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  1. Weapon sway removal

    you could make a small mod with the command that starts every time with the server. cba mod gives you that functionality.
  2. Imagine a circle marker in arma3. Now at 30 degree intervals positions are marked (if they are not over water) and then they have (_pos = [_posCenter, 0, _radiusToCheck, 1, 0, 15, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos;) applied to them and the resulting pos is added to an array . So sometimes you have a semi circle if the original circle marker is partially over water or if it is fully over land you get a full circle. now how to determine which 2 points are the furthest from each other? I can tell at a glance by looking but am stumped at how to use sqf to loop through the array twice and comparing each value. Any help or hints welcomed. - solved with if (count _spawn_pos_array > 2) then { for "_y" from 0 to ((count _spawn_pos_array)-1) step 1 do { for "_x" from 0 to ((count _spawn_pos_array )-1) step 1 do { _len = (_spawn_pos_array select _y) distance (_spawn_pos_array select _x); if (_len > _maxLength) then { _maxLength = _len; _pos1 = _spawn_pos_array select _y; _pos2 = _spawn_pos_array select _x; _spawn_pos_array pushBack _pos; _spawn_pos_array pushBack _pos; }; }; }; }; [/CODE]
  3. Development Blog & Reveals

    - 3 missions - THAT'S OK IF THEY HEAVILY INVOLVE INTELLIGENT RANDOMNESS - 8 hours of playtime depending of the difficulty setting and the way you play - FINE AS WELL - replay possibility - GOOD - switch the point of view - NO IDEA - no new asset - BAD. ESPECIALLY AFTER THE NON-MILITARY ASSET HEAVY PEACEKEEPER DLC. - no new feature - ITS LIKE THEY HAVE ABANDONED ARMA3 CORE PHILOSOPHY HERE - ENGINES FEATURES WERE THE BIGGEST POINT OF NEW RELEASES AS THEY IMPROVED THE GAME AS A WHOLE. And no co-op? That's pretty disappointing as playing with mates is what keeps this game alive for so many. Looking at this is seems BIS might have given up on Arma 3 (tired of it, maybe regard it as having been milked to max commerically) and ready to move on to the next big thing or another genre which seems to be coming across as far as their content and business decisions.
  4. if arma4 is enfusion + RHS content (literally AAA quality and attention to detail grounded in knowledge) + the engine improvements already made for arma3 + better animation system (dayz still feels unresponsive and klunky imo) then it'd be pretty much the game of the decade easily.
  5. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    incredible! this is what Arma 3 deserves to be. Great work
  6. yeah I feel the same. Unfortunately I own it by default as i bought the DLC2 pack as support for BIS. Didn't expect them to do a non-military specific DLC. I still support BIS though, One of the best Game Dev Companys out there. Hope that they focus back on military aspects and systems plus improving the core game.
  7. Script alternative to ALiVE?

    IMO Alive had a bit of a resource impact a while back (a year or two ago). But recently I gave Alive another go and saw it had little impact on fps, especially when run on my dedicated server, and it provides a hugely positive impact on gameplay. Alive's become a must have for me (with RHS as units) and imo brings Arma3 a lot closer to realizing the brilliance potential this game has. The Alive devs have done a great job.
  8. yes sorry, that was not clear as i mixed the sentences there. The 'it' was referring to the upcoming DLC in general and not the mines/cluster bombs. To clarify. The mines and cluster bombs are the only part i think will be relevant to me as an arma 3 player interested in the franchise's military aspect..
  9. this looks nothing like I'd hoped from Arma3. Pity so much time and effort was wasted on it. Well the cluster bombs and mines look nice but really it seems so far away from combined arms military operations. Instead of enhancing the military aspect you have moved away. Pretty disappointing when I think of all the ways you could have enhanced the different militayr/tactical areas in the game. Really not much in here for me to look forward to or even ever use as an arma player who bought into the franchises military aspect. And to think I've already paid for this by supporting BIS by buying all your DLC sight unseen.
  10. I'm not too sure. but i took screen grabs. please see attached. thanks https://mega.nz/#F!2g8HhCiA!pSwIFN_93atCyzv9nR6FlQ
  11. found a shadow glitch. its on the CUP russian army hind crashed model. casts shadows through everything... Only time ive seen it is with that crash model.
  12. Been using ALive for a bit now and I must say I'm finding it absolutely fantastic. Great job and it runs pretty smoothly even with lots going on. Epic! just get 2 errors. neither of which are ground breaking but they keep happneing. 1st is and 2nd is Also, when including CUP units i get the message that groups cannot be found for them. I've double checked them in orbat and the faction name is right. but when including them in the logistics i get the cant find groups for CUP_O_RU etc. these errors are minor compared with the enjoyment Im having with Alive. Lots of fun and unexpected firefights.
  13. whats also very frustrating with weapon environment interaction is when deploying the bipod actually can move your weapon off target! and then does not allow you to even point in the direction of the thing you wanted to hit. multiple feedback reports have been made for this. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124077
  14. this is epic and created by such 5 star names in arma3 modding. Thanks!
  15. this would be something very welcome indeed