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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hehe, if MG-338 is as great as it sounds and looks (specifically the weight, 200-bullet boxes, range, but also the power), my specific mission ideas will become even better than when using the LMG_03_F which I found to be the only option regardless of all my mods.
  2. rautamiekka


    True, even with Real Engine (dunno if it does anything for this, though) and the LAMBS modules - Danger - RPG - Suppression - Turrets , or alternatively Vcom instead of Danger, getting hit ain't the worst, although the AI won't just take it as easily.
  3. rautamiekka

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Man of culture I see 😄 Hmm, not so much usable stuff in that pack, but I should be able to use something from it for something. It's a start, at least.
  4. Is that even possible ? Considering 'Battlefield 1' was the 1st (AFAIK, and possibly the only one) to feature that, I'd be surprised if such a limited Engine could even do that without an ugly hack, or even with.
  5. rautamiekka

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I tried searching this Forum area with (without double quotes) "wall", "bunker", and "asset", none bringing up anything to the direction of what I'm looking for, and Steam Workshop has tens of thousands of said things and the keywording there is a complete joke, so here we go ... I'm looking for components (mostly floors, walls, and such) to start approximating the general idea of the underground (or in-bunker) seen maps in I've around 170 mods, yet the only things that even remotely work for that are from the vanilla game (or DLC's): - "Concrete Shelter" ("Land_CncShelter_F") - "Concrete Barrier (Medium)" ("Land_CncBarrierMedium_F") - "Concrete Barrier (Medium, Long)" ("Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F") , which kinda break the immersion even in pitch-black darkness with little light. I don't necessarily need something like in the vid or 'Doom 3', just something that I can use to create an interior. FWIW, I figured the 'Virtual Reality' map would be best in terms of freedom to build and have the least effect on performance.