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  1. You can make the soldier you want to wear civilian cothes to inherit straight from the civilian class whose clothes you want him to wear. Then add side, faction and vehicleclass so he should show up as OPFOR instead of civilian class. ;) I_Soldier_base_F class should be changed to the civilian class that wears the "U_C_Poor_1" uniform.
  2. So I ran into some weird problems when I unpacked some addons made by the community. For example I unpacked CUP mods ammunition PBO to alter some hit damage values. I am not trying to release new content, just editing them to my own taste. I have done this before countless times but now the same recipe isnt working. The addons load so that they show up in the editor unit lists but no UI pictures or icons are shown and neither are the actual models. I can place a unit on the map but its invisible. If I add a PREFIX file in the addon folder I get error "End of line encoutered, line 1". If I dont add it the missing units problem as described above comes into play. I have tried unpacking and repacking them with Eliteness, PBO View and the official Addon Builder and RevBank tool but all produce the same results. So any hints what I am missing? Like I said I have done these edits to CUP addons before, increasing aircraft armor so they dont fall from a single 23mm shell and increasing dispersion on autocannons and machineguns and everything worked fine.
  3. So could somebody please point me to a ready working one or possibly even write one real quick? Not a problem for me in Arma 2 or early days of Arma 3 but I cant get any to work now. Script that initialized in the addons (units) config and gave the units in question uniforms, headgear, goggles, vests and backbags from predefined pools. Also some kinda possible expection where the scripts checks if a unit gets certain headgear and then doesnt give the units in question any goggles. This because that way I can define certain headgear that would clip with the beards so that they dont show up for units that get beards in the goggles class. Something like: Vests = (v_chestrig_oli, v_bandolier_khk); Headgear = (h_watchcap_blk); Choose random Uniforms, Vests & Headgear and assign them to a unit.
  4. bucket man

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Since you included eastern AAA like ZU-23 and S-60 wouldnt it be balancing to have something for the west? Im thinking two of the most common AA guns post WW2: The 40mm Bofors L70 is maybe the most common AA gun in the world? Already seeing service during WW2 it was the standard NATO AA-gun for years and manufactured under license in several countries and seeing action in dozens of conflicts around the world from WW2 to this day. Another western AA-gun that deserves a place is the 35mm Oerlikon GDF. Used all around the world and manufactured under license in many countries, it would also offer some interesting capabilities like AHEAD ammunition thats possible to accomplish using scripts and maybe the refined sub-ammo system in Arma 3. Both guns can operate on their own or radar guided like the Sky Guard system that the Oerlikon GDF is part of. Both guns would also open alot of doors to addon makers because they have been used in so many conflicts and probably will be used in the future.
  5. bucket man

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Any chance the mod developers publish the classnames of weapons, grenades and items? Particulary the classname of Lee Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine has been driving me insane. I must have tried atleast a dozen different alternatives to no avail. Usually FoW weapons and magazines follow clear logic but so far no luck. The changelog says that the Jungle Carbine should be there and I have seen a screenshot picturing the weapon but no british soldier is equipped with it in the editor. I see no reason why not give out the classnames so mission makers can give different loadouts. Thanks in advance!
  6. So I used this little script to create Tanoan insurgents with random uniforms, vests and headgear: if (isServer) then { removeUniform _this; _Uniforms = ["U_I_G_resistanceLeader_F","U_IG_Guerilla1_1","U_IG_Guerilla2_1","U_IG_Guerilla3_1","U_C_HunterBody_grn","U_C_Poloshirt_tricolour","U_I_C_Soldier_Camo_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Para_1_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Para_2_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Para_3_F","U_C_Man_casual_3_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Para_4_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Para_5_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Para_6_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_1_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_2_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_3_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_4_F","U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_5_F"]; _count = count _Uniforms; _this forceAddUniform (_Uniforms select floor random _count); removeHeadgear _this; _Headgears = ["H_Cap_blk_CMMG","H_Cap_red","H_Cap_ION","H_Cap_blk_Raven","H_Booniehat_tna_F","H_Booniehat_dirty","H_Booniehat_khk","H_Bandanna_sgg","H_Bandanna_camo","H_Bandanna_surfer_blk","H_Bandanna_surfer","H_Hat_camo","H_Shemag_tan","H_Shemag_olive"]; _count = count _Headgears; _this addHeadGear (_Headgears select floor random _count); removeVest _this; _Vests = ["V_BandollierB_khk","V_BandollierB_oli","V_Chestrig_oli","V_TacVest_camo","V_TacVestIR_blk","V_HarnessO_brn","V_HarnessOSpec_brn","V_I_G_resistanceLeader_F","V_TacChestrig_cbr_F"]; _count = count _Vests; _this AddVest (_Vests select floor random _count); }; I executed it by placing this in the config.cpp: class EventHandlers : EventHandlers { init = "(_this select 0) execVM ""\Tanoa_Paramilitary\fnc\Tanoa_Random.sqf"""; Everything worked fine until recently when the script stopped working alltogether, no uniforms except the basic CSAT uniform that comes from the baseclass my soldiers inherit. So any pointers? Would some kind soul write me a simple randomization script for uniforms and gear. I have tried different scripts from different addons but none work. Im not planning on releasing this addon, its just for my own pleasure so dont hang me for combining other peoples work to make something of my "own".
  7. bucket man

    Broken Fire Modes!

    The problem is not really the addons but the game is "broken" somehow. It started after the Jets DLC and the patch that came along with it. Whenever I press the "fire" button my soldier just throws his rifle on his shoulder. Pistols work for some reason. RHS is also one of the mods that wont work. It would seem theres something wrong in the FullAuto_Mode and its its making the game absolutely unplayable. First it was the goddamn "cant load your saves" bug and now this. Getting pretty frustrated with this. I have tried without the addons and still theres an error message about "MX something missing the single fire mode. I have also tried to install Armed Assault again, didnt work. My last hope was a new computer but guess what,,, Oh I have never ran a server so it must be a different Bucket_Man.
  8. bucket man

    Cannot reload mission after death

    Same problem, its caused by some addons but I got no clue wich ones. In RHS everything worked fine until I added a tracked vehicle in the editor. Then I was again unable to load saves. I cant believe this problem is practically ignored. :(
  9. bucket man

    Broken Fire Modes!

    Am I the only one whos addons are broken after the 1.70 update? CUP weapons, FOW weapons and IF44 weapons all give the same error: "No display name.Single". If I add the display name the next error is about textureTypes in the fire mode. If I try to fire them they just get slung to the back or only single fire works. I run ACE, CBA and CUP terrains but the problem exists even without any addons. So any help? Arma 3 is practically unplayable right now so please help, I have tried everything...
  10. So the problem is that after the 1.70 patch all the firemodes in practically every mod are broken. Either weapons that are supposed to have two or more fire modes only have semi-auto and that too gives weird errors like "missing entry texture.type" or "missing entry display.name". Most are missing the full-auto mode completely. Any ideas on how to fix it since I can edit configs just fine, Im just lost on whats causing it. Other problem is that I cant load any saved game. This problem has persisted ever since I bought Arma 3. Sometimes it has vanished, only to reappear without a reason. For example the latest version of RHS worked just fine untill I added anything with tracks in the Eden editor. After that trying to load a saved game would only revert back to the editor. Remove the tanks and it worked again. Wheeled and air vehicles worked fine. CUP is also causing this but thats anything related to CUP in the addon folder. Im using ACE3, ASR AI3 and ofcourse CBA3 with all the latest versions and running the latest stable Arma 3 version. The loading saved games thing is practically making the game unplayable and for some reason I dont find others having the same problem.
  11. So is anybody else having this problem where most of the firemodes are broken? For example the Kar98 gives an error message about missing recoil entries and the MP40 only has single fire. RHS also has the same problem, all their weapons are missing full-auto modes and give error messages about missing display names and texturetypes for fire modes. Started after the 1.70 patch and I was kinda hoping it wouldn't be an issue here because this mod was released after the latest patch.
  12. So I have been looking for Hezbollah or anything resembling them and just now finally found SFF Hezzie addon. Usually your work is top-notch but this time I was dissapointed a bit. They are very far from the real life Hezbollah so any chance of an update? I dont mean to sound rude, Im sure you have a ton of work on your hands. Now to the things that in my opinion would truly give the addon that "Hezzie Feel". Body armor: M-69 flak jackets and Israeli copies of PASGT ballistic vests are both common. For helmets I would use the M-1 and SSh-68 steel helmets and OR-201 and PASGT kevlar helmets. Other headgear ofcourse like bandanas, boonie hats, balaclavas and shemaghs. Hezbollah fighters almost always use camouflaged pattern uniforms. Most common seems to be the M82 Woodland or a syrian copy of it. Another common pattern is the syrian "vertical" Lizard pattern. I have also seen photos where they wear olive drab uniforms likely captured from the IDF. New fairly common pattern seems to be the iranian digital pattern closely resembling MARPAT. Maybe use it for their special forces? Sometimes you will see some civilian clothing mixed in there. Like jeans and a M82 pattern jacket but usually civilian clothes are rare. Hezbollah uses combat vests like the classic chinese Type-56 chest rig for AK magazines. Other common gear is US Vietnam era chest rigs. Captured IDF vests are common also as is almost everything used by the SAA. Then the weapons. Hezbollah doesnt use the AK-74 in any significant amount. I have seen only one photo of a Hezbollah operative with an AKS-74U and he seemed to be Hassan Nasrallahs bodyguard. Small arms used by Hezzies are almost all in Arma 3 already. Assault Rifles & Carbines: AKM/AKMS and M16A1/A2. GP-25 and M203 are both also in Hezzie arsenal. Maybe throw in a CAR-15 and IMI UZI for specialists like AT crews. Machineguns: PKM is pretty much the only one I have ever observed in photos. Never seen RPK's or other machineguns wich is kinda weird. Marksman Rifles: HS.50 anti-material rifle, Dragunov SVD, M16 with AGOC or some other optic. AT Weapons: RPG-7 with optics, RPG-29 and M47 Dragon or Saeghe-2 as its iranian copy is known. SA-7 and SA-18 MANPADS are both already in the game and used by Hezbollah. Most importantly the static weapons: AT-13 Metis-M, AT-14 Kornet and Toophan 2 TOW copy are have all been made already. Only thing missing is the AT-3 Sagger but thats not too important. Throw in the ZU-23, SPG-9 and DSHkM and you would have a unique and realistic Hezzie faction. Some of the stuff would require making it from scratch like the HS.50 rifle or some of the vest and helmet models but still its relatively little work. Please show this addon a little love to make it perfect!
  13. bucket man

    The Middle East part 2

    That is wrong. Plain and simple, wrong. If we're going to talk about this, you might as well get the whole picture - The original Palestinians were the Jews. The Arabs took this identity during the many wars with Israel. A PLO ambassador has even admitted to this. But the Palestinians we see today, being the Arabs, are from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. Ethnically, they are no different than their Arab brethren. The Arabs who really were in the region were largely a nomadic people. Yes the current palestinians are arabs and not canaanites, the canaanites are long gone and dont exist anymore. However the palestinians are not from Syria, Jordan, Egypt but they are from Palestine. I have hard time understanding why anybody would try to justify Israels actions because the palestinians are arabs. Would the british be OK if Poland invaded them and told them to move to France because "they are ethnically the same". This conflict is not about religion or ethnicity but about nationalism.
  14. bucket man

    The Middle East part 2

    It seems you have absolutely no clue about why people find celebrating death as rather tasteless and sick? Most israelis I have met online seem to have the same arrogant attidude and so does their government and it is excactly the reason why many dislike Israel or its citizens. Because I have only met few, I cant say that whole Israel is full of people like that. I would bet my life that if somebody was making fun of dead IDF soldiers you would be one of the first screaming for the mods to ban that anti-semite.
  15. bucket man

    An Explanation

    I think some special forces like the GRU Spetsnaz and Vityaz get some training with western weaponry but thats about it. No russian army or MVD units use western weaponry as standard issue but there might be rare cases when some western "special" weapons like sniper rifles are used. Somebody with more knowledge should correct me if I got something wrong.