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  1. gonza

    co10 Escape

    Hello, This mission is incredible, I play it every week with friends since years without getting tired of it. I would have request, would it be possible to add to the patrols the possibility of entering buildings ? That have had the opportunity to script for arma (VTS) so I know it's possible and simple ! (some patrol in building, some enemys in building) Before the players being spotted, some patrols could move from building to building. overall in ArmA most missions we know that we can enter a building without any risk and find an enemy, it breaks the immersion a bit. it would be enabled or not in parameters I think it would be a great improvement and it's easy to do. Thanks a lot really great job. example :
  2. Ok thanks Great job with this mission !
  3. Hello, I use your mission with my guys To complete it, I have rapidly add Zeus (for loggedadmin) Do you think you will add Zeus in your next version ? For now, I have some bugs for example when my character dies, zeus becomes inaccessible.
  4. gonza

    Jet DLC?

    Hey devs, arma maps are to small for jets ! so... You must add a system to virtually expend the map size (with a carrier or a virtual second island) to flight a little time before the strike. Just for example : Missile Mavrick range (air-ground) => 13 to 27 Km Missile AIM120 range (air-air) => 50 to 160 Km AGM-88 HARM range (anti-radar) => 150 Km Please make this type of mission in arma ! In this video you can see the pilot prepare weapons, lock and fire objective a really long time before arrive on it. ==> this is a jets A/G attack Make it possible too (Missile evasion) don't forget sam site BMS for ever ! ... and arma of course ;-)
  5. gonza


    I found the function to add objects on map in achilles, really usefull ! A little improuvement whould be to add a filter to exclude animals or civilians.
  6. gonza


    Hello guys I use a modified version of "dynamic recon ops" to start with littles randomized objectiv and location. (Really cool) and modify the mission with zeus and achilles. Did you add "ADV Zeus script" to manage script placed objects/units or units spawned during the mission in achilles ? How to run it ? If not, i will try to inplement it in my modified mission Nice work achilles is rally usefull Sorry for my english but i m french.
  7. gonza

    Feedback Thread

    Hello, I'm an old player since OFP. And I think that this project is really cool. It is a good platform: to convert COD or CS... friends to Project Argo and finally to ARMA. or if the player have only little time to play. or for e-sport. A long time ago I have played BF2 in a clan (competition) and love it. In 2007 I have made a little game mod who mixed ARMA and BF2 with some tactics add on (class system, take points in order, a respawn vehicle per team, respawn on leader,IA control to help to guard some point...) https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/51780-3-missions-bf2-gameplay-ch-30-player/ This mod was appreciated by my clan. This new game with the new game-play (movements) can be good for this type of game mod. Wishlist for the futures new games mods : Larger zone Vehicle (--> RPG my love) IA controlled by players (simple) More than 5 players Good job devs !
  8. Hello guys Start as blufor gamemaster In the vts consol : Select the opfor side Do a changeside on your unite. that's all
  9. it's a simple mic but without TFR the sound is good. -->
  10. Try to switch to 44100Khz\16bit I have exactly the same problem I have Tried to switch to 44100Khz\16bit in the realtec driver but same problem I can't play with my friends :confused: (it's horrific) Windows 7 64bits TS 3.0.14 plugin 0.9.2 (Realtek HD audio driver I play task force radio since multiples mounts without any problem (this problem appear since 1 weeks) nothing change in my configuration I use Playwithsix for update
  11. Hello, it's not the VTS. it's a task force Radio Bug. an hotfix was created so you must update TFR I had the same problem yesterday (fixed after a TFR update)
  12. Create an EFV in arma would be a great challenge ! EFV (Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle) needed (70 km/h on road, 50 km/h on water ) http://www.armyrecognition.com/united_states_american_army_light_armoured_vehicle/efv_expeditionary_fighting_amphibious_armoured_vehicle_data_sheet_specifications_information.html
  13. gonza

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Super , vive la france ! I need a VBL
  14. any dedi serveur version planed ?
  15. gonza

    Bratwurst Mark 1 AA (ELK_AA)

    Ok My bad, someone said that it was the 1.1 so the changelog is OK because it's 1.0 This mod it really cool for anti AA infantry scenarios. it woold be cool to add a circle zone on aircraft radars. (I thing really hard to do)