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  1. very nice and thx for the versions.. played the redfor last night and it was a blast :O)
  2. =WBG=ati

    30 vs 30 Scalapatraz Vers. 2.0

    how about a paramiter for acre ? like on/ off funktion! and have in the pic menu sets of 5er groups as a team!?!?!?! so you can use the SThud ingame!
  3. is there going to be an update for battleeye out soon becouse that are some new metherds out to bypass the battleeye!
  4. =WBG=ati

    30 vs 30 Scalapatraz Vers. 2.0

    is it possable to shorten the into?
  5. =WBG=ati

    30 vs 30 Scalapatraz Vers. 2.0

    seems to be a problem with the timer... after 1H playing the timer messes up with 12431354.12314.2343.sec
  6. =WBG=ati

    project reality weekend

    cant wait to try this
  7. wow thanks dude.. playing now .O)
  8. well with the hotfix there a missmatch in game a messige comes up "acre plugin version and addon version do not match!" hotfix added on server and client!
  9. just in case ill do the server aswell .... if not *dummyME* :O)
  10. hm there is a new version of teamspeak out 3.0.1 (that i have not yet updated) any news about if it still works with the version 1.3.10? or is there an update comeing soon ?
  11. na thers no problem with it :O) we use it... but we were wating till your out of beta ;)
  12. hm seems that rcon cmd has a limit of bans in the txt.. if i type in bans it diconects and i have to reconnect! is there a limit of bans in the txt ???
  13. @dawn79 try this: Shift + Alt + Q gets you the Vehicle Racks menu. Select AN/VRC-111 option to open the rack. From the MainRack menu choose Mount Radio. That will change the list to read AN/PRC-148 VHF, select that and the menu goes away. Your PRC-148 is now mounted in the vehicle. To use it press Shift + Alt + Q again. Select AN/VRC-111. Select AN/PRC-148 VHF from the next menu. Then select Use Radio. Now when you use your Caps Lock key you'll broadcast through the mounted 148. To get your radio back Shift + Alt + Q again. Select AN/VRC-111. Select AN/PRC-148 VHF. Select Take Radio.