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  1. rautamiekka

    Getting a Mod from Github to run?

    Hoo boy, that code needs plenty of modernizing, not to mention at least some more added Linux compatibility ...
  2. Goodluck, then, cuz having personally been reading+helping with LAMBS recently, I can tell an SQF noob won't have it easy nor fast, myself not being a hugely good at it. Unless you modify LAMBS code.
  3. Why not help LAMBS ? O.o
  4. rautamiekka

    (WIP) Tools of The Trade(TOTT)

    I might be interested to have new guns 😄 Hopefully this project does get somewhere 😉 The important question, though: what about ACE3 compatibility ? Specifically the Medical, but at the same time the ACE Arsenal cuz pretty sure the ACE Arsenal values influence Medical, not to mention things such as wind effect and overheating, just to mention a couple.
  5. rautamiekka

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    ACE does have a conffable time-to-do for pretty much every action, and you can conf the requirements for even changing out tires. Also: ACE will have a tire patching feature, believed to be done for 3.16.0: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/pull/8835
  6. "Only a couple" ? Straight up false. You do use config inheritance, right ?
  7. rautamiekka

    Dog - K9 Unit

    Sounds good ! Gonna add a lotta more realism to the game although at least in our games seeing the default dog in any mission (especially Zeus) has been an immediate reason for stealth or shoot-on-sight, in that order.
  8. That reminds me: the share name has a trailing dot, which Window$ doesn't take kindly to one bit.
  9. Missing half the data was exactly what I was fearing ... Luckily the common data matches 100%, so those don't need to get all from you at 59KB/s (at least that was what I got before cloning mine to see how they match). I'll keep mine running for some time, but I changed my post to deprecate it. Wish I knew how I ended up with half the archive cuz I remember seeing MEGAsync saying, and Explorer showing, all the 200GB+ was downloaded.
  10. Oh yeah, I totally forgot. The torrent file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vR5oiJaumV-PRVhRppllD-9_IJuJn8On/view Hash: 5bff67ce7d3cf4552edaa08db67a3947da9aec27 DEPRECATED ! I had only half the data, better use instead. You'll still get the matching common data from me.
  11. Fine. I archived the vid, its description and JSON data in case the vid goes, and I'll see about making a BitTorrent share for the MEGA data; 201GB is a lotta data, though.
  12. rautamiekka

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Couldn't agree more ! 😄 👍
  13. Remember to mask email addresses (replace all chars that ain't the letters A-Z or numbers), you're inviting more of automatic spam otherwise.
  14. rautamiekka

    Single player missions?

    I can help with the getting part: In general you wanna use the Steam Workshop, it's the primary source for 'Arma 3' mod content, but there are some here too. In the Workshop you can filter the mods according to a fairly long list of specs, but I need to warn that the keywording in there seriously sucks cuz way too many modders are extremely lazy about it, so you're absolutely bound to miss a lotta good stuff. In 'Arma 3', Tanoa is a jungle map (part of the Apex DLC) and then there are the Vietnam war ones called Cam Lao Nam and Khe Sanh (both part of the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC). Having played quite a bit of Tanoa, I know to warn but it's only like 40% of jungle, going by memory. I haven't tried the Khe Sanh yet, but the Cam Lao Nam is 98% pure, very thick jungle, the real Vietnam feel.