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Need feedback attempting to establish 12 unique alien factions.

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Hello this has been a little project of mine to formulate various alien races all equipped with different armor and weapons.  I can't make models from scratch I don't have the knowledge so I have used created assets throughout the steam workshop to come up with around a dozen alien factions all with different armor uniforms and weapons. 


Unfortunately I can't use halo first contact mod or Mass effect mod due to the amount of lag and overall poor performance these mods do with other mods as well as I am still using my arma 2 build PC to play Arma. 


I would like you guys the list any sci-fi weapons or mods that you have used or seen. Especially stand alone ones that don't require dependencies. 


The three alien factions that are already established on steam workshop.

1. Zetaborn Faction by  icebreakr

2.MBG Aliens Ground Forces by Mondkalb 

3. Max_Predator By Maxjoiner 

Have been rearmed and redressed except for Zetaborn who have only been redressed due to the fact they have their own unique weapons.


New established alien factions with names.

1. Borg - Star Trek

2. Necron - Warhammer 

2. Dalek - Doctor who

3. Dracs - Enemy mine movie 

4. Gorn - Stat Trek

5. Triceratons or Yilane  IDW Comics West of Eden

6. Yautja - (predator mod) movie 

7.Zetaborn (Zetaborn mod)

8. Ghouls  (MBG aliens mod) They Live movie 

9. Orcs multiple books and movies

10. Galactic alliance ( various humanoids) bluefor

11. Cosmic sentinels bluefor







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