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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Is B2 nuke multiplayer compatible ?
  2. bezio3pl

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I fucking love you <3
  3. bezio3pl

    Arma 2/3 started to lag.

    Hmm, it might be texture quality setting affecting my performance in cities, i remember playing on Ultra some time ago but now i don't see ''Ultra'' and ''High'' setting what happened to it?
  4. Hello, my Arma started to lag really badly in cities and small villages and i don't know what is causing it, 3 months ago i could fly over city in a jet without significant FPS loss, now i usually get 5-10 fps when flying by cities/villages. When i first saw this issue, i thought it was only A3 buildings/LOD problem, so i installed ''Arma 3 Map pack'' by Alduric to check if the issue still persists, well it is. So i assumed it was LOD issue* and installed Arma 2(Uninstalled it 3 months ago) to make sure about that,well FPS in cities were same as in A3. I like flying stuff and it's essential to get stable FPS when providing CAS, if somebody experiences this issue too, please help! (Sorry for my english, it isn't my native language) * If you look at A2 LOD and A3 LOD you will see massive difference, when looking at building in A3 from 50 meters it's all really blurry, but if you look at building in A2 it will be still in good quality.
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    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Just random introduction passing through. Continue along