, I've been enjoying your work since Operation Flashpoint and the risk of ban abuse is small in comparison to those who troll. Its easy for someone to refute a ban vs getting a person banned for griefing.
  2. daimyo21

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    Played only a bit but first thing I really like is the AI. They move very well and vehicle mounting/dismounting looks good. I love when they steal an enemy vehicle, very cool. Awesome job. I saw some factories in bottom left corner, possibly issue with it not being able to find a good surface around base. I think having the AI Commander sort of broadcast things that he is doing may help immerse the experience more. Also eventually a broadcast system that allows you to report enemy map activity to the AI commander and also the AI commander to relay spotted units from other AI in the field. Better revive system but the BIS saves time. I'd very much prefer most of your resources being spent on broadening AI capabilities so that the battle feels like a chess game where AIR, Sea, Armored, towing, bases, fortifications, urban CQC, ambushes, roadblocks, mine fields all feel like a all out strategy war. The AI fighting on their own is key.. its nice to be in a big epic battle but one that feels authentic and full of purpose.
  3. Love all your mods Werthles and did play an older version of Hired Guns but got busy and didn't get to play a whole lot. Is there an emergent enemy that manages resources, troops, etc. and changes over time or are most of the sandbox element scripted quests and missions in a sandbox setting with other things to do and interact with? Thanks!
  4. Hey Wyqer, I played the original Liberation a while back and had a few questions for you with this version you're growing. Is there an AI high command that players have to control recruited groups of AI vs just squad units (is this commander role only)? If so, are you using the HC module or another method? You mention fighting with/against the rebels in the region, is this all ambient or is there real emergent systems in place that grow with and or without player intervention? Does enemy forces recapture points, have finite resources, and real strategy or is it a one-way battle to capture the map vs a strategic tug of war? Headless client is supported or must be added in manually? Thanks for all your our work!
  5. daimyo21

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Yes I am curious about this as well. I remember in Arma 2 I would modify the CTI mission to be fully playable in COOP and the AI commander actually did a substantial job back then. Is this not the case today?
  6. So with the new EDEN update, players can view a server in the browser, click it and it shows what mods/workshop mods it requires... I know how to setup a server with mods.. Ive used playwithsix etc.. However, I want to utilize mods in workshop. Currently when I host a dedicated server mission with 3 mods, @alive, @cba_3, @aliveserver and try to join VIA A3 launcher server browser, it does not show any required mods for the server, while I join other servers and they pop-up with workshop content and I can subscribe and join. How do I get this functionality to work? Please note I have downloaded all steamworkshop mods through SteamCMD described in this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/187983-downloading-workshop-content-to-server-using-steamcmd/?hl=workshop I have all the addons with folder names like 5029392 but not @Mod_name.. Im wondering how this would work. Thanks
  7. I got all the mods to download using steamCMD (lets assume its the same thing as pressing subscribe for the client). Now I have all the mods in a folder with their ID numbers. How do you get the server to recognize them as mods without the @mod_name folder names etc. Also have you figure out how to require steam workshop mods to show up for clients when they launch your server in the Arma 3 Launcher server browser. Now servers can allow players to download required mods before they join (without using playwithsix)
  8. daimyo21


    At a brief look, seems like there is config errors that is probably related to any type of vehicle/weapon/model mods. I will give this all a try and let you know
  9. daimyo21

    ALiVE RHS | Cold War

    I understand your harsh words, I've been modding hardcore for 6-7 years now and can understand the frustration. In my defense so you know where I'm coming from(This is not a sly remark, but from an honest assumption), almost 90% of coop missions since Operation Flashpoint have a CO-Number listed in the title or post itself (or a combination there of with TvT etc.). Something like CO-8, CO-20, or [Coop-32] [Coop-24/TvT] etc. etc. Armaholic Example Zcoop to me can mean anything, lots of new modders in Arma 3, means lots of new terms that I may not have caught up on. In the description, there is no definitive statement expressing full coop. Lastly, I wouldn't even have posted on your thread if I wasn't remotely interested in what you have created/compiled here. Meaning that you obviously made something great enough for people to respond to so just be aware that when someone is interested in your work and has a valid question, that they might not be some young ignorant kid just asking stupid questions. (because we both know that is becoming more common). Thanks for your answer, I'll be giving this a try and letting you know how it goes.
  10. daimyo21

    ALiVE RHS | Cold War

    Can this mission be played in COOP and not TvT?
  11. MCC_GAIA_ZONESTATUS_WEST = []; for "_i" from 0 to 90 do { MCC_GAIA_ZONESTATUS_WEST set [_i,"0"];}; This is in the GAIA_INIT under //Side Specifics Can I put zone numbers in here to allow the AI to know which zone this is controlled by in the beginning? so like MCC_GAIA_ZONESTATUS_WEST = [1,2,3,4]; for "_i" from 0 to 90 do { MCC_GAIA_ZONESTATUS_WEST set [_i,"0"];}; would be zones 1 - 4 are initially occupied by Blufor, so Opfor AI will approach these zones differently? Thanks!
  12. It would get stuck in that while loop and AI would stop working.. so its just a fail safe. You can probably change it to 100 and be safe.
  13. Yes they stop moving eventually. Seems like it usually only happens when I wipe them completely (set respawns to -1), delete them, then spawn new ones.
  14. Im also getting this error which essentially breaks GAIA AI. _sortedArray set [count _sortedArray,_selectedItem]; _sortedValues set [count> 0:33:31 Error position: <_selectedItem]; _sortedValues set [count> 0:33:31 Error Undefined variable in expression: _selecteditem 0:33:31 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\gaia\scripts\fnc_SortGroupsByCA.sqf, line 131 0:33:31 Error in expression < Im running GAIA AI on 1 headless client. For most part it works, but happens ever so often in mission. EDIT So I seemed to have fix this with a bandaid counter to exit loop: in fnc_SortGroupsByCA.sqf I added: _maxLoops = 0; if (count _values > 0) then { while {count _values > 0 || _maxLoops >= 300} do { _maxLoops = _maxLoops + 1;
  15. daimyo21

    Array value sorting - another issue

    Sorry accidently posted a message that has no relevance here.