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    Fort Bragg Map

    Surprise ! /s
  2. rautamiekka

    Working Mods Status

    Standards would be nice if it works but a list wouldn't be easy even with crowdsourcing, the Multiplayer mod for 'RimWorld' being a good example. What mods are broken ?
  3. rautamiekka

    Damen LST collection

    'Arma 3' 2.14 added support for conditionally loading further code when a supported addon is installed, so adding a dependency, even if there's no such thing as a soft dependency, wouldn't hurt. ACE3, CBA, ZEN, just to name a few, are using it.
  4. You need to be able to for cases like this, and cuz multiple drives is always faster than 1.
  5. Move the game (and possibly the mods at the same time) over to E by right-clicking the game in Steam and taking 'Properties'.
  6. rautamiekka

    Kittspa Island a Custom Map

    The price has been paid, so now's time to learn from it.
  7. rautamiekka

    Kittspa Island a Custom Map

    Cloud backup ...
  8. rautamiekka

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    You could enable the debug console or use a Zeus module to execute this code on the Server (in the case of the Zeus module you need to use the Global option, but it won't be a problem regardless of Player count). Untested, but I don't see why it wouldn't work: if (isServer) then { { if ( _x isKindOf 'Man' && {_x getUnitTrait 'camouflageCoef' isNotEqualTo 2.5} ) then { _x setUnitTrait ['camouflageCoef', 2.5]; }; } forEach allUnits; addMissionEventHandler [ 'EntityCreated', { params ['_entity']; if ( _entity isKindOf 'Man' && {_entity getUnitTrait 'camouflageCoef' isNotEqualTo 2.5} ) then { _entity setUnitTrait ['camouflageCoef', 2.5]; }; } ]; }; Note: 1) A mod or even the mission could modify the coef later, I know the TCGM Octocamo_Suit functions by this very command, changing 3 coefs on-the-fly. There was another mod but I can't recall what. 2) The coef ain't monitored, so if it changes for any reason, it won't be changed back. Likely not happening often, though.
  9. A good start but can be improved a lot. 'hideObject'/'enableSimulation' is fine if the module is executed on every machine upon joining (which a map-editing module like this would have to be, equivalent to 'init.sqf'), otherwise always use the 'Global' variants 'hideObjectGlobal'/'enableSimulationGlobal'. If you ain't doing a case-insensitive in-string search, then use 'in'. // HIDE RUBBISH private _worldAxis = worldSize / 2; private _rubbish = nearestTerrainObjects [ [_worldAxis, _worldAxis, 0], ['HIDE'], sqrt 2 * _worldAxis, false ] select { private _str = str _x; 'rubble' in _str || 'junk' in _str || 'garbage' in _str }; { _x hideObjectGlobal true; _x enableSimulationGlobal false; } forEach _rubbish;
  10. Well something is obviously wrong no matter how it's twisted.
  11. You're using RHS, that's the problem; RHS vests are stupidly powerful, it's very common a 5.56mm NATO takes 15-30 shots.
  12. rautamiekka

    Dog - K9 Unit

    Good progress ! 😄 Please ensure 100% no-tricks Linux compatibility 😉 I dunno where things differ in the context of BI's questionable undocumented systems, but the precise letter capitalization must always be used (unless specifically known otherwise) for starters.
  13. rautamiekka

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I sure hope so for all those ! And a real Linux support !!
  14. rautamiekka


    Looks promising, I'm sure I'll come up with some mission, but I can already tell the mission will need some adjusting. What assets you use ?
  15. rautamiekka

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Except singleplayer-only.
  16. rautamiekka

    (WIP) Tools of The Trade(TOTT)

    ^ I guess those separately modelled switches are just to make the whole system look real, no differing functions or anything ?
  17. rautamiekka

    Getting a Mod from Github to run?

    Hoo boy, that code needs plenty of modernizing, not to mention at least some more added Linux compatibility ...
  18. Goodluck, then, cuz having personally been reading+helping with LAMBS recently, I can tell an SQF noob won't have it easy nor fast, myself not being a hugely good at it. Unless you modify LAMBS code.
  19. Why not help LAMBS ? O.o
  20. rautamiekka

    (WIP) Tools of The Trade(TOTT)

    I might be interested to have new guns 😄 Hopefully this project does get somewhere 😉 The important question, though: what about ACE3 compatibility ? Specifically the Medical, but at the same time the ACE Arsenal cuz pretty sure the ACE Arsenal values influence Medical, not to mention things such as wind effect and overheating, just to mention a couple.
  21. rautamiekka

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    ACE does have a conffable time-to-do for pretty much every action, and you can conf the requirements for even changing out tires. Also: ACE will have a tire patching feature, believed to be done for 3.16.0: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/pull/8835
  22. "Only a couple" ? Straight up false. You do use config inheritance, right ?
  23. rautamiekka

    Dog - K9 Unit

    Sounds good ! Gonna add a lotta more realism to the game although at least in our games seeing the default dog in any mission (especially Zeus) has been an immediate reason for stealth or shoot-on-sight, in that order.