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  1. Still 50 seconds after removing the reporting ip and leaving it blank.
  2. My server shows up but only after a minute or so of waiting, for a regular player it would seem like no server is running as it takes so long. It was like this before on the steam option but showed instantly with the gamespy option.
  3. CIDM

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Great to hear, looking forward to playing it on our server over the weekend
  4. CIDM

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Sweet, any idea when you will release this version?
  5. CIDM

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Played this last night and noticed a few things. 1: Could not get commander menu to open 2: Could not get economy menu to open 3: On base build menu, no options to place anything in defense or walls menu
  6. How should this be run on a server with headless client? should it be run on server or headless client or both? also is it compatible with AI placed by Zeus?
  7. Just to update this thread. Our public server is now running a mix of GITS Domination (No Mods required version) and Patrol Operations 3.1 and is populated most nights. We allow optional mods to be used on our servers which are as follows @mrb_a3_voicestop @outlw_magrepack @sthud_a3 @task_force_radio @TMR_Alt @BlastCore_A3 @BlastCore_Tracers @JSRS2 @SpeedOfSoundV2 For ease of Access you can click the join button on our homepage found at www.soclan.co.uk to get this mod list into PWS and select the mods you would like to use from the list
  8. Really looking forward to this, any plans to add UN variants to this?
  9. Tried reinstalling now getting a new error "no entry config.bin\cfgweapons\u_mas_rus_O_combatuniform_urb.scope" and another on the main menu when the game loads "no entry config.bin\cfgvehicles\B_fieldPack_blk_DiverTL.scope" im running the following versions of the mods/Arma Arma 1.06.112613 @AllInArma 0.0.19 @NATO_Russian_SF_weapons 1.0
  10. Also cant get @rus_spet_a3 working, i placed an OMON Spetsnaz rifleman on Utes and when i hit preview i get taken back to the editor with these errors "cannot open object mas_rus_spet\md\opfor\o_officer.p3d" and "no entry config.bin.cfgskeletons" Mods im running: @AllInArma @NATO_Russian_SF_weapons @rus_spet_a3 @USMC_A3
  11. Is there anyway to stop uniforms being added to VAS? im making a TvT game mode with VAS and the problem im having is both sides taking the same armies uniform