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    All The Weapons

    Since TWS seems to have disappeared and is seems people are still using this mod, I'm releasing my version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6k9eqdej33dsgn0/ATW2020.7z?dl=1 Fixes and changes are: fixed Tanks DLC soldiers getting new launchers and ammo fixed type 115 soldiers not getting .50 ammo for the secondary barrel many other minor issues I forgot were there externalized weapon selection to userconfig matched calibers to soldier roles, marksmen can get sniper rifles, but only snipers/specops get .50 ones randomized rifle grenade and ammo selection made ammo carriers carry missiles and belts matching soldiers in their squad The config file contains the following settings: tws_player_keeps_weapons = 1 or 0; set to 1 to prevent the mod from changing the player's weapons/ammo. Set to 0 to get random gear for each mission. No longer need separate mod file. tws_guns_east[] = {...}; tws_guns_west[] = {...}; tws_guns_ind[] = {...}; These contain a list of weapon id parts that match weapons available to each faction. Case insensitive. For example entering "dmr" will match "srifle_DMR_02_F", "srifle_DMR_01_F" and all other guns with "dmr" in their id. Official weapon ids are on the wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgWeapons_Weapons Current list is a mix of stuff from mods I use, and leftover stuff from original ATW tws_sidearms_east[] = {...}; tws_sidearms_west[] = {...}; tws_sidearms_ind[] = {...}; Same, but for pistols and such. tws_ammo_light[] = {...}; tws_ammo_rifle_std[] = {...}; tws_ammo_rifle_hvy[] = {...}; tws_ammo_sharpshooter[] = {...}; tws_ammo_sniper[] = {...}; tws_ammo_hvy[] = {...}; These work the same, but are used to match against ammo/magazine names when looking for weapons. Basically the weapon selection process is: check if the given soldier is a specialist of some sort, pick a random weapon of a fitting type (eg. a MG for a machinegunner) check if the ammo it uses matches what the soldier is allowed to use For example a marksman will use sniper rifles and DMRs, but not .50 or .408 rifles. Similarly most soldiers can use a 6.5 LSW, but not .338 MMGs. I mean, in gameplay terms, it just seemed silly when a significant fraction of enemy soldiers had MMGs and anti-materiel rifles. Now that's limited to slightly rare units. Here's a code snippet that shows who can use what: call { if (_isSniper == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 200; _silencerMainChance = 75; _lightMainChance = 10; _bipodMainChane = 99; _primweapon = [ ["SniperRifle","Rifle"], _atw_ammo_sniper ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isSharpshooter == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 200; _silencerMainChance = 80; _lightMainChance = 25; _bipodMainChane = 99; _primweapon = [ ["SniperRifle","Rifle"], _atw_ammo_sharpshooter ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isCrew == 1 or _isPilot == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 50; _silencerMainChance = 20; _lightMainChance = 75; _bipodMainChane = 50; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle","SubmachineGun"], _atw_ammo_light ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isAT == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 75; _silencerMainChance = 20; _lightMainChance = 50; _bipodMainChane = 20; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle","SubmachineGun"], _atw_ammo_light+_atw_ammo_rifle_std ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isLightAT == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 80; _silencerMainChance = 33; _lightMainChance = 75; _bipodMainChane = 40; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle"], _atw_ammo_rifle_std+_atw_ammo_rifle_hvy ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isMG == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 80; _silencerMainChance = 40; _lightMainChance = 50; _bipodMainChane = 99; _primweapon = [ ["MachineGun"], _atw_ammo_rifle_hvy+_atw_ammo_hvy ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isAssist == 1 or _isLite == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 60; _silencerMainChance = 20; _lightMainChance = 35; _bipodMainChane = 25; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle","SubmachineGun"], _atw_ammo_light ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isOfficer == 1 or _isLeader == 1) exitWith // officers and squad/team leaders can get sniper rifles { _scopeMainChance = 90; _silencerMainChance = 50; _lightMainChance = 75; _bipodMainChane = 75; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle","SniperRifle"], _atw_ammo_sharpshooter, _isGrenadier ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isRecon == 1) exitWith // recon riflemen, medics, mechanics etc { _scopeMainChance = 99; _silencerMainChance = 80; _lightMainChance = 80; _bipodMainChane = 99; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle","SniperRifle"], _atw_ammo_rifle_std+_atw_ammo_rifle_hvy+_atw_ammo_hvy, _isGrenadier ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; if (_isSupport == 1) exitWith { _scopeMainChance = 60; _silencerMainChance = 20; _lightMainChance = 60; _bipodMainChane = 50; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle"], _atw_ammo_rifle_std, _isGrenadier ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; //default code _scopeMainChance = 75; _silencerMainChance = 40; _lightMainChance = 75; _bipodMainChane = 50; _primweapon = [ ["AssaultRifle"], _atw_ammo_rifle_std+_atw_ammo_rifle_hvy+_atw_ammo_hvy, _isGrenadier ] call atw_pick_weapon; }; While it's a fun mod on its own, it really comes to life with TPW Mods skirmish. I've never had so much fun in Arma singleplayer as with these two mods. You can easily check what this mod does, and if it works, in Virtual Arsenal. Check the runtime log (~\AppData\Local\Arma 3\*.rpt) to see if soldiers are getting the gear you want. In case you're having trouble changing equipment before the a mission starts, try waiting until the script completes swapping everyone's gear, sometimes it fixes that. Sometimes it just keeps resetting player's gear, dunno what's causing that.
  2. There's a bug with corpse despawning in skirmish mode, the "tpw_skirmish_deadtime" option is only used for the "WEST" faction soldiers, everything else gets removed after 300sec. I fixed it in my local version, I can share the pbo and the fixed source file via PMs if anyone's interested. The fix: I also modified the killed event handler to add markers where the soldier was killed, and remove them when bodies are despawned - neat for checking if stuff despawns as it should but also useful in gameplay, helps avoid going back for stuff that isn't there anymore. The code to do that: BTW, the "All the weapons" mod works very well with the skirmish mode. Edit: I just saw this error in the report file: It doesn't seem to be related to my modifications to the file.
  3. I also encountered this problem, it shows up if the "tpw_fall_sightnoise" option is enabled in the userconfig\TPW_MODS\TPW_MODS.hpp file. Setting that to 0, or disabling tpw_fall entirely fixed it. Other mods I'm using, via Steam Workshop:
  4. syf

    All The Weapons

    I fixed the issues with missing launchers and Type 115 ammo, and a problem with grenadiers getting weapons without a GL. I also improved ammo and grenade selection a bit. Not sure if it's ok to just post the .pbo here, but I can share it via PMs.
  5. syf

    All The Weapons

    I'm getting the same issue, I'm playing The East Wind campaign with this mod. Launchers are missing from all AT soldiers, the only ones I can find throughout the campaign are in camp inventories, supply crates, and on pre-placed corpses. I even had launchers disappear from Kerry's inventory while gearing up before a mission. Additionally, soldiers spawn with Type 115 with only 5.8 mags, I can't find .50 magazines for that gun anywhere. I'm not sure if it's related to this mod but whenever I try to loot a corpse that was carrying a CAR-95-1, the inventory screen shows up for a second then closes, and the gun disappears.