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  1. Still loving this mission Z bug. Keep up the good work! Two of us are now about 60% captured after almost 2 weeks of daily play. Few things I've come to say today. Coop suits it better than cti as cti implies warfare style commander vs commander. This is only playable as players vs AI. How could I add civilian vehicles to the base save vehicles script? To those who have added Alive to this mission: what did you do to add, how does it integrate with the missions AI spawns and locations, and is it better/worse server performance? Thanks! ~Z~
  2. Thanks for this! Before I read this I'd added a 10 second sleep into F_swapInventory.sqf that seems to be a heavy handed temorary fix until I get the chance to look into what you have suggested. I'm now also wondering why I can no longer buy AI squad or crew'd statics and vehicles. I can't remember changing anything to take these away, but my 3cb/rhs modded version doesn't have that option anymore, nor do opfor vehicles save at my FOB's. MEANWHILE - Must say my friend and I are absolutely loving this mission. We've taken about 1/4 of the map so far with a ten man squad each (as we can't spawn more AI to zeus control at the moment). Well done, and I'm looking forward to the additional updates you have planned. ~Z~ EDIT: The only changes I have made to the scripts are: F_SwapInventory.sqf : added 10 second sleep mission_params.hpp : changed a few default settings like day duration, skip cinematics etc. classnames.sqf and classnames_extensions.sqf : added classnames from additional unit/vehicle mods, removed/changed soldiers hirable gameplay_constants.sqf : changed save_key to unique name mission.sqm : moved starting location for the LHD closer to the coast OVER-RIDING LATE EDIT: I've got my AI crews and squads buyable again - seems like I'd changed the classname of the player unit in mission.sqm and that broke stuff! Also worked out how to get the limited zeus to get in/ get out of stuff, so I'm suddenly playing with a lot of bluefor!
  3. Ah, so this isn't waiting long enough for the 3CB unit to spawn it's equipment, so it's copying an incomplete inventory. Any chance of a pointer of where to put a delay into the scripts? Thanks ~Z~
  4. Could anyone tell me how "resupply" works on your own AI soldiers? I've swapped the units available out for the 3CB mod units, but when I return to base to resupply them they lose all their equipment. I can just about read code and am trying to find where this action is stored, but can't find it anywhere yet. Any help appreciated, ~Z~ EDIT. I've noticed when I spawn these soldiers, it takes a few seconds for their equipment to spawn, maybe because 3CB has a kit randomiser? Anyway, I think I've found that get_loadout.sqf is used to initially save your units loadouts then restore them when you resupply. Could this be storing the loadouts before the kit has initially spawned? If so, I just need to delay the get_loadout.sqf save function? Thinking out loud at this stage really.....
  5. zach72

    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    Is this still being developed? I like the look and feel, but can't seem to get the Economy or Group menu's working from the central WF menu, so can't control any AI other than the 12 I can spawn into my squad. ~Z~
  6. zach72

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    Read authors post previous page.
  7. The TFR hard code a line I left in the init file or the SOinit, if I recall. I'm busy with RL at the moment, so don't have time to address this yet. If TB's new version isn't out soon to support modded and unmodded, I will try to fix as soon as I am able. no rewards must mean I left an invalid classnames in the reward array. I've never used or changed the artillery, so not s clue there.
  8. Because ACRE is unreleased for Arma3, not even an alpha or beta. Any version you are using is unofficial 'leaked' from the dev server. Search the thread, its been said many times. look into flood settings on your TeamSpeak.
  9. zach72

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Hi Champy. Tom's one of my guys. Jump on our TS and have a chat with someone about it if you want. we always start server, then connect the HC, Then players.
  10. I've finally got Headless Clients working, but on this mission the AI are still all loaded locally on the server. Anyone worked out a fix for this yet?
  11. UPDATE: The issue is with the signing of the mod. If I turn off V2 sig checking, the HC connects OK and shows stats. With sig checking on, the server kicks the HC. So I guess it's not an ASM issue, it's my signing of the PBO or my server key. Odd, as I've signed other mod pbo's before and they get accepted by my server.
  12. No, didn't :( I'll grab the latest version and re-sign it (assume you've not signed it yourself?) - and try again.
  13. finally got Headless clients working, but can't get ASM to report on it. Adding -mod=@ASM to the HC startup causes it to be kicked by the server (I signed the pbo and added it to my serverkeys) Any ideas? (I'm using a version of ASM from a few weeks ago)
  14. Has anyone fixed the missions that are commented out in the current version? Or written any more, as I keen for a bit more variety. Zeus adds a lovely extra element to Patrol Ops.
  15. zach72

    (STI) A-10 for ARMA 3

    Released (beta) on Armaholics! http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25324