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  1. twisted

    AI and Waypoints

    this is awesome, thank you
  2. reforger has hit 1.0. which is good i guess. but there sure isnt any hype here about it.
  3. 100% the gunplay and the running feel arcadey, janky and about 20 years out of date.
  4. twisted

    jog speed is way too fast

    what a fantastic post. thank you for going to such detail. you are right on everything you said. Thank for putting my mind at rest. Although even knowing this, it still seems very sped up but maybe that is the animation and the fact that you're running (that speed between jogging and sprinting) but still somehow carrying your rifle in front of you. But there's one element to it that i think needs to be added in to your awesome post above. - the soldiers load. In game the character has things like army uniform, weapons, a backpack full of ammo, maybe an AT weapon as well. As such is not at all like running (which inst jogging) around in shorts and a t shirt. The speeds you mentioned are the fastest times in a timed test performed in minimal jogging gear and not almost 100lbs of equipment/weapons/etc..Its a pure test of how fast they can run. In game the character has things like army uniform, weapons, a backpack full of ammo, maybe an AT weapon as well. As such is not at all like running (which inst jogging) around in shorts and a t shirt. Being weighed down means you should expect to move slower. How much slower well a couple of km/h less I'd guess.
  5. twisted

    does this game even work yet?

    Sums up the current situation pretty damn well. since arma's orginal release (and even before that with cold war crisis which i still have the discs for) i played maybe 1 pvp game. But thousands of hours of co-op and mod based SP. quick fix? A co-op savable CTI would help right off the bat so i can progress across the island over time in different sessions and have mates join me in the fights. That'd be nice as right now the progress is lost over and over which makes playing feel pointless after a while. the maybe better but more tricky solution would be looking at the ALIVE mod for arma3 and being inspired by some of that functionality to dynamically and procedurally bring the core game a lot more to life.
  6. twisted

    Bullet Velocity Low

    @reyhard such an awesome informative post! Adds so much to understanding the level of authenticity you guys have worked to put in the game. ty
  7. so i thought i'd try reforger again after a nice break. and I was surprised to notice how the jog (not sprint) speed seems so sped up that everything is on fast forward. its things like this that make the game seem more consolised than it really is. yes i used the middle scroll button on my mouse to tone that down. But the quest for accessibility to make big maps more accessible on foot isnt really the best idea. Theres a reason for logistics and needing to travel in vehicles (preferably as a team) and working as a team rather than going full doom guy fast forward mode everywhere.
  8. those things like weapon sway, resting, bipods etc from arma 3 are absolutely needed. they are fundamentals to any rifle shooting.
  9. twisted

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    yeah its still complicated, but once the setup is done then editing is a lot quicker. I dont know who made that tutorial though but they did a good job that even someone as simple as i can follow.
  10. twisted

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Alive in reforged would absolutely be the bomb. edit - not sure if its been shared yet, if anyone is looking for one, heres a pretty easy to follow tutorial on modding reforger that I found that made understanding the modules etc a buit easier. https://github.com/Herbiie/ArmAReforgerMissionMakingGuide/wiki/
  11. twisted

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    personally i have no interest in VR at the stage it is right now. Maybe when it gets more sophisticated in ten years or so but even beyond the perfomance needed - theres the warping around to get places on foot isnt a great idea. the shooting experience may be for sure though. But then its like a fairground shooting range more than anything.
  12. twisted

    AI Infantry MG low rate of fire.

    AFAIR it's an old engine limitation - which is also why the little bird helicopters fire double bullets damage each shot but at half the rpm. i heard the new enfusion engine has moved beyond this problem - but i have no evidence or substantiation for it.
  13. twisted

    New informations or announcement soon?

    edit - i tried just now and no problem joining. Lots of people playing online.
  14. twisted

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    i bought 2 copies - because it reminds me of what arma originally used to be (OFP) and that was a highwater mark in demanding uncompromising combat for the time - but with so many engine improvements that had been requested for years and years. Im really NOT fond of the MP focus but i hope modding/BIS can sort that out so i can spend time enjoying it SP and Co-op until arma 4 comes out.