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    (SP) 1990s SOF missions (WIP)

    Please...please...please...make this into a 6-8 player CooP and release as a pack...so many lives will be impacted in such a positive way! Throw in ACRE for good measure, I believe they have an AN/PRC-77. Also if you ever need ideas, let me know. Some missions in Africa would be great! Keep it up bro!
  2. This is some pretty awesome news. Now I can finally have a mod that I can look forward to in ArmA 3. Does this mean you plan on porting over your sweet vehicles and logistical support assets?
  3. abshire

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Still have plans to release this for ArmA 3? I have been waiting with baited breath for this mod to come out for ArmA3 since ArmA3 came out...I saw you stated several months ago that it was the plan...just wanting to see if that is still going to be a reality? I hate all this modern stuff and really want to roll out with your units!
  4. abshire

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    I'm sure their reason for banning me over my post was me calling out the head admins. Most specifically a kid over there named Zoo. So sad his life is that he actually gets off on banning people and for a long time he kept score...like a kill count for his bans. I enjoyed playing the mod for a while...until it became clear to me that the creators only wanted money and did not want to take the time to build a community but rather relied on cheap tricks...like streamers and youtubers...to pimp their mod for them. In fact it got so bad that streamers and youtubers break rules with almost 100% immunity. But people like me get a ban for speaking the truth... Life mods and dayz have honestly killed the ArmA games for people like me...RHS and VTN have at least done their part to keep ArmA 3 on my computer...and this new breed of player that had infiltrated our ranks are destroying what community we have left.
  5. abshire

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    I have to say...having been following and being part of this mod since the beginning, I am pretty pissed off with how this has turned out. I honestly had done little-to-no research on if they got permission to use the addons they are using...in fact I made the fools choice of simply assuming that they did get permission. Looking back, it wa so painfully obvious just how full of crap they are. First of all the mod team is made up of children...mostly 17-18 year olds. They are crude, hot headed, unprofessional, and once had a great vision that was quickly removed as soon as they started making money from donations. I believe that the money they were making was more important than doing the right thing, or even doing the half assed thing. They have bizarre trust issues, coders that work for the team have to have their code passed on to others to have it implemented in game. The coders are not allowed to add directly to the source code. Something I found odd, but makes more sense after seeing how they blatantly rip off other programmers...must not have wanted to many eyes on. The addons they are using...like the Robert Hammer weapons packs, have been slightly modified but are the same addons. A lot of the cars are from other video games...and its things that I think most of us already knew but were unwilling to really say or do anything about it. The age issue is another big issue. They have head admins that do nothing and ban people for the slightest infraction based on their 'mood'...while allowing others to break rules at will and they get to stay because they are streamers or youtubers...and they bring in the money. Oh and that whole bull crap about them not doing donations for a while...they changed the language but the same held true. If you donated, you got access to the closed beta. I had countless conversations with admins and developers...and they all spoke candidly about how they were going to change the language but still basically require people to pay to play the beta. The community is honestly really sad. I stuck it out there for a long time...and even have now become the Sheriff over there. I have been around a long time, seen first hand how they treat people, and honestly none of what I have read in this thread is shocking or surprises me...it just adds validity to how my gut feeling has been. I have left that community many times...and always came back because of the friends I made over there...but this is honestly the straw that broke the camels back. They are thieving children who have made lots of money...and have really gone out of their way to make matters worse. They have no real world experience, no professional experience...and the adults that are still over there supporting them should honestly be ashamed of themselves. I have been using addons that a lot of you guys have created since the Operation Flashpoint Days...and I will be damned if I will continue to support a community that steals materials. Sorry that they are doing this, and I will help in any way that I can to back you guys. EDIT** Within mere mins of posting this...I was perm banned for this reply.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/is87ESH.jpg (252 kB) Two Zeus' battle head to head over a corridor of Chernarus. Allowing real time orders via a commander unit with access to Zeus, allowing for a unique experience every game both on the ground, and top down. Utilising RHS release for a RU vs US all out battle. Running from the inspiration for my other Zeus game mode, I had previously developed a TvT mode only on Stratis, running from the inspiration of one of the BI original game modes. In essence using this as a template I will open this up to a full scale war in a corridor of battle in Chernarus, by foot, track, wheel, and air. Utilising RHS: Escalation conversion mod as a baseline standard of awesomeness. Picture this: 1 Zeus on each team, playing a commander role, pitched head to head over a 20x5km corridor of battle, ground forces (players) have to take and hold areas in the area of operation to gain greater tickets and more resources for the Zeus' to use. Zeus' can also spawn AI units to defend towns (at specific costs) so real time players can move on to the next objective. And much much more - with calculated costs of course. This will be a ticket based conquest like mode with sector control in several hotspots of the map. Players can't just run up the map and capture a town next to the enemy base of instance, they must progress in a line of presidency (i.e. to capture C&D you must have A&B, to capture AO you must have C&D) - this concentrating the battle in the specific areas of operation, influence on objectives is key to capturing. We currently are hosting 2 versions of the mission. One is a large scale that covers several towns from Bolata to the NWAF, and a CQB style mission that covers one of the cities. We have a Repo to download the addons with ease...just be sure that you are logged in with Play With Six! http://soclan.co.uk/ Click the 'Join Button' under the RHS ZvZ banner to get connected and download the mods. Hop on our TS if you have any questions and we will help get you sorted and well on your way. See you on the front!
  7. I am having the same problem and also cannot locate that file. I downloaded through Play With Six...but noticed it says the only way you can play is if you use your launcher. Might want to not have it on PWS if its not going to work...lol Unless I misread? But ya, I am trying to download from ArmAholic to see if that fixes the issue.
  8. abshire

    [MP] RHS ZEUS TVT 30v30 Chernarus

    So are you suggesting that any mission made for the Make ArmA not War if it uses any addons, even if you give full disclosure and credit you are not allowed to submit a MP gameplay type/Mission that uses mods and addons? If that is the case then there are not many good missons going to be made if they only use Vanilla ArmA3, which honestly was very disappointing to most fans of ArmA. MistyRonin are you here for any reason other than to try and act like you know everything? It seems that the rules are not all that clear because mod teams allow mission makers to use their mod in missions...otherwise why make a mod? On top of that, RHS knows about this, knows about the submission, and has shown support to me directly (Helping Tom, even though he is doing all the work). They know we are doing it, and gave us the thumbs up. So what is the problem? I read the rules that you have posted to mean that Tom cannot use third party scripts and what not...he can only use what he has worked on. Since this is for a MP mission, he is 100% doing all the work for his MP Mission...the requirements of the RHS mod are not tied into his work...they are simply required addons you need in order to play the mission. Or do all mission makers need permission from BI before making missions since they did not make the content that is being used insofar as addons?
  9. Cannot wait to have this on our server for all to enjoy! Keep it up guys.
  10. Thank you for all you are doing. We are looking forward to putting up a public server hosting this! I wanted to add that the HLC ARs are not supported...and I was wondering if you planned on supporting the RH M4 weapons...maybe? At least the HLC ARs would be great. We noticed that some of the equipment when you buy it...does not show up. Specifically one of the Plate Carriers for the PMC addons...I do not re-call the name its the more expensive one and only comes in 1 color. When you buy it...it does not spawn, but the other ones do. I also noticed some of the headgear, when you buy it..it comes in as the wrong thing...not really a big deal but something I am sure you would like to know. I will try and write town next time what exactly happens. We love this sandbox...even then T-9 mission was just a blast...when the crowd showed up we were all 'What the...protesters?'... And when we got suicide bombed at the check point we had a good laugh....even if I was the only one who saw the car...LOL!
  11. Noticed some issues with the Checkpoint mission. When playing with others...I can see vehicles coming and no one else can. It started off fine but it ended up not working anymore. Now I had someone exit the car when we found cocaine...and he ran off. I arrested him and did the teleport to jail option...or fast teleport...and now it just says 'No mantype was found. Phantom exec' Just wanted to give you the heads up. We are running the version with headless client and using all the optional addons on our dedicated server. Also any kind of way when you are pulling security at the T-9 facility that we can have an option to yell at the protesters? They also should maybe disperse when the enemy starts to attack. They kinda just gaggeld around the gate and a few actually started to run into the area...was not sure what the ROE was...so of course I shot them...and then went to render first aid to them and try and get them to leave...lol Did not expect the protesters that was really awesome.
  12. Great mission...we put it on our public server for a test...and three people joined before we even had a chance...it seems pretty popular so far. My only complaint right now is the AI is a bit aimbot and not so smart...is there a way to have the parameters set so we can tweak the AI some? Also I noticed when I tried to change the parameters the server crashed... But we loved it and we may host a public server dedicated to it....loads of fun!
  13. Is it possible for the loader to actually be a loader in CooP? Like maybe a min-game of some sort where he picks the round, loads...ect. Just thinking from the perspective of a Coop squad with a Multi-Crewed tank, operating as close to real world as possible...would be pretty awesome.
  14. Did not mean to shat on anyone, they are good and solid addons and coupled with AGM fit and feel more realistic. So I am sorry if you took offense to my opinion. Trust me Raid if I want to Shat on you, I would. I like your tanks. These are better. I am glad you worked with them and helped them.
  15. Finally...I have a reason to make my Tank Mission for my squad...been waiting for a good tank. Didn't expect...this...at...all...tears in my eyes. ---------- Post added at 19:01 ---------- Previous post was at 18:34 ---------- The only bug I have found is for some reason when you are inside the tank, and fire...you do not hear the shell casing eject...but you do hear it when turned out in 1st person. Also you should add the loader yelling UP! when the round reloads. And I thought the reload times were a tad slow...for realism sake. But my god this is some of the best tanks I have seen in ArmA.