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  1. dr_eyeball

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Minor download issue: http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/3 shows download link ftp://ftp.rhsmods.org/beta/keys/rhsafrf.bikey but \@RHSGREF\key\ uses rhsgref.
  2. Error Reserved variable in expression File x\cba\addons\xeh\fnc_preStart.sqf, line 5 I have the same error on client too. Although the blank var name seems harmless, I am concerned as to whether this error stops further processing of remaining XEH preInit code. Edit: Sorry, this was for v3.1.1 on someone else's log files. We normally use v3.1.2, so all is fine.
  3. TacBF revision 3.24.0 has been released. (19 Jan 2017) With the release of v3.24 TacBF mod, here is the Changelog for it. This changelog includes all changes from 3.23.1-3.23.5 + 3.24.0. Log any new bugs to Bug Reports 3.24 Download: @TacBF_3-24-0.7z << Official Downloads Page >> TacBF auto Downloader - updated Armaholic - updated WithSix - updated ArmA3.de - to be updated soon...maybe? Steam - updated Game Servers - updated Acknowledgements: Many thanks to both Harold, omL & anyone who was involved with testing, detecting and reporting many of these bugs. Special thanks to Harold for finding the cause & providing solutions to most of the S&D bugs. Change log: Armaments/Gear: Fixed: RHS weapon and attachment changes sometimes caused a weapon or attachment class substitution, causing loss of that item during kit validation. It also affected some scopes when the view mode/reticule was changed. It also affected some scopes when the view mode/reticule was changed. Kit count bugs: Fixed: bug where kit count was counted for players on both sides, instead of selected side. Fixed: Restore kit: a syntax error was corrected, which may have affected an accurate kit count when returning a kit. Changed: Possible fix for negative kit counts. Upon returning a kit, it was not setting the player's kit to new kit, before counting. S&D Game Mode: Fixed: cursorTarget bug: Interaction key on cache: added work around to allow object Interaction menu to still work via Action menu "Interact". (to workaround bug in Arma 3 v1.56+, which broke cursorTarget command for objects inside buildings, doh!). Auto-Balance: Fixed: auto-balance: client would not end game if auto-kicked due to imbalance. Added: for CoOp games only, (which is players attacking with AI defending), you can also specify some players for the defending side as a ratio, like 1 defender per 4 attackers. See settings below. Eden Property Editors: Deleted: Eden Properties: temporarily removed all TacBF Eden object property editors. They are affecting vehicle spawning and are currently considered incomplete and untested. General changes & bugs: A long list of 30+ bug fixes (not all listed here). Thanks to Harold, omL & anyone involved for testing, detecting and reporting these bugs. (Changed but) Reverted: upright object (eg: static weapon): rewrote code to force object to stay upright/grounded. (Did not work properly.) Fixed: View distance: After using Video menu to change view distance, TacBF will now validate whether the new distance exceeds the current limit, to avoid exploit. (since Arma 3 now allows player to override setViewDistance insisted via code, doh!) Fixed: player respawn: spawn in buildings: building search radius now reduced from 200m to 50m. Changed: suppression: values for suppression blur amount and recovery rates have been drastically reduced. Still testing for suitable values... Fixed: Vehicle side: side was determined by nearest zone, but with nearby small zones or nested zones, wrong zone was sometimes chosen. It now checks if the vehicle is inside a zone and uses that first, then the nearest zone otherwise. Changed: Roles dlg: (WIP) (hidden) UI changes for new Roles dialog Fixed: destructible zone objects sometimes not becoming destructible upon zones changing. Changed: Briefing Dialog: now includes the "onLoadMission=" text block from the description.ext file, which can be a multi-line structuredText. Changed: CrewNames: Crew names list box now includes the number of emtpy seats too. Fixed: 2 script bugs affecting TFAR. Trivial changes: Changed: all TB flag poles should now appear upright. Most mission devs had a hard time keeping them upright via Eden. Fixed: sounds: new generic rifle shot sound, for player termination kill sound for treason acts. Fixed: cache: sabotaging your own cache results in death penalty. Fixed associated gun shot sound. Changed: Destroyed vehicle messages now show vehicle/MW type. Fixed: Configs: replaced incorrectly defined author array properties with strings Fixed: Init: random door opening/closing at start of mission was not working reliably. Replaced animateDoor with animate, since animateDoor & animateSource proved to be unreliable (both A2/A3 buildings used). Changed: Briefing->Vehicle summary list now sorts (or rather "groups") the vehicle types in each zone. Changed: Briefing->Vehicle summary list now replaces RHS WIP pictures with a suitable picture, similar to the vehicle type. Changed: Map: Added more editor wall types to be drawn on map. Mission/Gear Validation: Fixed: Gear validation results are now separated into Blue and Red sides in RPT log file. Changed: Improved detail for gear validation messages on screen and in RPT log file. Fixed: Gear validation was resetting validated gear based on final criteria. Added: Missions: Default Gear Config validation. Very useful. But it still has trouble with RHS auto-added rhs_acc_dtx. Eden, Mission Development & Settings: Fixed: TB_Logic: proper handling in MP of missing TB_Logic (game logic object). Added: (WIP) destructible zone objects: zone objects can now be considered "completed" via a task action, rather than requiring demolition. WIP: other code in mission still. Added: (WIP) added (_x getVariable ["ICE_cache", false]) checks for cache objects, to allow different object models to be set via mission Added: Destructible zone objects: these objects are now included on the briefing Tasks list. Each object is listed with it's name. I tried to add pictures, but many small objects (eg: laptop) do not have pictures. The zone centre is used for the attacking side, if object markers are hidden. TODO: write up a post on how to use Destructible zone objects in a mission. Changed: Terrain type setting: Added preparations for new terrain type "tropical". Added: Objects: New large MW supply boxes. Eg: Classes: ICE_staticWeaponCrates_supply_large_east_empty. Model not changed yet. (WIP?) Changed: Extended zone name possibilities to include "A"-"Z" (anything) for very high zone count usage. Eg: 30+ zones/FBs Added: Debug: in SP, viewing "Supported Ammo" on vehicles/mounted weapons, now includes the class name required, to aid mission dev. Added: Map: bridge map feature icon (since Arma has no bridge icon) Added: Missions: Markers: Text: Markers named "TB_text_X" (where X is a number from 0 or higher), it will create a tidy "location" text using the marker's text. Use marker type "empty" to hide markers. Eden support: now allows TacBF composition objects to be dragged in real-time, with "attached"/associated objects moving with main object. Mission Co-op AI support: Added: CoOp games: you will need to indicate when a mission is designed as a CoOp game. (Later we will auto-detect this.) Modify: mission\tb_settings.hpp->ice.mission.CoOp.supported = 1; // 0=no, 1=yes. Added: AI: new routines to automate AI defend, attack, patrol, searchArea. Calls CBA equivalent functions at the end when ready. Added: AI: Hides AI markers plus disables AI simulation, for AI in zones which are not active, to improve client and server performance. Fixed: CBA: AI: Fixed bug in fn_cba_taskDefend.sqf (as temporary workaround, until @CBA update released). Added: auto balance: for CoOp games only, you can specify setting as a ratio fraction, like 1 defender per 4 attackers. Modify: mission\tb_settings.hpp->ice.mission.autoBalance.ratioAttackersDefenders = 5; // -1 means unlimited; 5/1 == 5 == 5:1 == 5 attackers:1 defender; 1/4 == 0.25 == 1:4 == 1 attacker:4 defenders Fixed: AI: zone patrols were being limited to about 100m, instead of zone radius. S&D still defends cache with a closer patrol radius though. Fixed: AI: added stealth behaviour for some random AI Changed: player markers: AI: hidden AI and their vehicle markers are now properly hidden on map and GPS maps, which improves performance. (AI can be hidden with simulation disabled, at start up at forward non-current objectives, to improve server performance.) Technical Code changes: Changed: Server maintenance: some settings are now handled server-side via data files, to allow easy periodic updating without requiring a new build. Mission voting lists: Now supports updating of various lists via server-side data files, (since Arma 3 does not have a server command to detect what missions are on server, doh!). Lists handled via userconfig file: missionRecords, terrainRecords, [new](highlight)recentlyAdded(missions), [new]hide(deletedMissions). (Full details by request.) Changed: Mission voting: UI now highlights newly added missions. Fixed: Code: some event handlers ("killed", "hit", etc) had the new _instigator parameter missing but had optional parameters too, causing a bug. Changed: Debug: When "fast zone capture" debug is turned on, it will now speed up the "delayed zone captured" timer too, not just the "zone capture duration". Fixed: vehicle respawn bugs: variables: ICE_spawn_players_min & ICE_spawn_players_max were using lowest player count of both sides, but should have used opposition count and friendly count, respectively. Changed: Setting: ["respawn", "SRP", "maxFriendlySiteDist"] now defaults to average zone distance, if none specified. Changed: tried to get Eden sliders to step by whole 1 unit. Not working. sliderSpeed[] = {50, 200}; // does not work scrollSpeed[] = {50, 200}; // does not work Changed: Various changes to XEH configs: class EventHandlers: DefaultEventhandlers // EventHandlers
  4. TacBF revision 3.23.0 has been released. (14 Aug 2016) With the release of v3.23 TacBF mod, here is the Change Log for it. Log any new bugs to Bug Reports 3.23 Download: @TacBF_3-23-0.7z << Official Downloads Page >> TacBF auto Downloader - updated Armaholic - updated WithSix - updated ArmA3.de - to be updated soon... Steam - updated Game Servers - updated .Change log: Kit Count bugs: Fixed: Bug in ICE_gear_fnc_adjustMaxKitsAllowed. During start-up, it potentially initialised the role arrays with nil items. Fixed: gear/kitInit timing bugS&D Game Mode: Much thanks to Harold for report & solution of most of these S&D bugs. Fixed: caches considered to be Armaments box and were indestructible by hits. Fixed: the "Take >" menu on caches. Fixed: the caches composition mix-up Fixed Bug #76670: S&D cache destroyed bug: new script error due to Arma v1.62 "Killed" EventH changes. Added: marker for estimated cache position radiusAuto-Balance: Added: Auto-Balance checks: When joining a match, if it is imbalanced, it will notify you and return you back to the lobby, where you will need to switch sides to be able to join, or wait for other players. Changed: Auto-Balance: It will now allow you to join the same side you were disconnected from, even if that causes further imbalance. Menus: Added admin menu option: "Enable/Disable Auto-Balance".Eden Property Editors: Added: Eden Property Editors: Most of the TacBF Initialization setVariable variables (about 14 of 18?) have now been integrated into Eden`s property editor dialogs,which includes: Vehicles for respawn variables, Armaments for camoNet, HO for tickets, TRP for tickets & life duration. This is not fully tested yet, so refrain from starting to use it until v3.24 is released. General bugs: Fixed: Bug #76661: (Menu) Request map markers were white. Plus name was missing from request message.Trivial changes: Fixed: Respawn position: (Minor) when respawning over water position, it will now place you inside a valid building position or on top of platform, if present. Previously, it placed you at water level under the buildings. Added mission: Radical_exercises. Changed: Player will now lower weapon whenever interacting with a base object. Changed: Updated detected addons code for new cfgPatches configs, plus updated credits, under Map->TacBF Help->Version. Changed: AO Boundary Border is now scaled in thickness and edge gap distance, based on the size of the box.Apex Config bugs Fixed: Arma 3 Apex loading screen is now fixed. It now animates the 3 middle boxes and removes some garbage News text. Fixed: various itemInfo class references Fixed: model.cfg: Various model.cfg changes, in an attempt to fix log warnings, but unsure if warnings are even related to this mod or a 3rd party mod.It`s just trial and error. Bloody useless error messages in log, BIS! Which object/class has the error? The same error doesn`t even appear in the log when binarizing models. Fixed: removed old "\CA\ui\..." ref`s Fixed: Config start-up errors like: "Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/*.scope."Resolved. All @TacBF missing class warnings (since Apex changes) are now fixed. It included fixes for: * Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope'. // Changed to ToolKitItem * Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/WeaponSlotsInfo.scope'. // Moved WeaponSlotsInfo local to each weapon class * Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope'. * Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.Single'. * Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.FullAuto'. * Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.manual'. * Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgModels.default' Mission Gear Config error handling improvements: Mission gear config: Improved design error messages. Mission gear config: Improved error handling: Added type checking for gear listed in mission gear sqf files,which is commonly either: string, array, random array of strings. Eg: _uniform = "U_B_abc"; Mission gear config: Improved error handling: It prevents repeating the same error 50 times for 50 units in SP. Mission gear config: Improved error handling:If a mission includes civilian units, the loadout system does not yet cater for it, so it now gracefully handles empty loadouts for civilians. Changed: When start-up loadout detects invalid gear (especially uniform/helmet), it now shows a clearer message for the reason and action to take."Your current uniform (className, 'displayName') is not allowed/available in your faction's Inventory/Gear. Edit 'uniform[] ='. Providing default." Technical Code changes: Fixed: various small fixes. Changed: Eden Assets Browser: WIP:TacBF objects/classes are currently not being listed in Eden Assets Browser, due to having a `side` property. Objects belonging to TacBF mod, will now depend on new `TB_side` property to replace the BIS `side` property. The `side` property is is due for removal in TacBF v3.24, along with other related changes.
  5. dr_eyeball

    EricJ Release thread

    Eagerly awaiting the update. The config fixes are quite easy.
  6. The 3rd party mods have now been updated again, on the server and the TacBF Launcher (Thanks to Alonso & Stacktrace). These mods include: @CBA, @Kunduz. It's another big update, so start downloading now for the weekend... see you online soon.
  7. With the arrival of the Arma 3 v1.60 update (& hotfix), the official TacBF servers are now using new mods. (2 Jun 2016) So we have gone ahead and changed the required mods, plus updated the servers. The mods are best downloaded using the TacBF Launcher. Plus available for download by the usual methods at http://www.tacbf.com/dl. Competent users can utilise existing downloads, to avoid duplicate downloading. TacBF Team. Changes: Updated: Launcher download files. (Thanks to Alonso & Stack/Overflo) WIP: PWS not updated yet. Updated: Servers are now fully updated. (Thanks to Gunther.S for server & access) Removed: @AllInArma_Terrain mod Added: CUP_Terrains_Core Added: CUP_Terrains_maps Added: EricJ Taliban Fighters Updated: Kunduz, Afghanistan Updated: CBA Updated: Applied Arma 3 v1.60 hotfix Fixed: DLC's mismatch finally solved. Fixed: BattlEye problems finally solved. (Thanks to Syntax) Fixed: 50+ similar repeating "mod dependency" start-up error messages on server, by using server side pbo. I have finally got the green light on the server list now. It's a big update, so start downloading now for the weekend... see you online soon.
  8. TacBF revision 3.21.0 has been released. (12 May 2016) Good news. A v3.21.0 update has been completed. It is now available for download by the usual methods. Note: that servers may still need to be updated first. This update has a set of bug fixes, some rule changes, but mainly code optimisation improvements. TacBF Team. Download: @TacBF_3-21-0.7z << Downloads >> TacBF auto Downloader - updated Steam - updated Armaholic - updated (Thanks Foxhound!) WithSix - updated ArmA3.de - to be updated soon... Game Servers - updated . Change Log: . Change log for TacBF v3.21.0 New A&D Defender Spawning rules: Changed: In A&D, if defenders tickets reach zero, they normally cannot use any forward spawn point at all. It was intended to slow down the attacks by the defenders, which worked well for smaller missions. But in larger missions, it often meant travelling 2 km or more, sometimes by foot when no vehicles were left. Now it will allow you to use any spawn point which is further than the configured minimum distance to any active objective border. By default this is automatically scaled by mission size to be [300, 500, 600, 700, 900] in metres. Mission dev's: There is a new optional setting for mission dev's: ICE.respawn.infantry.minZoneRespawnDist_ifNoDefenderTickets[] = {300, 500, 600, 700, 900}; Base Deployment/Respawn dialog: Added: Defender Respawns: Respawn dialog now shows the Defender Respawns boundaries on the map, while the dialog is open. Mission Voting: Added: mission names & map images: Sir Poundalot, Hills have Eyes, Attack Time, Op Blackout, Op Trident, Witches Cauldron, "Priwet (wrong move)". Removed: mission names: Steel Balls, Vacancy, Landing, Sabotage (for now). Changed: coloured lists with player counts, to highlight rows when suggested player count is far outside of current player count Changed: Vote Missions: new player range scales used, plus new Automatic scale applied by default, to reduce players voting for missions which are too big/small. Changed: Vote Missions: full mission details (name, type, size) shown over map image, not just name. Processes Lists: Added: Debug: view active processes list (via menu option: Config->Debug->Processes List). Changed: processes list: Temporarily show TB PFH CPU duration usage of every PFH call. Added: Processes debug lists now includes a perFrameHandlers list too. Lists are sorted and color coded. Added: Processes: Upon toggling it off, it will dump the current lists to the RPT log. Vehicles: Changed: Vehicle respawn: Reduced the deserted distance for most vehicles, eg: for cars from [10, 10, 25, 40, 60] to [10, 10, 15, 15, 20] for [T,S,M,L,H] sizes. BattlePrep: Fixed: BattlePrep: For defenders, the Base Deployment options were still disabled after their BattlePrep had ended. (A new separate 'start time' was required for them.) General Changes: Fixed: Gear: SL kit: Override squad size requirements in missions for taking a SL kit, since it interferes with the automatic allocation of the SL kit during creation of a squad. Fixed: Damage Engine Parts: script delays fixed to be non-instant. Changed: Models: MG ammo box for vehicle mounted MGs (eg: M2 on pickup) changed from ammo pallet to standard ammo box (containing multiple MG magazines). Changed: Tried to enable "Navigation" menu while using rangeFinder or laserDesignator, but does not seem be working yet, but try it. Changed: Mines: added Gunther's mine config's. It reduces the blast range and damage for AP mines, to make them more of an incapacitating effect rather than instant kill. UI Changes: Fixed: Admin menu options should now work again. Fixed: crew names: "Boarded" message now shown via vehicle chat, with name and seat included. Crew names HUD will also auto appear upon each person boarding. Added: Base Deployment dialog: displayed current tickets in header. Useful to know when deploying often. Added: Team tickets are now shown on Bleedout screen. This helps you to decide whether to respawn or not if tickets are low or zero. Fixed: Bleedout screen: nearest team member was not always found. Changed: Missions: Map: in editor, all zone markers now show their average radius and all links show their distance. Changed: Missions: in editor, upon mission start, average objective distances stats are shown in a message. Menus: Added: New menu option "Fix hidden chat window" for anyone who finds their chat window disappears during the game. Unsure what is causing it, since TacBF does not do it. Added: "Hide respawn counter bug" to "Configuration.More" menu. This is a workaround for now, since sometimes the bleedout screen leaves the respawn counter visible after respawn. Added: New menu option "Bury" for dead people. Hides body in 6 seconds. Medic tags HUD: Added: when a player requests a revive or treatment, all nearby players will see the injury icons over them, not just medics. Fixed: the injury icons medics see over people are now more accurately drawn and hidden properly. The icons are more vibrant for visual clarity too. Fixed: the Identify key to show player names is now always synchronised with showing/hiding the injury icons (for medics) too. Before it would sometimes show the opposite. Trivial changes: Changed: Fixed: "request capture progress" caller marker was not placed on caller, but player. Changed: Difficulty: New Arma 3 mission difficulty commands applied. If difficulty settings are unsuitable, it will still warn players, but it will not terminate the mission any more (for now). Fixed: minor script error upon capturing a zone. Fixed: Scoreboard showed Mission Voting captions, but it shouldn't. Changed: Tasks List: something is causing the (briefing) Tasks List to put the active objectives at the top, even though we don't want that! I am trying to use 'priority' to fix it, but I think Arma 3 is just using a silly unwanted new sort method. Major Coding and Optimisation Changes: Changed: Squad HUD: major: refactor code. Watch for any issues. Changed: Medic tags HUD: major: refactor code. Watch for any issues. Changed: Optimisation: Suppression: major: (tried to) optimised by ignoring all bullets which do not pass within certain angles of your body, since they will not land near you. This should help the client a lot, especially with many players and many bullets, such as heli MGs and general MGs - potentially reducing up to 400,000 loops, assuming 80 players were firing an MG at 5 bullets/second. Tests to do: test that bullet direction is sufficient to determine weaponDir, especially on mounted weapons and heli's. Changed: Optimisation: Suppression: stop monitoring bullets, if they go past you. Fixed: Removed 100 of 150 unnecessary debug processes in attachInit. Minor Coding and Optimisation Changes: Changed: PerFrameHandler: Temporarily forced usage of TB PFH code, in order to track CPU duration usage of every PFH call. Will try to find a way to track CBA PFH code calls too somehow. Changed: PerFrameHandler: changes to make new system work for first major usage. Changed: Vehicle respawn: refactor code. Watch for any issues. Changed: Respawn dialog: refactor code. Watch for any issues. Changed: Voting options: refactor code. Watch for any issues. Changed: Zone capture: refactor code. Watch for any issues. Changed: Code: Voting: modified voting system to allow parameters for same voting option. Eg: to allow a choice of durations to extend game time. New options to be added in next release. Changed: Code: added debug messages to diagnose why "Report capture progress" menu option does not become enabled sometimes. Dev: Fixed: Many "%1,%2" link uniqueness markers seem to have been stored backwards as "%2,%1". Dev: Added: logged warning if getZoneTrigger called before ready. Changed: Optimisation: respawnTrailer monitoring Changed: Optimisation: monitorSupply & replenishCargoQuantities Removed: attempted RDS fix removed, for RDS error message: Cannot open object rds_staticw\spg9\og9.p3d & pg9.p3d attempt to speed up high player count loops attempt to speed up marker drawing reduce frequency of some addPerFrameHandler calls by extending periods . . . Change log text for other admin's.
  9. TacBF revision 3.20.0 has been released. (26 Mar 2016) Good news. A v3.20.0 update has been completed. It is now available for download by the usual methods. Note: that servers may still need to be updated first. This update is mainly a set of important bug fixes, code improvements and a new Mission Voting dialog. Yes, CUP terrains are being considered to replace AiA_terrains, fairly soon. Other mods to be considered after that. TacBF Team. Download: @TacBF_3-20-0.7z << Downloads >> TacBF auto Downloader - to be updated soon...Steam - updated Armaholic - will be notified soon and will be updated soon... WithSix - updated ArmA3.de - to be updated soon... Game Servers - updated Change Log: Change log for TacBF v3.20.0 Mission Voting dialog: Added: a new Mission Voting & Preview dialog. The dialog can be accessed via: Player menu->Configuration->More->Missions Voting. It can be accessed during the game, plus voting can be started during the game. Votes will be carried forward to the end game voting for next mission. Allows you to see a list of almost all TacBF missions. (Newest missions might be absent until each update.) An admin option exists to allow you to manually add missing missions, which are then maintained by the server (until rebooted). Each mission includes a map image of the mission layout. A map image is also available of every island, for missions without a mission image. Filter options available: mission name (partial search allowed), game mode, player count, terrain name. Voting allows you to choose a range of mission names and/or features you want to play next. Players are limited to 5 votes. Admins are not limited. Voting results are tallied and shown to all players, where further voting on those votes can then be done. Tooltip hints exist for each caption, to explain what various colours mean and other details. End game screen: Tweaked: end game duration increased from 30 to 180s Added: screen now includes a "Ready" button and for admins a "Finish" button. Added: screen now includes 2 new list for Played missions and Mission Votes, plus a "Vote for Next Mission" button. BattlePrep: Fixed: the defending side should now have half of the normal BattlePrep duration, allowing for early base deployment/exit.Observations: It seems it may not detect the defending side for some missions, resulting in the normal duration. Fixed: the defending side should now have access to base deployment options, upon BattlePrep ending. Fixed: the defending side now shows the "BattlePrep" ended message.Observations: It seems it may not always show the attacking side this message, but the top countdown banner is obvious enough. General: Fixed: A&D: major bug where both factions were considered to be defending, if mission did not specify attacking side. This caused many problems including tickets and respawn issues. Fixed: first aid: fixed various first aid messages, which had incorrect parsing. Fixed: nearest medic now includes entire team, not just squad. Fixed: first aid message: was reporting missing icon: unitbleeding_ca.paa Fixed: messages: get in 'Boarded.' name was showing driver instead of new passenger. Fixed: menus: 'Inventory' menu option via Interact on small ammo boxes, now works. Changed: ammo: reduced GL HE shells limit from 6 to 3 if opposing player count is <= 13 ('low player count'). Fixed: endMission: Added missing function class endMission. This prevented game ending upon detection of invalid mission set up. Changed: Push boat now allows 1 person to stay in boat and also stops drift after 3m, to prevent it drifting away indefinitely.Tweaks: Reduced: HO: default max HO count for mission has decreased from 6 to 5. Missions usually override this anyway. Tweak: Fixed: AI: flag touch radius changed to 15m from 5m when AI on, due to AI not path-finding complex objects sometimes. Tweak: Fixed: progress bar: in demolition missions, for defending side, progress bar now shows text "Defend ..." instead of "Destroy ...". Fixed: removed "mins" from some messages. Changed: reduced AFK minor dur from 300s to 240s. Tweaked: Messages: Deploy_RP message was Side, not Group.Squad Management: Fixed: bug existed where increasing group size limit beyond 7 was not working, even though it says it did. Changed: default group size limit for Resistance factions has now increased from 6 to 8, plus max group size is 12 for Res always.Markers: Tweaked: Pre-placed structure markers:a) Ramparts are now drawn as skinny wall, not large block. B) Warfare structures are now drawn with solid outline. c) CamoNets/(sheds?) are now drawn with diagonal pattern. Added: Markers: Pre-placed razor wires are now drawn.Mission Dev's: Fixed: Validation of zoneList.hpp was reporting DEPQTY checks with incorrect range values. Message clarified. Added: Validation of zoneList.hpp value types Fixed: Validation of zoneList.hpp was reporting negative zone id's as invalid, which was incorrect.Code: Code: XEH: Standardised all TB object classes to be extendedEventHandler compliant, (via ": DefaultEventhandlers" method). Fixed: Menu keys: these would sometime not initialise quick enough at the very start, causing script errors for a minute. Changed: Code: keybinding init improvements. Fixed: menus/AI: bug with changing AI settings not being broadcast back to clients, for use via menus. Fixed: Zones: BIS_fnc_MP was complaining about nil targets at start for triggers. Fixed: Zones: had wrong syntax in some parts relating to: _condition = "this"; OR (_zoneHeightRange isEqualTo []) Added: Debug: Added: "Show cursorTarget parents" tool menu option - also handles odd warfare configs which are not detected by cursorTarget. Change log text for other admin's.
  10. Request: It would be very useful now to have a command, like serverMissions, which will send the current list of missions on the server to the requesting client (or server). Implementation: eg: 1. If obtaining the data and performing the transfer is efficient, then a normal command result can be used: _missionList = serverMissions; 2. Or, if obtaining the file list might not be instant, so you could specify a variable name to save the results in, which may not be instant. eg: it may take 1 seconds to obtain and send the data, similar to a public variable. eg: serverMissions "var_name"; waitUntil {!isNil "var_name"};3. Ideally, it would be good to be able to access other properties in every mission.pbo description.ext file, such as: author, class Header, gameType, class Params, etc. Data syntax: The suggested array format would be a 2 string record per mission, the mission name and pbo path: [ ["[M-30] Operation Dangerous v3", "sub-folder\mission_name.pbo"], ["this is the mission briefing name", "this is the pbo file name and folder"], ... ] Purpose: It would be used to: display a list of missions to players, for voting purposes, map preview purposes. automatic mission launch execution via new server admin commands When would it be beneficial to use?Immediately. Some mods already have Mission Voting dialogs which currently have to manually maintain the list of missions which are "likely to be" on the server. Screen shot 2 Foreseeable Problems: 1) The data array sent, might be quite large, but it would be up to the mod dev to manage any such potential issue, eg: such as only using it at the end of the game.
  11. Arma build: both public and dev build 1.57.134914 There is a major issue in Eden editor, where the Asset Browser does not list any objects with a side. This means all objects defined in a mod, (like TacBF has), are inaccessible to create a mission, which makes this rather urgent. At this stage, I think it's the side property which is causing the problem, but cannot be sure. It does list objects with a side of 4 (unknown side), but not 0 or 1. Unsure about 2 or 3. #define sideEast 0 #define sideWest 1 #define sideResistance 2 #define sideCivilian 3Note: the side assets do not appear in any of the other (4/)5 coloured Side tabs either (BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, Props) This Eden screenshot shows a class which cannot be found in Asset Browser, but is listed in Entity Browser. Screen shot 1 This Eden screenshot shows 3 neutral (unknown side) classes which are found in Asset Browser, but there should also be 3 west and 3 east variations of each of these assets. Screen shot 2
  12. TacBF revision (3.18.0 &) 3.19.0 have been released. (4 Mar 2016) Good news. A v3.18.0 update has been completed. A v3.19.0 hot-fix update has been released (to replace v3.18.0) and is now available for download by the usual methods. This update focuses on various fixes from recent updates affecting game play. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports. TacBF Team. Download: @TacBF_3-19-0.7z << Downloads >> TacBF auto Downloader - updated. Steam - updated. Armaholic - will be notified soon and will be updated asap. WithSix - can't update due to continuous failures during uploading. Change Log: Change log for TacBF v3.18.0 This update focuses on many fixes, plus changes to help players know their tasks and what is available to them. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports. We could not fix them all, but they will be reviewed again for the next release. TacBF Team. Task System: Added: New task display system added for the 3 game modes.It shows the required objectives to be completed, plus Logistics which can be performed to assist the team. Tasks now show all deployed FOs/HOs/SRPs or a task to deploy each one. S&D tasks includes "Search bodies", as reminder. Each task or parent task has instructions or advice on what to do with task. Tip: Press J (default Arma 3 key) to quickly show the Tasks list, without opening the map. Also works on map. Known problems: Setting a task as active probably won't work fully in this release. It will need to be improved to handle this. S&D game mode: Fixed: S&D: Search for intel: repeated intel searches are now prevented. Squad Management: Fixed: Request to join squad, was sometimes sent to wrong squad member. Fixed: Squad size was sometimes limited to 3 players even when SL had the SL kit. It was not recognizing the new SL properly. Vehicles: Added: rearm: you can now rearm basic ammo and medic gear off any car/truck vehicle periodically, similar to RPs. Added: damage engine: you can now damage the engine parts of enemy cars, to immobilise them, without it being obvious. Changed: Fast ropes: Deploying helicopter winch to lower fast ropes, now shows a chat message to all inside helicopter too. Changed: Menus: cargo and similar sub-menus can now be viewed whilst inside a vehicle too, in order to be able to list and view the options, but they will still be disabled preventing access. Fixed: Vehicle respawn: fixed execution of local/global/server functions. Fixed: Vehicle Respawn: _newVeh variable undefined for UAV crew init. Fixed: Vehicle Respawn: "getout" event called vehicleRespawn on client instead of server, for dragOutWounded & setDead functions. UI: Map markers, waypoint (WP) lines: Added: Markers: You can now delete Spot/Request markers, which were placed by yourself, via the same menus. Added: Markers: RP/FO markers now show the block radius circle Changed: Markers: spot/request marker text size increased, plus markers flash for a few seconds initially. Changed: Markers: Waypoints which are not common "move" commands, will now show caption with waypoint marker. Changed: Waypoint/Nav map lines will now draw clearly instead of disappearing, even when map is zoomed out. Arma seems to now draw clearly visible lines with pixels precision and light/dark edges, even when zoomed out, for thickness = 1. Nice. Changed: Removed unneeded menu option "Set Line Thickness = 2" Changed: Some boundary marker colour/brush tweaks. Changed: Trying to prevent waypoint changing unless SL explicitly changes it or SL arrives at waypoint. Seems to still change at 10m, unsure. Currently waypoints can change whenever a stray squad member enters it, even dead ones. UI: Fixed: Upon accessing Arma main menu, a script error occurred when calling BIS_fnc_initDisplay. Fixed: minor bug: when TRP tickets ran out, it would show message "Hideout tickets depleted." Changed: many countdown timers are now displayed as "1m 59s" instead of "1:59 mins". Changed: Flags: Flags list shown on the map/score/messages, is now sorted (according to links), plus ordered from your base. Changed: localization: completed more message localization (for messages which were previously being sent using sender's language). Localized some "FO/HO/SRP deployed" and "Score added: reason" messages. Changed: Menus: tweaked various menus and menu icons Changed: Squad HUD: increased brightness of red WP (waypoint) line and white completed WP line. Respawning: Changed: respawn dialog: spawn list will now show all possible undeployed FO/HO assets, (to help encourage and remind players to utilise them all). Fixed: Respawn Dialog: Minor: List will no longer show "FO - not deployed" if your side is Resistance, since RES do not use FOs. Avoids confusion. Changed: Changed: Respawn duration adjustments: - scaling is now auto scaled if mission setting is missing. - duration is now capped for each mission size [T/S/M/L/H]. - duration is now capped for very low player numbers, (otherwise the battlefield is empty for too long). First Aid: Fixed: First aid/diagnose: the bleeding message was always saying that you/he does not need a field dressing, rather than saying how badly wounded you are. Changed: Bleedout: max times reduced from 5 to 4mins, plus mission validation. Changed: Bleedout timer screen: modified nearest member/medic searches to include team, not just squad. Armaments: Changed: Gear: AP mines are now excluded from player's gear after accessing Armaments (and so when player respawns and saved gear is added). Otherwise this leads to mine exploit, since AP mines are a limited resource now, via AP mine ammo boxes. Fixed: Save gear: it will now not save your gear, when simply closing Inventory for normal gear check, i.e. when not at Armaments. BattlePrep: Added: voting: options to increase or decrease BattlePrep duration, by 2 mins or down to 30 seconds, respectively. Added: WIP - BattlePrep: if side is Defending, then halve the BattlePrep time for them, to allow them to deploy sooner than Attacking side. (completed?) Changed: BattlePrep: duration message at top becomes bolder as time nears zero. Changed: (tweaked) BattlePrep duration scaling is now gradually lower for lower player numbers. TFAR/VoN/TS3: Added: warn player if VOIP channel is global, via an on screen message. For now, it only shows in your TFR 'speaking players' list on right hand side, while you/others are speaking. Added: warn player if SL channel does not match your channel, via an on screen message. Same limitations as 'global channel' change above. Rule changes, exploit fixes: Changed: Base: weapon firing is now prohibited/blocked in main base, at all times. Changed: IED: You will now be automatically booted from the mission if you attempt to detonate an IED/VBIED in main base, with the IED being prevented. General: Fixed: config texture paths: Fighter jet "L-159 ALCA (CAS/AA varieties) (Urban/Hex varieties)" had wrong texture paths. Fixed: Start up mission message about missing recommendedTotalPlayers setting, is not a required setting any more (yet). Changed: Added more time left hints and tickets left hints, towards zero. Changed: Insufficient players nearby, when deploying a FO/RP, will now also show the matching 'request' message and marker, for others. Changed: View Distance (VD): affects VD hot keys (Ctrl+Shift+1, etc). Now, only 'Object VD' is changed via these keys. 'Max VD' will remain at the max allowable for all cases, resulting in distant hills/landscape being always visible. AI: Added: AI units will now continuously patrol the destination zone/cache objective area, upon arrival, (rather than standing still until intercepted). Added: Admin menu "AI Sides Ratios" now allows you to specify some AI infantry ratio values for each side. - Eg: 1:0.66 for west:east sides, or you can turn AI off entirely for one side, eg: 1:0. - If AI already present, it takes effect when AI start to respawn. Supplies: Fixed: Some Weapon Supply containers never resupplied. They were of type "Empty" (no cargo), which were not handled properly. Mission Dev's: Added: ZoneList.sqh data validation. Some dev's are adding '0' links/sync/depend values plus wrong depend count values causing wrong zone structures. Changed: Modified MW Supply icon to show correct facing direction (via text). Mission dev's keep facing Supply containers backwards in missions. Fixed: Base Deployment dialog: if an FB has no dependencies and FB's side is not your side, then it will be excluded from Base Deployment dialog. Fixed: Missions: 1 type of "Config kits" ROE violation was not being added properly. Nil msg param. Fixed: Added some A2 factions (BIS_US, BIS_TK, BIS_TK_INS) configs, since some A3 mod conversions (?) seem to be still referencing them without declaring them, causing Eden editor to fail auto loading a command line mission and the entire map. Fixed: repacked TB_objects_2.pbo, since it had unreleased changes. This pbo is not changed/binarized with normal build. Fixed: Eden complains about trailer bug - ICE_fnc_broadcast. Added isNil check. Changed: fnc_getSetting now allows _default to be an array of 5 values, to be auto selected based on current missionScale. Fixed: One type of "Config kits" ROE violation was not being added/shown properly. Nil msg param. Change log for TacBF v3.19.0 This update is primarily a hot-fix for the bugs found yesterday in v3.18.0. TacBF Team. General: Fixed: vehicle initialisation was not being performed properly on each client, resulting in various vehicle related bugs, like vehicle markers, getIn event handlers, etc. Fixed: player markers: I could not reproduce the invisible player markers with the vehicle fix added, so hopefully it was all related and fixes that too. Fixed: first aid: medic message tags were not parsed. Fixed: first aid: medic message highlights were accidentally removed. Fixed: zoneList.hpp validation was reporting false problems for last index. Added: messages: show a vehicle chat to all crew, when someone boards vehicle.
  13. TacBF revision 3.17.0 has been released. (31 Dec 2015) Good news. A v3.17.0 update has been completed and is now available for download by the usual methods. This update focuses on various fixes from recent updates affecting game play. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports. TacBF Team. Download: @TacBF_3-17-0.7z << Downloads >> TacBF Downloader - updated. Steam - updated. WithSix - updated. Armaholic - has been notified and will updated asap. Change Log: None yet. Details to be advised later. This update focused on various bug fixes.
  14. TacBF revision 3.16.0 has been released. (16 Dec 2015) Good news. A v3.16.0 update has been completed and is now available for download by the usual methods, (with some delays for 3rd party sites). This update focuses on various fixes for game play elements which have become affected by the changes in the recent Arma patches. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports. TacBF Team. Download: @TacBF_3-16-0.7z << Downloads >> TacBF Installer - updated. Steam - updated. 3rd party download sites - will be updated very soon (Armaholic, WithSix). Sorry for delays, still have problems with WithSix. Change Log: For the most accurate list of changes for v3.16, view the Change Log. First Aid: Changed: Reworked incap system completely Fixed: Low damage received as infantry Fixed: Kill tracking for scoreboard Fixed: Unit spawned in base before selecting actual spawn location Fixed: Unit standing up when incapped Fixed: Unit model going invisible during treatment after a while and markers disappearing Fixed: Drag out wounded menu option, to get incap player out of vehicle Fixed: Starting dragging while in 'combat pace' mode no longer gets you stuck in place (Thanks Bad Benson) Added: Pressing Crouch or Prone while dragging will make sure you go to prone right away First Aid UI & map:Changed: Reworked some of the medic effects. Less DOOM style Added: Incap column to scoreboard Fixed: Player marker disappearing off map when incapped Fixed: Players going AWOL when incapped in a vehicle (End up in bottom left corner of the map) Changed: Removed some elements of the bleedout timer, (since map now actually works/remains) Changed: Bleedout timer now replaced by vanilla respawn counter Fixed: Both the 'Treatment' & 'Revive' markers and text overlap each other, when both requested. Vehicles:Fixed: Taking long time to spawn in vehicle when enough players connected to make it spawn Changed: Rewrote vehicle init completely. Less loops, more speed. Fixed: Some problems with setting max vehicle respawn limit (Especially when there was a chance vehicle didn't spawn at start) Added: Menu option "Vehicle Ammo List" on VSP, to get list of supported ammo for any of the armed vehicles on your team (Mostly useful for delivering appropriate ammo as pilot) Menus & UI (user interface):Added: AFK (away from keyboard) checking. Shows AFK status on Scoreboard. If > 5 mins, shows AFK in olive. If > 10 mins, shows AFK in orange. Added: 'Weapon on back' option under Equipment menu Added: "Show crew names" to vehicle interaction menu. Removed: TacBF Fatigue bar disabled now, since vanilla Arma has it's own Fatigue bar Fixed: map line markers: line links between non-circular markers were not drawn accurately to the exact edge. Fixed: Parachuting players didn't show on map Fixed: Some "Request" menu options would not show a message. Eg: "Report capture progress" menu option. Fixed: Menu option "Capture progress?" didn't work for position of map click. Also now it prevents requesting progress of the zone you are in. Tweaked: Respawn dialog: Show penalty duration numbers as rounded numbers, not long decimals. Tweaked: Scoreboard: added Author name to tooltip of Mission Name. Tweaked: UI: Added Kunduz to use TB world hints. Changed: Menu option "Report capture progress" now distinguishes between: capturing a zone down to 0% and securing a zone up to 100%, (unless neutral). Voting:Changed: Now 65% Yes votes is required to pass most votes Fixed: Increase ticket votes also increased the caches by 30 Fixed: Voting: Choosing a reason to change mission sometimes displayed wrong reason. General:Added: ram_core.pbo - Thanks to Olds and Bakerman for allowing us to use Real Armor Mod. Added: tb_particles.pbo Added: tb_respawn.pbo Deleted: tb_missions.pbo Changed: Updated carrying code. Fixed: You could build FOs inside most restricted boundary areas (since v3.13 due to bug), like inside/near zones. Tweaked: In A&D, attacking side can build FOs inside captured zones. Changed: Reverted 'zone capture' 'soldier limit' back to 4 players, rather than recent unlimited count. Changed: Ear plugs: For pilots/crewmen, earplugs now further reduces volume from 40% to 20% by simulating wearing a cuffed headset/helmet. Changed: Attempted 1 fix to solve blank names appearing Configs - general: (mostly Gunther)Added: Ammo: added laser guided rounds to mortars & more flares and smoke rounds Changed: Infantry: Tweaked some running speeds Changed: Damage: Reduced mortar damage drastically & increased splash damage (EDIT: Not for 3.16) Changed: Damage: reduced CUP AT mine damage. Will disable vehicles but not destroy them Fixed: SMAW and MAAWS trajectory & Zerod MAAWS optic scope to use the built in rangefinder Changed: dust size increased, will linger longer but generally less particle counts Configs - Particle Effects: (mostly Gunther)Changed: effects for primarily mortar and smoke (Gunther) Changed: reduced IED particle count significantly & changed colors, to make it more realistic Changed: reduced hand grenade smoke, slightly increased smoke size (more effective with better FPS) Changed: buffed mortar smoke Changed: buffed helo brownout smoke effects, without adding particle count Mission Developer Changes:Added: Menus: Under Debug menu, added "Count editor objects" to output 2 sorted lists of object types and their count to the RPT log file & screen. Intended to help identify: heavily used object types, excessive object usage. Fixed: Vehicle respawn vars: Default respawn time for APCs, Tanks and Helis wasn't set properly (Instant respawn in some missions) Fixed: LHD: Script error when respawning on LHD (Also missions shouldn't need marker setPos for LHD spawns anymore) Changed: Default Russian faction flag now comes with an eagle
  15. TacBF revision 3.15.1 has been released. (26 Oct 2015) Good news. A v3.15.1 update has been completed and is now available for download by the usual methods. This hot-fix update focuses on some urgent fixes for recent release. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports for this. The TB Launcher should be up to date. Steam was updated. We will try to update 3rd party download sites soon, but having technical issues with PWS, so unsure. TacBF Team. Download: @TacBF_3-15-1.7z << Downloads >> Change Log: For the most accurate list of changes for v3.15.1, view the Change Log. Fixed: Nearby players were not detected when deploying RPs Fixed: Deaths after incap are not registered properly (Does not show as kill and no reporting for friendly incaps) Change: Magazine / ammo count limitations for some vehicles included into the mod (Less endless HE spam)